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13 Of The Best Halloween Home Decorations From Scary To Whimsical & Fun

When it comes to Halloween home décor, decorating ideas are only limited by your imagination. There are plenty of options out there, but knowing which decorations to choose can quickly become overwhelming.

Want to turn your house into a terrifying horror scene straight out of someone’s own worst nightmare? Then, opt for spooky and scary Halloween decorations for inside the home. Prefer a more fun and whimsical atmosphere on Halloween? Then, veer more on the side of “cute and adorable”.

We looked around for some of the best Halloween decorations for your home, and came up with a list of 13 of our favorites. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Wooden Look Coffin With Lid Halloween Prop

Shop Now For Halloween Home DecorationsRealistic looking coffins are easy Halloween home decorations that are both fun and functional. They can be used in many different ways. Leave the lid open and put other decorations (vampires, bones, skeletons, etc.) inside them, cover them with creepy spider webs, use them as a place for guests to leave their jackets when they arrive at your Halloween party, or set up a haunted house and hide in them.

This Wooden Look Halloween Coffin With Lid is 60” long by 24” wide when assembled and is made from 100% weather-resistant nylon with metal wiring. It also has added PVC support tubes to help it maintain its shape. The printing on the nylon makes it look like real wood planking. It’s light weight, easy to store, and makes an excellent addition to your home décor for Halloween.

2. Creepy Cloth Spooky Halloween Decoration

Shop Now For Halloween Decorations For Your HomeWhen it comes to simple Halloween home decorations, it’s hard to ignore your traditional “creepy cloth”. This Creepy Cloth Decoration has a nice, spooky feel to it and can be used to quickly “creepify” just about anything in your home. It features a black, worn-out and tattered design and looks great when draped over doors, windows, couches, tables, chairs, and more. You can even pair it with this Set Of 3 Halloween Cemetery Sidewalk Signs to warn all those who dare enter your dwelling on October 31st. The cloth measures 4 yards by 30 inches.

3. Rubies Costume Haunted Home Décor Body Parts – Cut Off Arm

Shop Now For Scary Halloween DecorationsSevered body parts (fake ones that is) make excellent scary Halloween home decorations, and the Rubies Costume Haunted Home Décor Body Parts – Cut Off Arm is one of the best ones we’ve found. It’s gruesome, gross, scary, and meant to have awesome ick-power. It looks and feels realistic and features a severed forearm complete with blood and protruding bones. The cut-off arm is made from foam-filled latex and measures 17” long.

A few ideas on how to use this Halloween decoration for your home include: leave it lying in the hall or randomly around the house, stick it in the refrigerator holding left-overs, hang it behind the shower curtain in a horror-themed bathroom, stick it between the couch cushions, or scare your spouse by hiding it in the closet holding their work clothes. The possibilities are endless! Have fun!

4. Zombie Rising Up From The Grave Wine Bottle Holder Sculpture

Shop Now For Halloween Decorations For Home PartyThis Zombie Rising Up From The Grave Wine Bottle Holder Sculpture makes an excellent Halloween decoration for a home party with adult guests. This decorative zombie wine bottle holder is both creepy and weirdly elegant at the same time. It makes a fun conversation starter and is the perfect way to serve your guests a bottle of your finest vintage.

Pair it with this Decorative Graveyard Zombie Wine Bottle Holder and this Graveyard Zombie Glass Salt And Pepper Shaker Set to complete the look.

5. Giant Halloween Creepy Cloth And Decorative Door Hanger

Shop Now For Halloween Decorations For HomeWe touched on a creepy cloth earlier, but what we like about this one is its size. The Giant Halloween Creepy Cloth And Decorative Door Hanger measures 36 inches wide by 200 inches long. It’s sturdier than your average creepy cloth and is great for draping over tables, railings, fences, couches, and more.

One Halloween decorating idea for your home is to use scissors to cut and tear holes in the cloth. Then, cut it into strips and hang them from your light fixtures to create a truly eerie lighting effect.

6. EverKid Halloween Decorations Paper Lanterns With LED Light, Pack Of 5 – Skeleton, Bats, Jack-O, Spiders

Shop Now For Fun Halloween Home DecorationsNow let’s step back from the spooky for a minute and touch on some cute and fun Halloween home decorations that are suitable for both kids and adults. These Halloween Paper Lanterns With LED Light By EverKid (Set Of 5) are eye-catching, fun, and festive. Featuring skeletons, spiders, bats, and pumpkins, these 8” paper lanterns have an LED light that runs on 2 AAA batteries. They are sturdy, light-weight, and simple-to-hang, which makes them easy to include in our list of the best in home Halloween decorations.

