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Diabetes Destroyer Review – Does David Andrews’ 3-Step Pancreas Jumpstart Trick Really Reverse Diabetes?

A review of the Diabetes Destroyer by David Andrews and how to use a 3 step pancreas jumpstart to beat diabetes for good.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Diabetes Destroyer by David Andrews is no longer available for purchase. All links in this review now redirect to our selected diabetes treatment alternative: The Big Diabetes Lie

Reverse your diabetes using a 3-step Pancreas Jumpstart! The following Diabetes Destroyer review takes an in-depth look at David Andrews’ newly released diabetes treatment method.

The Diabetes Destroyer Ebook

The Diabetes Destroyer ebook by David Andrews. Download David’s complete diabetes treatment protocol. (No time for a video?  Click here instead.)

Diabetes Destroyer outlines a natural, safe, and effective dietary protocol for permanently getting rid of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes without drugs, finger pricking, or insulin shots.

Based on David’s 3-step “Pancreas Jumpstart Trick”, it is one of the quickest and most effective routes to fix damaged beta cells and restore insulin use and production to normal in type 2 diabetics. 

It is an excellent choice for men and women who are tired of constantly monitoring and managing their symptoms and are ready to finally live a life free of diabetes.

The Diabetes Destroyer is a digital ebook (PDF) with an accompanying MP3 audio version available for purchase and immediate download directly from author David Andrews’ website.

Get instant access now through David’s site or continue below to read our all-inclusive review, complete with author information, module-by-module breakdowns, bonus content, and what to realistically expect from the program. 

This Diabetes Destroyer review was last updated by the Newspaper Cat Reviews Team on 07-14-2015.

At War With Diabetes

Diabetes kills, and the nightmare often starts from the very first diagnosis. Chances are, if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with the disease, you’ve already received the devastating news that diabetes is a lifelong chronic condition with no cure. At least, that’s what the “experts” want you to believe.

With such a diagnosis, it’s completely understandable if you’ve lost hope and are on the verge of giving up. The negative outlook is further compounded when even the International Diabetes Federation concedes that, “The battle to protect people from diabetes and its disabling, life-threatening complications is being lost.”

number of diabetics in the US

Diabetes awareness – do you know the statistics?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts as many as 1 in 3 U.S. adults could have diabetes by 2050, with the vast majority of newly diagnosed cases, and up to 90% of all cases, expected to be for type 2 diabetes. When looking at the risk factors of type 2 diabetes, it comes as no surprise that the condition is considered a “lifestyle disease”: the result of lifestyle factors and choices, many of which are deemed preventable.

Conventional medical treatment of type 2 diabetes is limited to managing the disease and attempting to control the many life-threatening secondary complications associated with the condition. The tradeoff, however, is that such treatment involves medications which have their own well known side-effects, many of which can limit your quality of life quite significantly.

But what if there was another way? A way to completely and permanently reverse type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes in a matter of weeks by using a holistic approach to your health and well-being?

A new comprehensive treatment system called “Diabetes Destroyer” by David Andrews claims to do just that. Using the latest scientific findings and research, Diabetes Destroyer outlines a 3-step plan for destroying diabetes and removing it from your life forever.

Of course, it’s only natural for such claims of a treatment program capable of reversing type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes to be treated with a degree of caution and approached from the standpoint of skepticism. After all, conventional doctors and “big pharma” actively encourage and promote an approach that involves masking and managing diabetes symptoms, rather than curing the underlying causes.

But is taking the “symptoms management approach” and living a life full of injections, finger pricking, and chained to your diabetes medications really any life at all?

The fact you’re here considering an alternative suggests you want to know if there’s another way…a better way.

The truth is, under the right conditions and by taking the right steps, diabetes is one of the most reversible diseases that exists today. And that’s exactly what David Andrews hopes to prove to you inside his Diabetes Destroyer book.

But is Diabetes Destroyer the real deal? Does it really work, and can it withstand scientific scrutiny?

Well, to allow you to reach your own conclusion on whether this all-natural, holistic system is the elusive solution that will allow you to be free from the lifelong consequences of diabetes, we’ve taken the opportunity to comprehensively examine the program in its entirety in our fact-finding Diabetes Destroyer review.

