Girlfriend Activation System V2 Review – Legit Steps To Get A Girlfriend?

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS), our top pick for Program of the Year in 2014, is at it again with the release of GFAS V2: the 2nd and newest version of the popular girlfriend system responsible for helping thousands of men attract, date, and keep incredible women devoted in long-term relationships.

Watch The Girlfriend Activation System VideoCould the Girlfriend Activation System V2 take home Program of the Year for the second year in a row? The year isn’t over yet, and several highly anticipated programs are set to be released later this year, but for now GFAS V2 still gets our top nod in the men’s dating category and continues to be one of the highest rated programs here at Newspaper Cat.

Our full “peel back the curtains and expose everything” Girlfriend Activation System review can be found below. Much more than just a “girlfriend-getting system”, the tremendous depth of GFAS V2 makes it virtually impossible to give you a complete picture of the Girlfriend System in just a few hundred words…so we won’t try. Our GFAS review is much more in-depth than that.

Put simply, if you’re a guy interested in learning how to get better with women and ultimately want to attract and keep that one amazing woman you can call your own (while having lots of sex along the way), then the Girlfriend System V2 is for you.

With that said, you have four options for working your way through our Girlfriend Activation System review and discovering the fastest and most effective way to get the girlfriend you really want.

Option 1: Read the short summarized version of our GFAS review here.

Option 2: Read the full-length review starting here. (Recommended if you have a few minutes and want an all-inclusive look at the Girlfriend Activation System)

Option 3: Read both reviews by simply starting at the top of this page and working your way down.

Option 4: Skip our Girlfriend System reviews altogether and just watch the video presentation instead by clicking this link. If you’re really in a hurry and just want to “get to it”, you can even bypass the main GFAS video presentation altogether and go directly to the order form by using this link.

Ok, let’s get to it, starting with the abridged version.

Girlfriend Activation System Review (Abridged Version – Short And Quick)

Name: The Girlfriend Activation System (also commonly called the Girlfriend System or just GFAS)
Author: Christian H.
Version: 2.0 (version 1 (GFAS V1) is also included in the member’s area)

Course Description:

What Is The Girlfriend Activation System?

attract a beautiful girlfriendThe Girlfriend System V2 is a 23-part seminar-style video training course that teaches men how to get a girlfriend step-by-step. It covers every aspect of the dating process including inner game, meeting, attraction, approaching, carrying on conversations, setting up and going on dates, escalating to kissing and sex, intimacy, and forming a committed relationship. It also covers topics like getting out of the friend zone, how to get beautiful women to approach you, and texting women.

What Do You Get With Your Purchase Of The GFAS System?

When you purchase the Girlfriend System, you gain access to a private member’s area that contains the videos for both the Girlfriend Activation System V1 (6 videos) and the Girlfriend Activation System V2 (23 videos), 17 bonus programs, the SM Community Forum, and a 14-day trial to the Ten Code (ongoing monthly training that expands on some of the concepts taught in the GFAS program and teaches men how to be successful not only with women, but in all aspects of their lives).

How Much Does The Girlfriend Activation System Cost?

Online access to the Girlfriend System is currently a one-time-only price of $67.  You also have the option to continue with the monthly Ten Code training after the 14-day trial is over for an additional $67 per month.

However, it’s important to re-emphasize here that continuing with the Ten Code training after the free trial ends is completely OPTIONAL, and lifetime access to GFAS V1 and GFAS V2 along with the community forum and bonus programs will never cost you more than the one-time $67.  We’ve seen other Girlfriend Activation System reviews list the price of the program as $67 per month and that simply isn’t true unless you decide to continue with the Ten Code training.

Where Can I Buy The Girlfriend Activation System?

Use this link to purchase GFAS directly from the product creator, Christian, to ensure you also get the 17 bonus programs along with the 365-day money back guarantee. (Want to learn more about GFAS directly from Christian before deciding? Click here instead.)


Girlfriend Activation System Review (Expanded Version – All-Inclusive)

how to get a hot girlfriendAs guys, we want stuff that’s simple. We want stuff we can do ourselves. We want stuff that just flat out works.

