Attract The Perfect Woman – Here’s How

She's not perfect for everyone, but she might just be perfect for YOU!

She’s not perfect for everyone, but she might just be perfect for YOU!

How’s that relationship going for you?  Is she the one?  Do you want her to be?

You don’t need to settle for just any woman out of social expectations.  And you sure don’t need to wait in the friend-zone. You can have the woman you want.

But how can you get her?

Ask yourself what kind of woman you really want. If you only fish in shallow waters, you’re only going to get bottom feeders.  Unless you want everyone else’s throw backs, you need to be honest with yourself and make clear decisions on what you actually do want in a woman.

Do you want a fit woman who teaches Zumba and is a classically trained ballet dancer?  Do you want a woman who plays bass in a band or can have an entire phone conversation in Pig Latin?

First, figure out whatever you really want in a woman and write it all down.

The simple act of transferring that mental image to a physical one with help develop that picture.  And once that’s available for easy reference, your focus immediately changes. Then it’s just a matter of sifting through those river rocks for specks of gold.

However, if you want a certain type of woman, you have to embody the same interests she has… or the ones you want her to have anyway.  In other words, if you want a world-class gymnast who barbecues and meringues on the weekends, then you better be prepared.

Go to the gym and start working out to improve your own flexibility. Learn how to meringue, and start perfecting your own secret rib sauce.

Similar interests and skills act as a magnet to draw in the woman you really want.  After all, once she sees how perfect you are for her, she’ll make every excuse in the book to keep you out of the friend-zone.

The next most important step is to be confident.  Women love confident men.  Not cocky or arrogant, but real confidence.

But there’s no way for them to tell how confident you are unless they actually talk to you.

So how do you get them to that point?  Play the part.  Consider yourself an actor and the woman is your stage.  She can help you with the props, but really, the work is your responsibility.

Posture plays a big role here.  Nervous boys hunch their shoulders and protect their hearts.  It’s fine to be nervous, but don’t let her see that.

Confident men stand straight and let her know her they can take whatever she offers.  Even if you feel those shoulders tumbling forward, knock them back.

Pretend someone’s standing behind you, pulling on your mid back. It’ll take some practice, but in time you won’t have to fake it.  And as you get used to the new confident posture, women will react in a very positive way.

So maybe you’re perpetually single or continuously attract the wrong women.  Maybe you have a hard time attracting any women at all.  That can be a real downer.

You need to get back into acting mode.  Hold your posture, make eye contact, notice people and activity around you, and pretend you’re the man you want to be.  The more you force yourself to do it, the more natural it becomes.

It all comes down to focus.  Confident men focus on the present.  They stand tall and get things done.

The latter requires steps, though.  What steps?  Fun ones.

To get the woman you really want, you need to level the playing field. This means get out and meet as many women as possible.

Sitting in front of your computer all night, reading online dating profiles is not enough.  Even if some of those women are real, chances are they’re not just sitting at home waiting for you.  Take the initiative and get out and actually meet her!

So let’s review…

Write down what you want in a woman.  Develop some of her interests and skill-sets.  Become or act confident.  And get out there.

If you incorporate all of these tricks, you WILL get the woman you want!

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