Let’s start our review by taking a quick look at the creator of the Diabetes Destroyer system. From there, we can determine whether the latest scientific discoveries surrounding diabetes support his bold claims of permanently reversing the ravages of the diabetes epidemic.

The Author Of Diabetes Destroyer

David Andrews, a middle-aged head chef at a 5-star restaurant near Washington D.C. and former type 2 diabetes sufferer, created the Diabetes Destroyer program following his own near-death experience with the disease. (Read his story here…)

Adopting the century-old philosophy of using the “whole person” approach to medicine and not just treating individual symptoms, David’s own experience led him to discover the breakthrough scientific studies and research which underpin the concepts he reveals in the program.

The approach taken by David Andrews in the Diabetes Destroyer system concentrates on two things, which on their own can reverse the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and prevent them from forming in the first place. These are:

1. Allowing the body to do what it is naturally designed to do, without resorting to drugs. Pills and medications are not a part of the Diabetes Destroyer treatment method.

2. Increasing the quality of food you eat. Diabetes Destroyer is a diet-based protocol for jumpstarting your pancreas to naturally create the insulin you need.

Let’s now dig deeper into our Diabetes Destroyer review and take a look at what science says about David’s unique diabetes treatment approach.

The Science Behind Diabetes Destroyer

At its core, David Andrews’ Diabetes Destroyer program addresses beta-cell dysfunction/imbalance: the core factor central to the onset and progression of type 2 diabetes. If you have Type 1, Type 2, or prediabetes, you have damaged beta cells. Due to these damaged beta cells, you don’t have enough insulin, and what you do have may not be released when it’s needed or get used properly.

While scientists are yet to fully understand the exact cause of the failure of beta cells in type 2 diabetes, it stands to reason that if the cells were healed, diabetes would pretty much go away. But is this possible, and how could it be done?

There are a number of scientific breakthroughs and clinical studies referred to in Diabetes Destroyer which support the treatment approach David advocates. Central to them all is a 2011 study by researchers at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom which was published in the renowned peer-reviewed medical journal, Diabetologia. In the eight-week study, all 11 patients completely reversed their type 2 diabetes without the ongoing need for diabetes medication. They did this after undertaking a temporary diet restricting energy intake.

The Complications Of Diabetes

Jumpstart your pancreas today and avoid diabetes complications.

The researchers found that as a result of the diet, blood glucose levels remained normal. Interestingly enough, there was also a marked decrease in the amount of fat in and around the pancreas and liver. The findings suggest a reduction of fat around those particular organs leads to improved beta cell functioning and reduced insulin resistance.

Upon looking into the science even further, there are actually numerous studies that have found a direct correlation between a fatty liver and insulin resistance.

So not only is it widely accepted that if you can repair damaged beta cells, type 2 diabetes can be reversed, but it has also been found that this process can occur via a temporary diet.

By adopting these breakthrough scientific discoveries and combining them with his own skills as a chef, David Andrews designed a comprehensive, step-by-step dietary treatment system that restores proper insulin production within the bodies of type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics.

The great thing is, you don’t need to understand the science behind beta cells, fat levels in the pancreas and liver, or reduced insulin resistance to get the benefits of using the Diabetes Destroyer system. The above references to scientific studies and diabetes research is simply to show that contrary to many self-proclaimed remedies touted as “miracle cures” for diabetes, the Diabetes Destroyer system is one based solely on accepted science and proven, verifiable results.

In the next part of this review, we take a look at exactly what you get with the program, summarize the course contents, and explain how Diabetes Destroyer can help you get rid of diabetes naturally, safely, and permanently.

What You Get With The Diabetes Destroyer System

Diabetes Destroyer is available in both written and audio format. The written program is a 152 page eBook in PDF format, while the audio file is divided into 25 individual chapters and comes in MP3 format for those that may prefer listening rather than reading.

The Diabetes Destroyer system has over 20 chapters divided into four main sections/modules which include an introduction and the 3-step system for eliminating diabetes. These 4 sections are summarized below:

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You To Know About Your Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

In this detailed introductory section David Andrews:

● Describes the scale at which diabetes has grown in recent years and the vast industry the disease has created.

● Reveals the osteopathic approach he adopts inside the Diabetes Destroyer program. Put simply, this is a “whole-of-body” approach to healing that recognizes the integrated nature of the body where problems within one system almost always affect other systems as well.