That’s what’s so great about the advent of the Internet. If you want to know how to change the oil in your car, cure a hangover, or how to tie a Windsor knot, you’re only ever a click of the mouse away.

Becoming a master of relationships and getting incredibly good with women is no different. It can be a jungle out there in the dating world. The trial and error system a lot of guys use to meet girls in order to find the ‘right’ one can be an exhausting and, at times, frustrating process.

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) is an online training course that helps guys attract and keep amazing girlfriends. You. Hot women. You AND hot women. Sounds fantastic, right? (The meme above says it all, doesn’t it?)

But any guy can search online for tips on how to get a girlfriend and be inundated with page after page of websites that promises to show how they can do just that. So what makes the Girlfriend System stand out from the pack?  Is it legit?  Does it really work?

Before you go out and part with your hard earned cash, you want to know what the Girlfriend Activation System is and whether it’s any good, right? After all, we’re men, and we’re all about doing stuff that works when it comes to attracting beautiful women.

In this Girlfriend Activation System review, we’re going to break down GFAS V2 in detail and show you exactly what the program offers and whether it is as effective as others say it is.

Activate A Girlfriend? GFAS Debunked!

Girlfriend “Activation” System sounds very mechanical and, to be frank, that’s because to a large extent, it’s just that. Now to anyone who thinks that such a phrase is a disservice to women, likening them to some sort of robot who can be turned on or “activated” at will, putting it into context is very important.

For starters, let’s take the very definition of “activation” – ‘describing the process of turning on or starting something, or energizing someone.’ Well this is obviously one of the key components in getting a girlfriend. That all important process of making a connection with a girl requires guys to have the self-confidence to approach and communicate with a girl in such a way that an immediate attraction develops.

activate her obsession story and make her want youThe “Girlfriend Activation System” is therefore a very apt description of what this course is all about. It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step program that provides all the skillsets and techniques you need to attract high value women into your life, with the ultimate goal of turning the one woman you REALLY want into your girlfriend.

Once you have her, GFAS also teaches you how to keep her around long-term because, as we all know, it’s extremely easy to mess things up when you’re dating a beautiful woman that every other guy on the planet wants as well.

In many ways, the Girlfriend Activation System is a blueprint that gives you the necessary instructions to successfully navigate through every step of a relationship from before you meet a girl to the initial approach, and then onward to dating, sex, and all the little steps in between that can keep you from getting the girlfriend you want if you mess them up.

Christian H., the man behind the system, has developed a very unique course which differs from most others in the PUA community. Where most dating products for men focus on giving guys tips on how to manipulate or trick women into sleeping with them, Christian concentrates on developing inner game and improving dating performance through very customized skillsets designed specifically to get you a high quality girlfriend.

After all, not every guy wants to sleep with a different woman every other night of the week. Of course there’s a time in the life of many guys where “playing the field” is exactly what they want, and there are plenty of women who just want to have fun, intimate flings with men. It’s easy to forget that women love sex just as much as men do.

But at the same time, there are many other men who are looking to actually find, attract, and cultivate a deep connection with the right woman; that special someone who they want a long-term relationship with. And that’s where the Girlfriend Activation System V2 truly shines.

At its most fundamental core, the Girlfriend System is designed to help you become what Christian calls “the obvious choice” in the eyes of the woman you most strongly desire.

Now, let’s continue with this GFAS review and take a closer look at the content of the course, how it all works, and its creator.

The Architect Of The System

a screenshot of Christian's Girlfriend System V2 video

Christian’s Girlfriend Activation System video presentation.

Regrettably, there are a number of crooks, shady marketers, and scam artists online who look to take advantage of people. They can often be even more commonplace in the world of men’s dating advice where they attempt to take advantage of guys, their insecurities, and their desire to be better with women.

So it’s understandable that one of the first questions many guys have when considering whether GFAS is worth it is, “Who is this Christian guy, anyway?”

