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Defeating Diabetes Kit Review – Can Yuri Elkaim’s Resistant Starch Method Get Rid Of Type 2 Diabetes For Good?

You can beat diabetes! The following Defeating Diabetes Kit review takes an in-depth look at Yuri Elkaim’s highly popular diabetes treatment method.

The Defeating Diabetes Kit By Yuri Elkaim

The Defeating Diabetes Kit ebook by Yuri Elkaim. Download Yuri’s complete diabetes treatment blueprint.

The Defeating Diabetes Kit outlines a step-by-step, diet and exercise road map for both preventing and eliminating type 2 diabetes naturally and permanently.

Based on Yuri’s “resistant starch method”, it is one of the quickest and most effective routes to reverse type 2 diabetes and deserves strong consideration from men and women who are sick and tired of being a slave to their diabetes symptoms.

The Defeating Diabetes Kit is a digital ebook (PDF) available for purchase and immediate download directly from author Yuri Elkaim’s website.

Get instant access now through Yuri’s site or continue below to read our all-inclusive review, complete with author information, module-by-module breakdowns, bonus content, and what to realistically expect from the program. No stone is left unturned.

This Defeating Diabetes Kit review was last updated by the Newspaper Cat Reviews Team on 07-02-2015.

12,500 People Will Be Dead From Diabetes By This Time Tomorrow…Don’t Be One Of Them

Diabetes was responsible for killing 4.9 million people in 2014. By this time tomorrow, approximately 12,500 people around the world will have died due to the disease.

There’s no doubt, those are scary and sobering statistics. Death is inevitable for all of us, but the sad fact with diabetes is that the vast majority of cases and deaths are actually preventable.

Of the two forms of diabetes, type 2 is the most common by far, and it is often referred to as a “lifestyle disease”, because while age and genetics play a factor, it is normally triggered by living a fairly sedentary life, being overweight, making poor dietary choices, and failing to exercise sufficiently.

Unfortunately, knowing that diabetes can be prevented is not particularly helpful to the 390 million-or-so people already living with the disease and its consequences on a daily basis. Commonly prescribed medication for the treatment of diabetes cannot eliminate the disease. Those people with diabetes are therefore left to attempt to manage their condition and symptoms for the rest of their lives.

But what if you could reverse your type 2 diabetes by using an entirely natural and proven approach to defeating the disease? An empty promise perhaps?

Maybe not.

Yuri Elkaim, a New York Times bestselling author and renowned nutritionist, has helped thousands of type 2 diabetes sufferers completely reverse the disease and reclaim their lives for the past 13 years.

On the back of his client successes, Yuri has developed the “Defeating Diabetes Kit,” a holistic approach to completely defeat type 2 diabetes naturally without medication or any of its nasty side effects.

Today, in our Defeating Diabetes Kit review, we take a look at Yuri’s program to see if it lives up to its promise and to see if it’s as effective as he claims.

Let the review begin…

Who Is Yuri Elkaim?

Yuri graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Physical Education and went on to study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a registered holistic nutritionist and kinesiologist.

Over a period of 15 years, he has become a prominent health and nutrition expert, developing some of the most well-known fitness and nutrition programs in the industry. His “All Day Energy Diet” was a #2 New York Times best seller, and you may have also seen him on the Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors, or perhaps read some of his articles on sites such as Yahoo News, The Huffington Post, or AskMen.

Yuri’s connection with diabetes and his efforts to help those with the disease stems from his own father’s diagnosis of type 2 diabetes at the age of 45. His father adopted the techniques Yuri teaches in the Defeating Diabetes Kit, reversed his diabetes, and reclaimed his health.

See How The Defeating Diabetes Kit Works.
Click Here For Yuri’s Educational Video Presentation…

What Is Yuri’s Secret To Defeating Diabetes?

what goes on in a diabetic's headBroadly speaking, the Defeating Diabetes Kit is a unique nutrition and exercise program that is based on proven scientific research and clinical studies. At the core of the system is what Yuri refers to as a “super starch” – or what is otherwise known as “resistant starch.”

Typically when we think of starches, we immediately think of carbohydrates which diabetics are typically advised to limit in their diet.

Some carbohydrates are rapidly digested and absorbed as glucose into the body through the small intestine and subsequently used for short-term energy needs or stored. Other forms of carbohydrates that contain resistant starch, actually resist digestion and instead pass through to the large intestine. These carbohydrates then feed the friendly bacteria in the gut and boost the quantity and quality of these probiotics.