● Delves into the cause of diabetes and the important role the pancreas plays as a risk factor when it no longer functions at optimum levels due to damaged beta cells.

● Explains the importance of healthy cellular function and the role of your bloodstream in addressing the impacts of diabetes.

● Details the impact diabetes can have on other aspects of your health. Secondary complications along with the common side-effects of conventional treatments for diabetes are covered.

Step 1: The “Jumpstart Your Insulin Factory” Temporary Meal Plan

By way of introduction, David explains how beta cells work, the important essentials needed to keep your cells at their healthiest level possible, and how your health and wellbeing are directly related to the quality of your cells (the building blocks of life).

Andrews promotes the concept that in order to ward off disease, the health of your cells depends on the proper amount of nutrients, water, oxygen, your own mindset, and other healthy living staples to achieve cellular balance.

A series of simple techniques are then disclosed which can be used to:

● Ensure your body gets an optimal amount of oxygen.

● Understand the ideal amount of water required by your body daily and how to increase your intake of water to meet those requirements.

● Foster positive thinking to generate lasting positive energy.

In addition, you will discover:

● How to cleanse your body of toxins via a seven to ten day cleansing session which is an effective alternative to fasting. Six easy to prepare juicing recipes are included.

● The importance of BMI in the Diabetes Destroyer System and how to easily calculate your BMI.

● The unique 8-week diet designed to jumpstart your pancreas and reduce the fat around your liver and pancreas, so they can function at optimal levels and produce the insulin you need. Included are step-by-step instructions on the exact combinations of foods you need to eat and a detailed meal plan (including easy-to-prepare recipes).

● Tips on how to keep your new “diabetic diet” interesting to ensure you stay motivated and stick with it.

● How to transition past the initial cleanse and 8-week diet plan to foster eating habits that will support your health and reverse conditions such as insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes.

● How to identify and choose the right foods for your health to enable you to move away from unhealthy foods via a detailed examination of nutrition.

Step 2: The Natural Trick To Amp Up Your Metabolism

The next step of the Diabetes Destroyer system concentrates on how to increase your metabolism in order to increase your body’s insulin absorption rate, a key component to reversing diabetes.

David reveals:

● The wide range of diabetes friendly foods that are available to boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss.

● Foods every diabetic should avoid (these are harming your body).

● Suggestions on how to make your new healthy diet cost-effective.

● An extremely quick and simple workout designed to help you lose weight, reduce insulin resistance, prevent diabetic complications, sustain healthy blood sugar levels, and speed up your metabolism for 12 hours at a time. This extremely effective 20 minute workout requires just 30 seconds of high intensity movement.

Step 3: Time Your Meals To Finish Off Your Diabetes

The final step required to regulate your blood sugar levels and reverse type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes involves the timing of when to eat your meals.

Ongoing research suggests it’s not just what you eat, but when you eat it that matters. This is an idea shared not just by diabetes treatments, but also by well-known and highly effective weight loss programs.

Included in this section is:

● the precise schedule of when to eat which foods to keep your blood sugar regular and at optimum levels.

● the one key element you need to eat at breakfast to keep your blood sugar balanced during the course of a day.

● the exact number of hours you should wait between meals and a number of diabetes friendly snacks you can eat to tide you over.

● exactly how long prior to bed you should have your last meal or snack.

In conclusion, David Andrews breaks down the Diabetes Destroyer modules into a series of actionable steps you can take to fast track your way to reversing diabetes and returning to good health.

David also includes a series of tips and techniques you can use to embrace a healthy lifestyle. These are vital to making healthy lifestyle choices both now and in the future to ensure you never have to deal with diabetes complications ever again.

Click Here To Watch David Andrews Explain How His Diabetes Destroyer Works…
You can also read about it here.

Diabetes Destroyer Bonus Reports

To help you on your way to a diabetes free future, David Andrews also includes five free bonus reports designed specifically to complement the main Diabetes Destroyer ebook.

1. Diabetes Destroyer – Quickstart Guide (26 pages)

This guide contains information on how to embrace the natural and safe lifestyle changes promoted in the main Diabetes Destroyer program which prevent pre-diabetes from developing into a more serious condition and help reverse your existing Type 2 Diabetes.

