Halloween Holiday

5 Top Halloween Spider Decorations To Creepify Your Living Space

The best Halloween spider decorations you can use inside or outside.

What does a spider have to do to give many people the creeps?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Just being a spider is enough.  And that’s exactly why spooky spider decorations are an excellent choice on October 31st.

Here’s 5 of our favorite Halloween spider decorations to “creepify” your home or office.

1.) JOYIN 2-Pack 11ft Mega Spider Webs For Halloween (1 Black And 1 White)

11ft Mega Spider Web For Halloween (1 Black And 1 White) Found Here

When it comes to giant Halloween spider decorations, this Extra Large 11 Foot Halloween Spider Web is a great choice!  It’s eye-catching, durable, reusable, and can be added to doorways, staircases, banisters, ceilings, windows, and more.  Included are 1 white spider web and 1 black spider web that can easily be accessorized with many other Halloween spider decorations. This 26” black and orange furry spider is a great choice.


2.) Hairy Spider With LED Eyes

Fun Express Realistic Hairy Spider With LED Eyes Found Here

Extra large spider decorations like this Hairy Spider With LED Eyes are becoming more and more popular.  At over 30”, this big black spider decoration can be combined with the 6 foot spider web mentioned above for a truly spine-tingling effect on Halloween.  It can be used both inside and outside, but is probably most suitable for indoors.  The red light up LED eyes make this giant spider extremely eerie in a dimly lit room.  They require 2 AA batteries that are not included.


3.) Halloween Spider Webs With Plastic Spiders

250sqft Of Fake Spider Web With Extra Spiders Found Here

The all-purpose award for spider web Halloween decorations has to go to this pack of fake spider cobwebs and 32 plastic spiders.  Use them indoors on doors, windows, staircases, light fixtures, and furniture or stretch them outside across porches, swings, fences, gates, trees, bushes, and more!  With all their potential uses, it’s hard to go wrong with these spider web decorations for Halloween.


4.) Hidden Kingdom Insects Black Widow Spider By Safari LTD

Hidden Kingdom Realistic Black Widow Spider Figurine Found Here

Looking for a large Halloween spider decoration to terrify friends, family, and neighbors? Then, look no further than the Hidden Kingdom Insects Black Widow Spider.  At 7” long by 5” wide, it’s clearly too large to be a real spider, but that won’t keep your guests from having a mini heart attack when they find it under their chair, in the toilet or shower, or dropping down suddenly from the ceiling.  These black widow spiders are hand-painted, made from safe, phthalate and lead-free materials, are soft and flexible, and are terrifyingly realistic.  They can be used indoors, but also make an excellent outdoor Halloween spider decoration.


5.) Spooky, Sparkly Spiders Halloween Decoration

Spooky, Sparkly Spiders Halloween Decoration (Set Of 2) Found Here

For those looking to stay on the “cuter” side of Halloween, the Spooky, Sparkly Spiders Halloween Decoration is a great choice.  You can either get 2 spiders with a hairy spider web, or you can opt for just 2 purple, orange, and black spiders that can be placed in any large spider web decoration.  These spiders are freakishly flexible, so you can hang them just about anywhere.  With their larger than life cuteness, these big spider decorations are great for Halloween parties with kids, or even Itsy Bitsy Spider birthday celebrations.


More Halloween Spider Decorations

This Halloween, there are many great spider decorations to choose from.  You can come up with a lot of other great ideas by also looking at these inflatable spider Halloween decorations, realistic spider decorations, hanging spider decorations, edible Halloween spider decorations, and outdoor spider decorations.

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