What does this all mean? Well in short, resistant starch has been found to:

  • reduce blood sugar to healthy levels
  • prevent urinary loss of vitamin D which in turn averts damage to the kidneys and kidney disease
  • improve insulin sensitivity
  • help shed abdominal fat
  • lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides
  • reduce appetite

Yuri provides a detailed explanation of how resistant starch works and its benefits which you can find here. Of great interest to many consumers is the fact that, when detailing how his program works, Yuri also provides a detailed list of the scientific studies and clinical trials which show the benefits of resistant starch.

References to additional scientific research and studies are included in the program materials as well, but for those people who are understandably cautious when presented with bold claims of a cure for a previously incurable disease, there is the opportunity to review the science first, and then make up your own mind before purchasing the program.

Upon independent review of the prevailing science on resistant starch, it is clear that resistant starch plays an overwhelmingly positive role in addressing many of the underlying features of type 2 diabetes. It also has a number of other significant health benefits, not least of all within the digestive system.

If you’re interested in obtaining a detailed oversight of the health properties of resistant starch and the science behind it, the highly respected Nutrition Bulletin journal has published an in-depth article on the topic.

In addition to “super starch”, the Defeating Diabetes Kit also focuses on the critical importance that exercise plays in the prevention and permanent reversal of diabetes. These are not controversial positions at all, with both science and medical fraternities in agreement. Exercise has a similar impact on the body as insulin.

diagram showing how type 2 diabetes works

How Type 2 diabetes works.  Source: WebMD

On the wall of every muscle cell are special receptors, like doors, that allow glucose to pass from the bloodstream to the muscle. These doors do not open unless they are unlocked by insulin. During exercise, the doors swing open easily, allowing more and more glucose to enter the muscle where it is burned up for energy.

While also advocating the benefits of aerobic exercise, the Defeating Diabetes Kit concentrates on resistance training which has proven health benefits for diabetes sufferers. Studies have also shown that resistance training is equal to aerobic exercise in improving the way in which the body uses insulin.

The health benefits of resistant starch and exercise are well documented online and widely accepted within the scientific community. The strong scientific foundation underpinning the Defeating Diabetes Kit sets it apart from many other so-called “miracle programs” on the market which promise much, but ultimately fail to deliver.

There is certainly a great deal of comfort for consumers knowing that the methods adopted in Yuri’s program have already been proven effective.

What Is The Defeating Diabetes Kit?

The Defeating Diabetes Kit is a step-by-step comprehensive nutrition and exercise program that contains four separate components:

  1. The Super Starch Solution
  2. How To Eat To Beat Diabetes
  3. 20 Delicious Diabetes Recipes
  4. Iso Burn “No Movement” Workout

Each component is accessible online in the form of downloadable eBooks (PDF files). There is also a video component to the course (mp4 format) and audio component (mp3 format).

For the next part of this Defeating Diabetes Kit review, let’s take a detailed look at each component below.

The Super Starch Solution

The first component of the Defeating Diabetes Kit is a 17 page report where Yuri explains in detail the science behind how resistant starch works to improve a person’s health and promotes weight loss. There is also a comprehensive list of commonly found foods that are rich in resistant starch and a specific guide on how much should be eaten on a daily basis in order to achieve the optimum results.

How To Eat To Beat Diabetes

This section of the program is 43 pages in length and is Yuri’s tried and tested nutritional plan for defeating diabetes. It includes:

  • Brief explanations on the causes of diabetes and the major contributors/risk factors to the disease.
  • A comprehensive review of some of the new research which has changed scientists’ understanding of diabetes and exactly how to overcome type 2 diabetes.
  • A description of the three clinical signs of diabetes along with a summary of the acute and chronic complications of the disease.
  • The specific dietary guidelines that Yuri recommends are followed when adopting the program to assist in stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • A list of a wide variety of diabetic-friendly foods and herbs that Yuri suggests for ridding your body of diabetes. He also provides a list of helpful supplements which are not mandatory for success with his program but merely optional for those wanting to accelerate their battle against diabetes.
  • Information on the critical importance of regular exercise from a scientific perspective and a guide on the form and amount of recommended exercise to be undertaken.
  • 14 easy-to-prepare and nutritionally balanced recipes that have been especially designed by Yuri to be diabetes-friendly.
  • An easy-reference, 7-day diabetic-friendly meal plan.