7. Live “Blood” Of Halloween Parties – Amazlab Reusable Blood Bag Drink Container Set of 10 IV Bags

Shop Now For Halloween Decorations For Home PartyIf you want to decorate your home for a Halloween party, we’ve found the most amazing (and creepiest) way to dispense drinks to your guests. The AmazLab Reusable Blood Bag Drink Container Set Of 10 IV Bags make the perfect Halloween party cups. They look and feel like real IV bags, but are completely food safe and can be filled with soda, alcohol, and juice. Just don’t put anything hot (over 113F) in them or it can damage the bag.

These have an anti-leak design and come equipped with straws, clamps to prevent spilling, a funnel for easy filling, and stickers/labels. These “blood bags” also come ready with a pre-stamped hole in the top so you can easily hang them just like a real IV bag. They are reusable and make a great addition to any home Halloween party. We love these!

8. Halloween Pumpkin 3D Illusion 7 Color LED Light By Rainbolights

Shop Now For Elegant Halloween Home DecorationsOn All Hallow’s Eve, it’s hard to get past all the blood-stained ghosts, ghouls, and zombies, but if you’re looking for a more elegant Halloween decoration for your home, then check out the Rainbolights Halloween Pumpkin 3D Illusion 7 Color LED Light. Ideal on a table or windowsill, this illusion light has 7 different color options and a see-thru acrylic 3D effect in the shape of a jack-o-lantern. It features an easy 1-button color change, and there is a touch sensitive power switch on the top of the base. It also comes with a USB power cable and wall adapter. Add this to any room for an amazing Halloween lighting effect or use as a night light for kids.

9. Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Toxic Waste Car Lit House, 6.69-Inch

Shop Now For Home Halloween DecorThe Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Toxic Waste Car Lit House is one of the more unique ideas for Halloween home decorations on our list. Fans of Department 56 decor will instantly recognize the meticulous design and hand-craftsmanship that goes into every piece. This piece features a skeleton climbing out of a toxic train car, and is a true work of art. Add it to an existing collection or use it as a single piece for decorating your home this Halloween.

10. Halloween Black Feathered Small Crows – 6 Pc Bird Decor

If you’ve ever watched Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, then you know just how scary and terrifying birds can be.

Shop Now For In Home Halloween DecorationsOften overlooked on Halloween in favor of ghosts, ghouls, bats, and skeletons, black birds like crows and ravens are extremely underrated in our opinion. Added to a railing or placed on shelves, lamps, chair tops, fences, or on top of your carved pumpkin, these 6 Halloween Black Feathered Small Crows add a nice touch of realism to any Halloween display. Bendable wires in the feet make for easy attachment to just about anything.

11. Ceramic Halloween Clawing & Grabbing Hand Wall Decoration, Set of Six (6)

Shop Now For Scary Halloween Decorations For Your HomeAt $80, the next item on our list certainly won’t classify as a cheap Halloween decoration for your home, but it is delightfully disturbing and terrifyingly terrific. This Set Of 6 Ceramic Halloween Clawing & Grabbing Hand Wall Decorations will send shivers down your spine when attached to any wall. Straight from the graveyard, these realistic looking hands have dark fingernails and protruding veins. They are made from cold cast ceramic, are ready to hang, and are flat out frightening when paired with skulls or creepy crawlies like spiders and snakes.

12. Avon Halloween LED Sparkle Tree With Cats, Pumpkins, And Spiders

Shop Now For Fun Halloween Home DecorationsOne of the best Halloween home decorations for those who want to veer more on the fun and cute side of the holiday is the Avon Halloween LED Sparkle Tree With Cats, Pumpkins, And Spiders. This tree is 19” high, has an 8” base, lights up with 12 LED lights, and includes 2 black cat, 2 orange spider, and 8 pumpkin ornaments. Three simple sections make it easy to put together and easy to store. Its sparkly glow is beautiful when placed on a tabletop or used as a centerpiece in any Halloween display.

13. Beistle Inflatable Vampire And Coffin Cooler

Shop Now For Inflatable Halloween Home DecorationsLast but not least, what would Halloween be without a vampire? And better yet, a whimsical vampire sitting in an inflatable coffin. The Beistle Inflatable Vampire And Coffin Cooler is not only fun, it’s great for keeping your drinks cold at any Halloween party. This inflatable cooler measures 3 feet 6 inches wide and is 30 inches high. It can hold up to 48 12-oz cans of your favorite beverage. It works equally well for college dorm parties, get-togethers with friends, and kids Halloween parties.

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