Well for starters, Christian is a real person. You can get a glimpse of him in this video, and there in the screenshot up above.

With a quick online search and a little digging, you can probably find out how the man likes to take his coffee in the morning!  But all jokes aside, there’s no doubt you want to be able to put a degree of trust in the guy who’s telling you he can help you develop the skillsets needed to get an attractive girlfriend. When it comes to the Girlfriend Activation System, rest assured that Christian is a very well-known figure in the fields of dating and social dynamics.

Back in 2008 Christian founded a company which has been behind many very successful programs designed to transform the social and dating lives of men. These include GFAS (the focus of this review), the Desire System (aimed at helping men create sexual chemistry with women), How2TxtHer (an award winning texting program), and Say Hello (what to say to a woman to get her to say “Yes” to you).

The Girlfriend System, along with Christian and his team’s other courses, are not your typical PUA programs at all. Instead, they reflect the idea that the quality of women in a man’s life is a direct reflection of the quality of man that he is. Put another way, if you want a more desirable woman, be a more desirable man.

During the GFAS program, Christian describes his unique journey that led him to develop the Girlfriend Activation System as part of a mission to help men become better not only with women, but also in all aspects of their lives. It’s a very interesting story and he’s a very engaging guy as he describes the challenges he has overcome in his own social life and relationships.

Christian’s company is one of the more popular and successful companies in the personal development/dating industry, and Christian is in high demand on the speaking circuit and with the media.

The success of their previous programs certainly lends credence to the legitimacy of GFAS. However, in the dating industry, you’re only as good as your last product, and that’s why taking an in-depth look at some of the underlying concepts of the Girlfriend Activation System, how it works, and its specific content can give you a better understanding of whether the course is the right choice for you.

How Does The Girlfriend Activation System Work?

a man afraid to approach womenFor most guys looking to succeed with women, the fear of rejection is one of the biggest obstacles they have to overcome.

Plenty of women, at some point or another, have had a negative experience with a man that causes them to be somewhat wary of the advances from other guys. For guys, their past experiences with women can often lead to a fear of rejection hindering them from even taking the first step and approaching.

Some men are so afraid of rejection they would rather walk on hot coals after being doused in gasoline than approach a woman to start up a conversation, let alone ask her out on a date. Ok, maybe hot coals and gasoline is a bit extreme, but the fear of rejection is a very real problem for a lot of men, and one that often keeps them from getting the girl they really want.

Following the step-by-step guidance inside Christian’s Girlfriend System makes it much easier to overcome the roadblocks to meeting and attracting women.

To take it just a little bit further, a few of the concepts taught in the Girlfriend Activation System concentrate on:

  1. overcoming the fear of rejection by developing the confidence to approach women and make a good impression
  2. becoming an obsession-worthy man with a good heart, positive intentions, whose life is an adventure, and who strives for success; the type of guy a woman can’t imagine being without
  3. learning how to communicate and interact with women in ways that raise their interest and attraction levels

In terms of the effectiveness of these three concepts addressed in the Girlfriend Activation System, there’s actually a lot of common sense and science behind it. Now granted, everyone knows true love is a mixture of magic, rainbows, and unicorns, but there is a lot that we can actually learn about relationships from the fields of psychology, anthropology, and neurology. It may not be very sexy, but it’s often fascinating when you really dig into it.

There’s a large body of research which has looked at the importance and power of first impressions. Recent research suggests that people rely more on their gut-level evaluations of another person rather than fact when making initial judgments about people. This is particularly relevant for men and dating where you may only have one brief shot at creating a positive impression with a girl you meet.

A 2014 study, published in Personality and Individual Differences, a long-standing peer reviewed academic journal, found that an attractive personality is one of the most important factors in perceived beauty. In other words, being a good person could actually make people perceive you as more attractive. It works in a similar way to what is referred to as the ‘halo-effect,’ which effectively says that if you like one aspect of something, you’ll have a positive impression toward everything about it.