20 Delicious Diabetes Recipes

As the name suggests, this is a cookbook where Yuri provides an additional 20 recipes that are based on whole foods. All are low on the glycemic index and quick to prepare. Recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Iso Burn “No Movement” Workout

While much of the Defeating Diabetes Kit focuses on nutritional aspects of eliminating the disease, Yuri does spend some time stressing the importance of exercise in the lives of diabetics and pre-diabetics.

The Iso Burn “No Movement” Workout is a 20-minute workout which Yuri has personally developed for those people looking to prevent or eliminate diabetes from their lives. It is extremely unique in that it requires no movement and instead relies on “isometric” training techniques. It is essentially a form of resistance training which is ideally suited to those who suffer from diabetes.

The workout program is available in mp3 audio for easy download. There is also a video presentation (mp4 format) where Yuri shows you how to safely perform each of the exercises, and an eight page instructional manual containing an instructional sheet and diagrams of how to perform each particular exercise.

Benefits Of The Defeating Diabetes Kit

  • It goes without saying that the ability to turn back time and erase diabetes is certainly the most powerful benefit of Yuri’s program. Once diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the focus of modern medicine turns to limiting its effects, management of its symptoms, and the many health complications associated with the disease. The Defeating Diabetes Kit is instead designed to be a permanent and all-natural cure that treats the underlying features of the disease in a holistic fashion.
  • The symptoms and health complications of type 2 diabetes are so varied that sufferers typically find themselves on a constant regime of blood sugar monitoring, diabetes medications, insulin therapy, and strict dieting. The ability to control your own health outcomes are taken away from you and instead placed in the hands of medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies. By successfully adopting Yuri’s program, diabetics can reclaim control over their life and their health while also avoiding many of the serious side effects caused by conventional prescribed medications.
  • The program and methods contained in the Defeating Diabetes Kit not only reverse your type 2 diabetes but also promote weight loss and healthy digestive function which, when combined, results in significant health benefits. It is suitable not only for reversing type 2 diabetes, but also for preventing the onset of the disease in those people who have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic.
  • All of the information contained in the program is expressed in a very logical, concise, and easy to understand manner. Yuri explains the science of diabetes and the program with simple language. The step-by-step procedures contained in the program are all very easy to implement.
  • The addition of resistant starch to your diet is an entirely safe and straightforward process. It is not necessary to eat mountains or foods containing resistant starch and the included recipes can all be adapted to suit your own individual lifestyle and preferences. Yuri recommends only all-natural foods that don’t result in unwanted side effects.
  • The Iso Burn exercise program is specifically designed to improve insulin sensitivity, burn fat, and improve your health without causing unnecessary stress on your body. These exercises can be completed in the comfort of your own living room and require a total time commitment of only one hour per week.
  • Many users of Yuri’s program have reported dramatic improvement to their health and blood sugar levels within 7 to 14 days of starting the Defeating Diabetes Kit. Blood sugar levels typically stabilize at normal levels within a few weeks or months.
  • The Defeating Diabetes Kit is very affordable both in terms of the cost of the program itself, as well as the foods associated with Yuri’s nutritional blueprint to reverse diabetes. The cost of the program is a mere fraction of what most people with diabetes would spend each week trying to keep their symptoms at bay. Once your diabetes has been permanently eliminated, you will actually save yourself money.
  • Purchase of the Defeating Diabetes Kit comes with a standard 60-day money back guarantee. If you follow Yuri Elkaim’s program step by step, you should experience noticeable results well within that timeframe. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can easily obtain a full refund.
  • Included as a complimentary bonus with the rest of the material is “The All Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook.” This is a 40 page PDF formatted cookbook that includes recipes from both Yuri and several other leading nutritionists and best-selling authors.

The cookbook contains 67 recipes based on the guidelines of Yuri’s bestselling book “The All-Day Energy Diet.” They are all gluten and dairy-free, low in sugar, and designed to give you energy and many other associated health benefits. Preparation time for most of the recipes is less than 15 minutes, and there are links included to a meal planner and video instructions for each of the recipes in the cookbook.

