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Armadillo Novelty Gifts & Unique Gift Ideas For Armadillo Lovers

Awesome and unique armadillo gifts and gift ideas for armadillo lovers.

Describe an armadillo, you say? Ok, how’s this: take a highly trained rat, deck it out in full-body armor, give it some front-foot weaponry, and send it off to war. That, my friend, is an armadillo!

My wildlife biologist buddy and self-proclaimed armadillo lover tells me the two species are not related. But I think he’s been fooled. That’s exactly what the rats want him to believe.

He can think what he wants, but there is no doubt in my mind armadillos are really just rats gearing up for war and secretly getting ready to take over the world. But, have no fear, I’m on to them! 🙂

In all seriousness though, armadillos are one of coolest and most unique creatures on the planet. Surprisingly, a “battle-ready rat” turns into a creature that is both incredibly odd-looking and downright cute at the same time. And there are plenty of fun and unique gifts for armadillo lovers that can attest to this.

But if you’re here looking for the best armadillo Christmas presents or armadillo themed gifts and gift ideas for birthdays and other occasions, just remember one thing…

The armadillo apocalypse is coming, so be ready, and don’t trust any rats. Your life may depend on it! 😉

I hope you enjoy these cute and unique gifts and gift ideas for armadillo lovers as much as I do!

Armadillo Stuffed Animals & Plushes

Mike The Armadillo Stuffed Animal Plush Found Here – This is an adorable armadillo stuffed animal plush. Super soft. Cuddly. Cute as can be. Mike is sure to become the favorite “pet” of any little armadillo lover in your life.


Armadillo Themed Jewelry

Pewter Armadillo Necklace Found Here – This cute pewter armadillo pin was fashioned into a necklace to become a piece of wearable wildlife art. It’s meant to protect and keep safe anyone who wears it!


Lawn & Garden Armadillo Gifts

Decorative Armadillo Garden Statue Found Here – This beautiful and decorative armadillo garden statue is perfect inside or out. I love how realistic looking it is. It would make a great gift for someone who loves armadillos. Just don’t scare the neighbors! 🙂


Large Springy Metal Armadillo Yard Art Found Here – Such a cool gift idea for armadillo lovers. This armadillo yard sculpture is made from welded sheet metal, has a rustic finish, and has a springy head and tail. I think this would look amazing out in the garden or in a flower bed!


Funny Gifts For Armadillo Lovers

Texas Armadillo Droppings Delicious Dark Pralines Found Here – As a funny armadillo gift, these pralines are sure to get a big smile and a good laugh. Few can resist true Texas Armadillo droppings. YUM!


Miscellaneous Gifts For Armadillo Lovers

Decorative Armadillo Beer Can Holder Found Here – Kick back on Sunday and watch the game with this lil’ fellow! This is a fun novelty armadillo gift that holds lots of things for you and never complains…not even once!


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