Research has also shown that men should be a challenge when interacting with members of the opposite sex, a topic that is covered extensively in Part 6 of the Girlfriend Activation System with the help of Jason Capital, author of Make Women Want You and The Love CodeStudies have found that guys who are too eager to please a woman are viewed as manipulative or assumed to just be looking for a quick fling. It’s not so much about ‘playing hard to get’ as it is about maintaining a little bit mysterious.  The process of ‘giving’ in a relationship needs to be a two-way street.

These are just a few examples of some of the concepts underpinning the Girlfriend Activation System that are more than just theory and actually have real science backing them up. The GFAS program is definitely not a boring science lesson with Christian in a lab-coat reciting scientific studies and research papers, but it is certainly nice to know in advance that the program is coming from a place of authority with proven principles.

What’s Included In The Girlfriend Activation System?

girlfriend activation system v2 members area

A glimpse inside the Girlfriend Activation System V2 member’s area. (Click to enlarge)

The main component of the Girlfriend Activation System V2 is an online video course created from a closed-door seminar Christian conducted in New York back in 2014. It’s actually an upgraded version of an earlier six-part GFAS program Christian produced the previous year.

Riding the coattails of success of his first edition, Christian developed what is now the main “girlfriend-getting” course which explores many of the concepts of GFAS V1 in much greater detail.

Both editions of the Girlfriend Activation System are included in the package and are available online through a private members area which is also home to what is known as The SM Members Community, a separate discussion forum. When you purchase the program, you receive personal login details to access this online portal from anywhere with internet access and on any device with PDF and video viewing capabilities such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

There are also a number of bonus programs included in the package and 14-days of free access to a separate course produced by Christian called the Ten Code.

We have reviewed each of the individual components in greater detail below, but at first glance it’s definitely one of the more comprehensive programs in the marketplace. But of course quantity doesn’t automatically mean quality, so we’ll take an in-depth look at everything you get with the course and then assess if it’s any good or not.

The Girlfriend Activation System – 2nd Edition (GFAS V2)

This is the main component of the system that consists of 23 videos with corresponding audio and PDF transcripts/slides of the 2-day seminar from 2014.

The program breaks down the process of getting a girlfriend into three main sections or steps.  Girlfriend Activation System steps include:

1. The process of becoming a man who women obsess over
2. The dating game – the initial meeting of a woman, texting, asking her out, first date, etc…
3. Intimacy – that period of time where you go from dating to “official girlfriend/boyfriend”

As part of this Girlfriend Activation System review, we examined the course from top to bottom and provide a rundown of the contents for each section down below.

GFAS Step 1. Becoming An Obsession-Worthy Man

This is the all-important aspect of the course that deals with how to become “boyfriend-material” and what Christian refers to as being an “obsession worthy man” and the “obvious choice.” Some people might refer to this as “inner game”. After all, attracting a beautiful woman doesn’t start with her; it starts with you.

a. Video 1 – Introduction – Christian introduces himself and discusses a little bit of his personal background and experiences, especially his own insecurities when he was younger. He then goes into detail about the objectives of the course and explains how a lot of what he teaches is based on many of the same ideas that are central to ‘literotica’.  These erotic fiction books often have central male characters who display very similar traits and values.  These character traits and values are the ones women desire and obsess over in a man, and the ones you’ll learn inside the Girlfriend Activation System.

b. Video 2 – Masculine Power (part 1) – This section of the Girlfriend System is all about a woman’s “Obsession Story”, the core to which everything else in the course evolves. A central idea here is that “a woman wants to feel your masculine power and be overwhelmed by it.” Christian explains what ‘masculine power’ and being ‘overwhelmed’ by it all means and clarifies that it has nothing to do with being overly aggressive, domineering, or physically abusive.

c. Video 3 – Masculine Power (part 2) – A continuation of the last video module where you learn the six very specific character traits women want in a man.  These are the traits you must develop if you want to get the girl you really want.  You’re also introduced to ‘Alex’, a female volunteer from the audience who Christian interacts with on stage to help demonstrate how you can put these traits into action when interacting with women.