Things To Consider

  • The special nutritional and exercise formula developed by Yuri is only designed to reverse and eliminate type 2 diabetes. Those people with type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent diabetes) are still likely to obtain other health benefits from the program, such as weight loss and improved functioning of the gut. However, their ongoing need for insulin will not be cured by this program.
  • The Iso Burn Workout Program is designed to ensure that the vast majority of people with type 2 diabetes are able to physically undertake the exercises. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, vascular disease, and certain eye diseases such as retinopathy and glaucoma, it is important that you consult with your personal medical practitioners and specialists for advice prior to commencing the workout component of the program. Isometric exercises are usually not recommended for people that have these medical conditions.

There are, however, other suggested exercise activities contained in the program which can be used by people who may be unable to perform the isometric exercises due to their pre-existing conditions. An inability to perform the Iso Burn Workout exercises will not prevent you from being able to successfully rid yourself of diabetes with the assistance of this program. It may just take a little more patience and time.

  • It is important that you manage your expectations before starting the Defeating Diabetes Kit. There is still no instant cure for diabetes. A so-called “magic pill” still doesn’t exist, and it is necessary for participants to have a degree of commitment and purpose in order to permanently reverse their diabetes. Buying the program, letting it sit on your computer, and expecting your diabetes to magically disappear is not going to be a recipe for success. You have to put forth the effort, and follow the step-by-step guide exactly as Yuri lays it out.

From an exercise perspective, the recommended duration is limited to one hour per week and in terms of the nutritional side of the program, there is no radical change in diet required. There is just the addition of a few extra foods to your diet that will boost your intake of resistant starch to scientifically recommended levels. So in terms of effort, it certainly doesn’t require you to become a gym junkie or spend every waking minute sourcing and preparing food.

  • In a similar vein to the last point, you should be careful when looking to compare the results other users of the program have achieved with your own. What takes some people a week to see a significant drop in their blood sugar levels may take you two weeks, or potentially more. Just remember that you do have 60 days in order to fully test the Defeating Diabetes Kit before the refund period expires, and you can reasonably expect to achieve noticeable results within this time frame. It won’t happen overnight, but with a little effort it will happen.

Take A Break From This Defeating Diabetes Kit Review And Learn How Yuri’s “Super Starches” Saved His Own Father From Diabetes…

Yuri Elkaim’s Super Nutrition Academy

In addition to the Defeating Diabetes Kit, Yuri also offers users a 30-day free trial membership to his popular Super Nutrition Academy.

The Super Nutrition Academy is a 12 month online course designed to arm you with everything you need to know about the complex relationship between food and your health. It is not a weight-loss diet, but rather an educational course that is intended to make it easy to understand and master all aspects of your diet and health.

Access to the course is available via a private online members’ area (the “Campus”). Membership details are emailed immediately once you opt in to join the free trial.

Membership entitles you to the following:

  1. Program materials for month one of the 12 month course
  2. A series of Special Reports
  3. Campus Life Community

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from each component available in the Super Nutrition Academy:

Super Nutrition Academy Course

The course consists of 12 separate modules dedicated to one specific area of nutrition and health. Each module features four separate lessons consisting of:

  1. A Powerpoint or video presentation (between 40-60 minutes duration)
  2. A downloadable transcript/workbook of the video presentation (PDF format)
  3. A “Cheat Sheet” with some bullet points for easy reference of the major concepts covered in each lesson (PDF format)
  4. An mp3 audio file of each lesson

Yuri also provides a few fun and simple “action assignments” for you to complete at the end of each lesson which are designed to reinforce the important concepts taught during the course.

The broad themes of each module are as follows:

  • Module 1 – The Fundamental of Energy Nutrition & Carbohydrates
  • Module 2 – Protein
  • Module 3 – Fats
  • Module 4 – Vitamins and Minerals
  • Module 5 – Digestion, Elimination and Intestinal Health
  • Module 6 – Immunology, Allergies and Disease
  • Module 7 – How To Heal and Prevent Disease and Become Your Doctor
  • Module 8 – Weight Loss, Metabolism, and Hormones
  • Module 9 – The Dark Side of Food
  • Module 10 – Detoxification, Fasting and Life Extension
  • Module 11 – Mind-Body Connection and Behavioural Change
  • Module 12 – Super Foods, Super Nutrients, and Natural Remedies

Two bonuses are also included in the course materials each month:

  • Health Habit Mastery Handbook – a step-by-step guide to help you develop new habits. A separate chapter is released every month detailing a new health habit for that particular month with an explanation of the science behind how habits develop and how you can condition new ones.
  • Monthly Habit Conditioning Audio – A 10-15 minute mp3 audio file designed to embed each habit into your nervous system.