2. Delicious Diabetes Recipes (239 pages)

This recipe book contains over 500 recipes specifically designed for diabetics. While every daily meal is accounted for inside the recipe guide, including snacks, salads, and other accompaniments, the main focus of the Delicious Diabetes Recipes book lies with diabetes-friendly sweet treats. These include diabetic cookies, cakes, muffins, pies and bars, and many other healthy diabetic desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

3. Diabetes Healing Recipes (47 pages)

Another recipe book containing over 100 easy-to-follow recipes made from ingredients with proven healing properties that help control and regulate sugar levels in diabetics. The recipe book is separated into the following sections:

  • Drinks and Shakes
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Dressing, Dips, and Sauces
  • Entrees/Side Dishes
  • Snacks/Desserts

4. Tips For A Diabetes Diet (9 pages)

Emphasizing the important role diet plays in the treatment of diabetes, this report identifies five crucial tips that help you get started on the road to preventing, controlling, and even reversing diabetes. All the tips are designed to promote healthy eating habits so you can still take pleasure from your meals without feeling hungry or deprived.

5. Understanding Diabetes And Glycemic Index (72 pages)

“Understanding Diabetes and Glycemic Index” is a simple to read and understand report which provides a comprehensive overview of both topics. Some of the material covered in the report includes the symptoms, causes, treatments, and complications associated with diabetes, as well as the purpose, importance, and benefits of the glycemic index. It is all very practical information that can be used in conjunction with the main Diabetes Destroyer ebook.

Benefits Of The Diabetes Destroyer System

– For anyone living with the daily struggles and health complications of type 2 diabetes, the prospect of a diabetes free future is the obvious benefit to the Diabetes Destroyer treatment program. By taking an osteopathic approach to treating your diabetes, you will not simply mask and manage the symptoms of your disease, but actually treat and cure the underlying causes.

This is a completely opposite approach to how conventional medicine currently treats the disease and means you can be free from constant monitoring, finger-pricking, insulin injections, fatigue, neuropathy, and other complications. No longer does diabetes have to be a “life sentence.”

– It is not only a completely safe and entirely natural treatment regimen designed to permanently eliminate type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, but it is effective.

Contrary to “diabetes miracle cures” available online which promise much and deliver little, the Diabetes Destroyer system is based entirely on proven scientific research that is backed by clinical studies where insulin production has been restored to optimum levels and insulin resistance eliminated without the need for medication.

Anyone that has been diagnosed with diabetes can attest to the side-effects which accompany the medications they have been prescribed to manage their condition and symptoms. Unfortunately, most medications prescribed for diabetes result in reduced life expectancy and secondary complications, so the ability to do-away with your diabetes medication is a major plus with this program.

– The program itself is very user friendly and easy to follow. It has been designed specifically to ensure that anyone can incorporate the step-by-step program into their daily lives with minimal fuss and effort. David explains everything using language that is easy to comprehend, so you will have no difficulty understanding not only how to implement the program, but why it is important to take all of the recommended steps.

– Not only is the Diabetes Destroyer program a “how-to guide” to reverse your diabetes, but the principles and methods David discloses will restore your body’s health across the board and act as an effective measure in the prevention of other chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. You will have at your disposal all of the tools necessary to not only achieve a positive improvement in your own general health, but be able to pass on this knowledge to your family and friends.

– The treatment program does not require any extended time commitment on your part to achieve success. In fact, positive changes and results can be expected within a short period of time; in some cases, only a matter of days or weeks. With a few ongoing minor adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, these results become permanent.

– Access to the program is available online immediately after purchase. The course can also be easily downloaded to use offline in both written and audio form. The accompanying audio program is ideal for those users who lack the time to sit down and read the eBook, or who digest information easier via spoken word. Listen to it in your car, while you workout, or even via headphones while you sit at your desk at work.

– In terms of cost, the entire Diabetes Destroyer program and bonuses are available for a low one-off fee that is significantly cheaper than what you likely spend each week for your diabetes medication.

There are no ongoing expenses or recurring memberships that you need to pay, and the program comes with a 60-day full money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the results you have achieved in that time, your initial outlay will be refunded in full immediately.