d. Video 4 – Q&A With Alex – You get a female perspective on the concept of ‘masculine power’ as Alex explains the feelings and emotions she experienced as Christian was demonstrating various techniques on her.

e. Video 5 – Nick Sparks On Sexuality – One of the expert coaches, Nick Sparks, talks about ‘escalating sexuality’. He explains how a very common issue that comes up with guys is not knowing how to take an interaction with a woman and escalate it sexually.   When there’s obvious chemistry, but you don’t take things to the next level at the right time, then you risk ending up in her friend zone. Alex comes back in front of the camera as Nick simulates with her some of the little things you can do in that situation to explore and yet respect a woman’s boundaries.

jason capital presents on being a challenge in part 6 of GFAS V2

The Girlfriend System V2 includes presentations from several well-known dating experts, including Jason Capital, who discusses how to create attraction by being a challenge to women. (Click to enlarge)

f. Video 6 – Jason On Being A Challenge – Jason Capital demonstrates three techniques that guys can use to create attraction and keep a woman interested by being a challenge. Jason goes on to explain how people tend to value something more when they need to work for it.

g. Video 7 – Alex On Being Genuine – Alex Allman, a 20+ year veteran on sexuality and relationships explains the inherent nature of insecurity in humans and why being genuine is a way to create greater intimacy with a woman while building character within yourself at the same time.

h. Video 8 – David On Dominance – Another ‘old-timer’ with 20 years of experience in the dating game, David Wygant, discusses one of the main elements of masculine power: dominance. He reveals how guys can be dominant with women from the very first interaction. This has nothing to do with being creepy or aggressive.  Rather, David shows you how to use a few simple techniques to differentiate yourself immediately from other guys, so you become the man a woman is instantly attracted to.

i. Video 9 – Boyfriend Material – In this section of the GFAS program, Christian returns to discuss the things that make guys a great boyfriend, and in particular the seven things that all women want from a man. Lots of great tips and techniques here on taking your inner-game to the next level to show a girl exactly how obsession-worthy you truly are.  You can attract her by being an obsession-worthy man, but in order to keep her around, you need to know how to be great boyfriend material.

j. Video 10 – Q&A – Christian takes a quick time out and answers questions from guys about what has been covered so far.

k. Video 11 – The Obsession Story – In the final segment for day one of the Girlfriend System V2, Christian outlines the three layers of the dating game (the obsession story, the investment ladder, and the checkpoints.)

GFAS Step 2. The Dating Game

In day 2 of the Girlfriend Activation System, Christian turns to the very in-depth, step-by-step process of meeting a girl, going on dates, and escalating the relationship sexually.

a. Video 12 – Introduction – Christian does a quick recap of the contents of the previous day’s presentations and provides a summary of the remainder of the course.

b. Video 13 – Impression – This is the stage from the initial meeting to getting a girl’s number, and Christian explains what it means to make a good impression and provides some crucial tips to ensure that the first time you meet a woman it is an exceptional experience which will stand out in her mind. Christian also introduces the importance of having what he refers to as primary, passive, and active value in order to make a lasting and memorable first impression.  He then demonstrates how to put it all into action.

c. Video 14 – King Game – In this part, Christian discusses how guys can become “king” of their own life and in any social situation. This is all about the idea that women are naturally attracted to the dominant males in a social setting, and he reveals a few simple things a guy can do to gain value and stand out from the crowd.  This is the section where you learn how to get beautiful women to actually approach you, instead of the other way around.

d. Video 15 – Nick On Impression – Nick Sparks makes his grand re-entrance to provide his perspective on the best techniques a guy can use when approaching women to make a strong first impression. He also provides a number of tips to help guys eliminate ‘approach-anxiety’ and explains the best ways to start conversations with a girl.

e. Video 16 – What To Say – After the fear of rejection and approach-anxiety, the next thing men most often struggle with is not knowing what to say to a woman to start off a conversation. In this section, Christian breaks it down into five things that need to happen in order to have spontaneous and notable conversations with any girl, anywhere, anytime.