The course content for each module is only released monthly after the lessons in the previous module have been completed. Yuri explains that this is to avoid information overload and to give students an opportunity to fully understand each module before commencing the next.

Special Reports

In this section of the Super Nutrition Academy, Yuri provides a series of Special Reports on the most “cutting-edge and in-demand topics within health and nutrition”. Some of these topics are touched upon in various modules of the course. However, each of these reports goes into much greater detail on each particular topic.

Special Reports are constantly being updated and added, but at the time of writing this Defeating Diabetes Kit review, they currently include:

  1. The Truth About Multivitamins: What Your Health Store Isn’t Telling You
  2. Probiotics: Why You Need Them and How To Choose Them
  3. The Flu Fighters Report
  4. Fish Oil: Your Unbiased Guide To Choosing The Best Omega-3 Supplement
  5. 5 Little-Known Secrets To Healthy Aging
  6. Metabolism Myths Exposed
  7. The Truth About Heart Disease and Cholesterol

Campus Life Community

With the posting of each month’s modules, there is a comment based area beneath each lesson. This allows students to post questions and interact with other students. All questions are answered by Yuri himself!


The object of the Super Nutrition Academy course is to remove a lot of the confusion that often exists about nutrition and health. There can often be contradictory advice online and elsewhere that makes it difficult to assess what’s good for you and what’s not. Yuri provides an unbiased analysis of the key aspects of diet and health and explains, in simple terms, much of the widely accepted science surrounding the various concepts taught.

A lot of misconceptions about the food and dieting industries are exposed, and the lessons taught will definitely make you look at food and nutrition in a different light. The ability to trial the course, free of charge, for 30-days is a great way to let you see if the course is something you want to continue with in the longer term.

The trial membership to the Super Nutrition Academy is completely optional, and you can proceed with purchasing just the Defeating Diabetes Kit on its own if you wish.

If you decide to continue with your Super Nutrition Academy membership at the conclusion of the initial 30-day trial, you will be charged a low monthly fee for the duration of the course. You can easily cancel your membership during either the trial period or any time thereafter. Membership can be cancelled either online or by telephone.

It’s A Wrap: Bid Diabetes Farewell

woman with diabetes making healthy food choices

Make the right choice and defeat diabetes today!

Since you started reading this Defeating Diabetes Kit review, somewhere around the world between 90 and 130 people have died due to the health complications caused by their diabetes. It’s frightening to think that many of those deaths were preventable.

The good news is that you, or a loved one you know with diabetes, can become a part of a different set of statistics. You or they can be one of thousands who have been able to free themselves from the grip and shackles of diabetes and resume their normal life courtesy of the Defeating Diabetes Kit.

Yuri’s treatment program is completely non-invasive, safe, natural, and most importantly backed by the latest scientific research and clinical studies. This is all great news, and what will no doubt be of great relief to many diabetes sufferers is that the program is designed to work regardless of your age or how long you’ve been afflicted with the disease.

Diabetes can take a physical and emotional toll on not only those diagnosed with the disease, but family members and friends as well. Yuri Elkaim has walked a similar path watching his father battle and ultimately overcome diabetes. His reputation in the nutrition and health industry is second-to-none, providing great confidence to those desperate for a solution to this chronic disease.

The Defeating Diabetes Kit provides new hope for those wanting to live a healthy life free of the disease, and judging by its popularity and success, it’s most definitely worthy of your consideration.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this all-inclusive review of Yuri Elkaim’s Defeating Diabetes Kit. We hope you found it helpful.

Click here to meet up with Yuri Elkaim and learn how you can put diabetes behind you once and for all using the Defeating Diabetes Kit

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Defeating Diabetes Kit Review Summary

Defeating Diabetes Kit was reviewed by NewspaperCat Reviewers on .
A comprehensive blueprint for preventing and reversing type 2 diabetes by a world-renown nutritionist. The Defeating Diabetes Kit by Yuri Elkaim reveals a diet and exercise protocol using “resistant starches” and “no movement” workouts to eliminate type 2 diabetes and restore blood sugar levels to normal. It is an excellent choice for men and women who want an all natural way to get rid of diabetes without medications.
Rated 4.7 stars out of 5

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