Things To Consider

– It is important to remember that the Diabetes Destroyer treatment program is designed solely to reverse type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. Many of the tips, techniques and methods David Andrews includes in his program will no doubt be of great benefit to those people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (in terms of their general health and their ability to ward off other chronic disease). However, for those with type 1 diabetes, the Diabetes Destroyer method cannot cure their ongoing need for artificial sources of insulin (injections) and is not suitable for that purpose.

– Diet and lifestyle are major factors thought to influence susceptibility to many “lifestyle diseases”, and type 2 diabetes is no exception. While the Diabetes Destroyer program focuses largely on the necessary dietary changes that will put you on the path to a diabetes free life, David also deals with other lifestyle risk factors (for example, smoking tobacco) that can lead to diabetes and the need for these issues to be addressed.

The additional lifestyle changes that may be needed for most people will be minimal and easy to incorporate into their daily lives, but for others it may not come quite so easily. Fortunately, David provides users with all the tools needed to make the transition to restore your health and well-being as easy as possible. However, your type 2 diabetes will not be permanently reversed without a willingness to change. Commitment, motivation, and a little effort to follow the 3-step process will be required if you are to enjoy a long healthy, diabetes-free life, but the results are well worth it.

– David is very upfront in the treatment program about the importance of consulting with your own medical professional prior to commencing the Diabetes Destroyer system. Many people with diabetes suffer secondary complications and it is important that you consult with your doctor prior to removing any medications or undertaking any major change to your current lifestyle or diet.

– Many people who use David’s program achieve noticeable changes in their general health and blood sugar levels within days and weeks of commencement. We all heal at different rates, however, so it is important that you don’t give-up on the program at the end of the first week if your blood sugar levels are not suddenly back to normal.

An overnight cure is not what David promises, but if you persist with the methods he teaches in the course and stay positive and committed, you can achieve noticeable results quickly. And remember, there is a promise of a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the program after 60 days.

The Final Verdict

Monitoring blood sugar for diabetes

Diabetes doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

A diagnosis of diabetes can be life-changing at best and life-ending at worst. We all know our time in this world is limited and that we have an eventual expiration date, but for those people diagnosed with diabetes, life-expectancy is significantly reduced. Not only do diabetics have a reduced quality of life as they deal with the daily complications of the disease, but they also must face the reality of having less time with their family and other loved ones.

But is it all doom and gloom? What if there was another way? A way you could enjoy not only a quality of life removed from the effects of diabetes, but one of longevity as well?

This is what David Andrews suggests is not only possible, but achievable courtesy of his Diabetes Destroyer treatment program. Since the release of his program, close to 40,000 people have taken up the challenge of reversing their diabetes with great success.

If you’re looking for an instant overnight fix to eliminate your diabetes, then unfortunately you may want to pass on David’s offering and hope that some miracle cure for the disease eventually becomes available in your lifetime. And if you happen to find something which promises such a thing, then you should remember the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

If, however, you’re looking for a natural and safe method to permanently reverse your type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes based on proven methods and the latest scientific studies and research, then you should definitely consider David Andrew’s Diabetes Destroyer program.

The choice is ultimately yours to make, but the benefits of doing something and regaining control over your own health certainly outweighs the costs of doing nothing and maintaining the status quo.

If you don’t want to spend one more day being stabbed by needles, constantly monitoring blood glucose levels, worrying about the onset of neuropathy or limb amputations, or stressed your time on this earth will be shorter than you want it to be, then click here to start using the simple 3-step pancreas jumpstart method found inside David Andrews’ Diabetes Destroyer program, and win the battle with diabetes once and for all.

(No time for a video? Click here instead.)
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That concludes our all-inclusive review of Diabetes Destroyer by David Andrews. We hope you found it helpful, and we wish you all the best on your quest to beat diabetes for good!

Diabetes Destroyer Review Summary

Diabetes Destroyer was reviewed by NewspaperCat Reviewers on .
A 3-step pancreas jumpstart trick for getting rid of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Destroyer by David Andrews reveals a science-backed dietary protocol for restoring insulin production and blood sugar levels to normal in pre-diabetics and those with type 2 diabetes. It is an excellent choice for men and women who want an all natural way to get rid of diabetes without medications, finger-pricking, or insulin shots.
Rated 4.8 stars out of 5

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