f. Video 17 – Resetting Impression – In this Girlfriend System video, Christian sets out the tried and tested techniques guys can use when they need to bust out of the friend-zone.  Christian explains the steps you need to take to get a girl to come to the logical conclusion that she wants to be more than just friends, even if she’s already rejected you in the past.

g. Video 18 – Inspection – In this section of the GFAS course, Christian discusses the sometimes awkward stage that comes after meeting a girl, but before you actually go on the first date.  You need to keep your cool and not smother her, and Christian provides some excellent tips on how to balance showing interest while not pushing too hard and scaring her away. You’ll learn how to give her the gift of wondering about you.

h. Video 19 – The First Date – This video is all about the first date. Christian covers every aspect of having a great first date: from location, which day of the week you should schedule it for, first date activities, what to say, how to create sexual tension, ending the date, and everything in between. It’s all about creating a great date where both parties are comfortable, relaxed, and having a wonderful time. Christian also discusses the mechanics of the second date and how exactly a guy can pull off another memorable experience.

i. Video 20 – The Social Date – This section covers the social date or as Christian describes it, “date 2.5”.  This is where Christian shows you how to use a social date with your friends to dramatically increase her interest in you.  As with the first few dates, Christian walks you through the mechanics of the social date and provides some actionable techniques you can adopt to ensure that it goes off smoothly.

couple on a date that leads to sexj. Video 21 – The Sex Date – In this module, Christian provides a step-by-step guide on setting up a date that starts in the kitchen and ends in the bedroom. Like many other parts of the Girlfriend Activation System, the mechanics of this date are laid out in great detail.  Christian also spends some time explaining how to deal with a girl who’s not quite sure she wants to take it to the next level. It’s all very respectful and focused on enjoying the moment and the company of a great girl.

GFAS Step 3. Intimacy

a. Video 22 – Intimacy – In comparison to earlier sections, the last part of the GFAS system is relatively brief, consisting of just one video module. This is the final phase of the obsession-story where Christian discusses the 2-6 weeks period where you go from “dating” to “being official”. Many guys fall for the trap of becoming complacent once a relationship moves to a sexual one, or when a deeper connection develops, and Christian provides a variety of tips and techniques you can use to successfully navigate your way through this period.

There’s a lot of emphasis on what guys should and shouldn’t do at this delicate stage of the relationship. It’s all about increasing the intimacy between you and the woman of your choice by bringing her further into your world and, at the same time, becoming more engrained into hers. Christian also provides some excellent tips on exactly how you can go through the process of declaring to each other and the world that you’re finally “official.”

b. Video 23 – Conclusion – Christian concludes the Girlfriend System by tying everything together.  Using himself as an example of someone who has messed up plenty of previous relationships with his immaturity, stupidity, and insecurity, Christian provides users with a final summary of the program and some words of wisdom regarding not only getting the girl you’ve always wanted, but also keeping her around long-term.

The Girlfriend Activation System – First Edition (GFAS V1)

As already mentioned, when you purchase the GFAS system, you’re given access to both versions of Christian’s top-rated course. The first edition was incredibly popular and was the predecessor to what we’ve already reviewed up above.

The Girlfriend Activation System V1 introduces the concept of a woman’s obsession-story and the traits that make a guy “boyfriend material,” but the focus is predominantly on the dating game and the various stages you will go through from first meeting a woman to making her your girlfriend.

The format for both versions of the Girlfriend Activation System is identical insofar as being video presentations of a previous seminar Christian conducted (this time in 2013), but GFAS V1 is considerably shorter at around 6-hours length in total.

A lot of guys might be tempted to skip over GFAS V1 altogether, opting instead to focus entirely on GFAS V2.  While we agree that GFAS V2 should be your primary focus, we definitely think GFAS V1 still has its place as there are a number of tips and techniques that are not included in GFAS V2 or not covered in as much depth.  If you want to get the absolute most you can out of Christian’s program, then GFAS V1 and GFAS V2 should complement each other, and should not be viewed as mutually exclusive.

