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Best Unique Gifts And Gift Ideas For Rabbit Lovers And Bunny Owners

Best Unique Gifts & Gift Ideas For Bunny Rabbit Lovers

My entire family loves rabbits, and baby bunnies HAVE to be one of the most adorable animals on the planet. Wouldn’t you agree? With those big fuzzy ears and the twitch-twitch of their cute little noses. Sooo ADORABLE!

It seems like every year I’m looking around for fun and unique gifts for rabbit lovers. There are so many cute bunny themed gifts to choose from for birthdays and Christmas presents that I usually end up spending WAY more than I should. But that’s OK! The BIG SMILES are worth it! 🙂

Here are some of the best gifts for rabbit lovers and bunny owners I came across this year. I tried to include a nice selection of fun, cute, funny, unique, practical, and unusual gifts that any bunny lover would be thrilled to get as a present. I love them all!

I hope you enjoy these bunny related gifts and gift ideas for rabbit lovers as much as I do!

Bunny Themed Clothing Gifts

Cute Bunny Rabbit Print Scarf Found Here – Very cute fashion statement!  Available in several different colors.


Keep Calm And Love Rabbits T-Shirt Found Here – Words to live by! 🙂


Bunny Face The Mountain Tee Shirt Found Here – Totally love this!  It looks so real!  Be the bunny!


Hanerdun Womens Sexy Lingerie Naughty Bunny Uniform Rabbit Outfit Found Here – Know any naughty bunnies?  (Cheryl, I’m looking at you!) Who says rabbits can’t be cute AND sexy!


Rabbit Plush Soft Winter Warm Hoodie Scarf Found Here – OMG! I’d never be cold if I had this!


Fuzzy Bunny Rabbit Slippers Found Here – There’s no way I can leave bunny slippers off the list, and these ones are just TOO adorable!


Rabbit Themed Bags, Purses, Totes & Carrying Cases

Retro Candy Color Cute Rabbit Ears Chain Shoulder Bag Found Here – I love how trendy and fashionable this is!  So unique with the perfect subtle touch for rabbit lovers!


3 Zip Case Coloring Book Rabbits Cosmetic Bag Found Here – My sister is totally getting this!.  She’ll love it!


Hope The Rabbit Carrying Tote Found Here – This rabbit tote has such a simple design, but it has so many uses!  I’d be more than happy to take this with me grocery shopping!


Rabbit Themed Jewelry

Sterling Silver Lop-Eared Rabbit Pendant Found Here – Total eye candy for lop-eared rabbit lovers!


Sterling Silver Rabbit Ring Found Here – This ring is so super cute when you put it on your finger!  I might just get one for all the girls.  I love how unique it is, and the detail is amazing!


Antique Rabbit Pocket Watch Found Here – I’ve always loved how beautiful pocket watches are.  Unique and timeless.  Just perfect as Christmas presents for rabbit lovers!


Ceramic Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder Found Here – This would be great paired with the bunny ring up above!


Bunny Hutches, Gifts For Rabbits, & Practical Gifts For Bunny Owners

White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch Found Here – What does every rabbit lover need?  More bunnies of course!  And if you have more bunnies, you need somewhere to put them.  This hutch would make a great gift for the bunny owners in your life.  I really like the white picket fence.  I think that’s an awesome touch!


Bunny Fun Tree Rabbit Toy Found Here – Bunny rabbit toys! These also make great gifts for rabbit owners in your life.


Bunny Rabbit Plushes

MINI FLOPSIE 8″ Bunny Rabbit Beanbag Plush Found Here – A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!  Need I say more?


Jellycat Bashful Beige Huge Bunny (20 inches) Found Here – These Jellycat plushes are so incredibly soft!  Much softer to cuddle than my husband! (But don’t tell him I said that *lol*)


American Made Huge (52 Inch) Stuffed Bunny Plush Found Here – Ummm…wow…just WOW!  That’s all I can say.  This bunny is HUGE….and expensive.  But what a way to make a statement!