Given the similarities between the two courses, we’ve simply provided a brief outline of the contents below:

the girlfriend activation system version 1

Version 1 of the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS V1) was a 6 part course and is still included in the member’s area at no extra cost.

Part 1: Being The Obvious Choice

Part 2: A Relationship-Ready Mind

Part 3: Unforgettable First Impressions

Part 4: Fearless Approaching

Part 5: Dating to Sex

Part 6: Sex to Girlfriend

The first two parts of the Girlfriend Activation System V1 have a few great nuggets of relationship gold contained in them, particularly where Christian speaks of the need for guys to change their dating mindsets and his description of the differences between good guys, nice guys, and bad guys.

At the end of GFAS V1, there’s also access to what’s referred to as “Group Coaching Calls.” It appears the initial intent from Christian and his team was to include regular ‘coaching calls,’ or audio presentations from Christian, where he goes into great detail about the obsession story concepts, provides real-life examples, and explains how a guy can be obsession-worthy.

One of these coaching calls entitled, “The Obsession Story”, is included ad the end of GFAS V1, but that’s it.  It appears as though the concept of the group coaching calls and the idea of the obsession story was infused into the overall course content when GFAS V2 was released, thus eliminating the need for future calls.

The SM Members Community

One of the many things which distinguishes the Girlfriend Activation System from other offerings online is that along with the course material, you also receive access to the forum-based SM Members Community. The forum is accessible through the GFAS members area and is designed to provide guys with ongoing support and assistance as they work their way through the program.  It’s a place where you can get any help you need with questions or problems you might encounter while interacting with women, and is frequented by both Christian and many other top dating experts.

The forum consists of 3 main sections.  These are:

  1. General Discussion – the forum for general questions, tips, stories, and adventures
  2. Text Messaging – got a clever text exchange that you’ve just got to share, or get stuck with a girl and want some help?  Post your texting exchanges here.
  3. Client Feedback And Reviews – what guys are saying about the Girlfriend Activation System

The SM Members Community is a great value-added feature to Christian’s Girlfriend Activation System, so be sure to take full advantage of it.  It’s an excellent learning environment for interacting with top-shelf men who are willing to share their top tips and techniques for attracting beautiful women.  Private messaging is also available for men who want to be a little more discreet and who don’t want to share their experiences with everyone.

Girlfriend Activation System Bonus Programs

Just in case the contents of the course materials from both versions of the Girlfriend Activation System are not enough to tempt you into subscribing, Christian includes a significant number of bonus programs. And they’re all free!

For anyone who has purchased anything online before, you already know it’s almost a given there will be a few sweeteners added to the package. And who doesn’t love a bonus? At the end of the day however it’s all about how useful the bonuses are and the connection they have with the main product.

In the case of GFAS, be prepared for some extremely helpful bonuses. All of the 17 Girlfriend Activation System bonuses complement and broaden many of the core concepts taught inside the main program.  You may not need to refer to all of them, but they’ve been packaged in such a way as to add excellent value to the Girlfriend System rather than being useless fluff and filler.

All of the Girlfriend Activation System bonus programs are available for viewing or downloading through the member’s area, and are a combination of video, audio, and PDF (ebook) files.  The bonuses are organized into 3 packages (confidence, seduction, and relationship), and we review each of them with a brief description down below.

The Confidence Package

how to approach women with confidence1. The Social Matrix – The first bonus program is based on the theory and science of attraction. It’s a written report that explores the way in which humans interact with one another and assign value to one another based on our individual preferences and experiences. Sounds heavier than it really is and is designed to help guys read situations and individuals in order to understand how to be more successful in our social environment.

2. Assertive Approaching – Complementing the modules in the Girlfriend System dealing with how to break the ice and successfully approach women, ‘Assertive Approaching’ is a roughly 90 minute audio presentation from Christian where he explores the topic in greater detail.  Christian provides additional tips and tools guys can use to overcome their ‘approach-anxiety’ and become bold and fearless when meeting attractive women.