Kidrobot Stache Labbit 7″ Plush, White – The Labbit might be my favorite rabbit plush of all time!  You just can’t go wrong with a rabbit with a “stache”.


Miscellaneous Gifts For Bunny Rabbit Lovers

Vintage Cast Iron Bunny Rabbit Door Stop Wedge Found Here – This is perfect vintage decor and one of the most unusual rabbit gifts on my list!  Love the antique look!


White Porcelain Rabbit Shaped Table Lamp Found Here – My cousin is having a baby early next year, and it just so happens she loves bunnies!  I think this would make a great night light for the nursery.


The Sailor Moon Cute Rabbit Umbrella Found Here – As far as rabbit related gifts go, this is just too cute not to include!


Funny Gifts For Rabbit Lovers

Warning Decal, Property Protected By A Highly Trained Rabbit Found Here – LOL!  I’m totally putting this on the door to keep solicitors away!


Rabbit Chasing The Carrot Knee Socks Found Here – A cute and funny gift for bunny rabbit lovers!


Hare On My Chest Novelty T-Shirt Found Here – LOL!


Anatomy Of The Bunny T-Shirt Found Here – From the “flippy floppers” to the “sniffle snoot”, this t-shirt is both cute and funny! Comes in youth, women’s, and men’s sizes and has several colors available.


Gifts For Kids Who Love Bunny Rabbits

Bunny Rabbit And Carrot Nesting Utensils, Set of 2 Found Here – Yep!  Another gift for my cousin and soon-to-be baby!  Such a cute idea.


Rabbit Hutch With Rabbits And Feed Playset Found Here – This looks like a fun play set for the kids once they’re a little older.  Think the parts would be too small for infants.


Personalized Rabbit Gifts

Bunny Rabbit Necklace – Personalize With Name Or Date – Found Here – The perfect complement to any outfit.  And you can personalize it, too!


Bunny Rabbit BAR Necklace – Personalize With Name Or Date – Found Here – Also adorable!


Tech Gift Ideas For Rabbit Lovers

Super Cute Rabbit Mini Mouse Found Here – Didn’t find a lot of “tech” presents for rabbit lovers that I loved this year.  Mostly just found rabbit vibrators…but…ummm…you’re on your own with that one! LOL.  I do think this mini mouse is very cute.


Kitchen Gift Ideas For People Who Love Rabbits

Rabbit-Themed Ceramic Cheese Plate/Cupcake Stand Found Here – How cute is this?!! Everyone who loves rabbits would love having this in their kitchen! I know I would! It’s definitely one of my top 10 gifts for rabbit lovers.


Ceramic Bunny Serving Dish Found Here – Perfect complement to the cupcake stand up above.


Adorable Rabbit Cereal Bowl/Candy Dish Found Here – I want to eat my cereal out of this bowl every single day!  What a fantastic gift idea if you combine this with the two items above to create THE perfect Christmas present for rabbit lovers.


Lawn & Garden Bunny Rabbit Gifts

Miniature Fairy Garden And Terrarium Statue, Rabbits Carrying Carrot Found Here – These would be awesome placed all around the garden and make easy Christmas gifts for rabbit lovers.


Design Toscano Carotene Rabbit Statue Found Here – And you get a carrot and you get a carrot and YOU get a carrot!  (Think I’ve been watching too much Oprah! lol)


Booklover Rabbit Garden Lantern Found Here – I think this is what I’m getting mom this year!  She loves sitting outside in her swing and reading while watching the sun set.  Now she can stay out even a little while longer with this functional rabbit lantern!


More Bunny Rabbit Lover Gift Ideas

==> Here is a nice selection of Handmade Rabbit Gifts.

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Gift Ideas For Rabbit Lovers39 Unique Gifts For Bunny Lovers

Best Gifts For Bunny Rabbit LoversBest Unique Gifts & Gift Ideas For Rabbit Lovers And Bunny Owners

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