3. Complete Confidence Hypnosis – A 7-day subliminal hypnosis course designed to further enhance the confidence building techniques inside the GFAS system. Containing 6 separate audio files you can download, the course combines the proven power of hypnosis with subliminal influence all in one effective package.

4. When You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough – Presented by Dr. David Tian PhD, also known as “The Asian Rake,” “Doctor Date,” and portrayed as the Asian “Hitch” (from the Will Smith movie fame), the title of this program says it all really. David addresses the all-too-common situation where guys have been rejected by a girl and begin to question their self-worth. Plenty of tips in this video program on how to re-tune your thought process to put everything into perspective.  Dr. Tian is also the author of the Desire System, a program aimed at helping men create sexual attraction with women as quickly as possible.  Really good stuff worth checking out.

5. The Ten Spot – In this video presentation, Christian and fellow dating coach, Fran Anderson, provide some actionable techniques guys can use to improve their value and become “10’s”. Physical attributes are not a prerequisite to becoming a “10” in the eyes of women, and Christian and Fran explain what you can do to ensure women are instantly drawn to you and recognize you as one of the good guys.

The Seduction Package

1. Endless Conversations – GFAS explores approaching girls and conversation starters in great detail, but Christian takes it a step further in this video bonus by revealing the secrets of how guys can instantly hit it off with a girl and talk to her about anything. In fact, this program is not limited to talking with girls, as there are many tips that can be adopted to improve your communication skills with anyone.

sexual tension between a man and his girlfriend2. The Art of Seduction – This is another program which further enhances the contents of the main course, particularly the material from the ‘sex date’ module. This is an in-depth discussion on what to do when it’s time to make your move and escalate things to a physical and sexual level with a woman.

3. The Coffee Shop Drill – While there aren’t too many people who like homework, in this presentation Christian divulges a straightforward exercise you can do which will improve your powers of perception through monitoring random people. The title of the program gives a good hint on the location of this assignment.

4. The Bombing Opener – Taking the topic of making a positive first impression with women one step further, Christian demonstrates some of the techniques guys can use to make an immediate and lasting impression, including one overwhelmingly successful opening line which creates instant attraction.

5. Holiday Hookups – The holidays are a time when everyone is in a good mood and generally that time of year where guys and girls are keen to spread some festive cheer of another kind. With this in mind, Christian has prepared a package which includes tips on how to approach women on special occasions like New Year’s Eve and a bunch of tunes to have you partying like it’s 1999.

6. Friends Into Lovers – David Tian returns in another video presentation to take a deeper look into how guys can overcome situations where a girl has relegated them to “friend” status. He also provides a number of tips on the best way to approach a girl who is already in another relationship.

7. Sexual Texting – In this program, Christian explains effective ways you can use texting to ramp up sexual tension with a girl. Text messaging can be tricky to master and easy to screw up, but Christian provides a bunch of example texts you can use and adapt to make you a master of text seduction in no time.

8. The Frame Control Bible – This is a downloadable “bible” prepared by Nick Sparks that guys can use as their “go to” reference for successfully passing the tests women will inevitable throw at them during the course of a relationship. Nick also provides some excellent techniques guys can use to subtly influence the frame of mind of others without using manipulation or trickery.

9. The Model Challenge Screen – Christian is back with another downloadable report where he shares techniques that allow any guy to interact with and impress models. Based on his own experiences dating models, Christian reveals a number of secrets about the modelling business which will put you in a great position to impress any model you might encounter.

10. The Breathtaking Hello – A detailed primer you can print-out which provides a series of conversation starters you can use with women (or anyone) to gain their immediate attention. Nothing sleazy here, just some clever and amusing lines you can use for whatever situation you find yourself in.

The Relationship Package

1. Lustworthy Sex – This is an audio presentation from Christian designed solely to assist guys with women in the bedroom.

2. 7 Commandments of Dating 9’s and 10’s – Christian provides insight into some of the issues that often arise when you’re dating drop-dead gorgeous women, the so-called “9’s” and “10’s” of the dating world. From how to deal with the added attention she receives from other guys, to dealing with insecurities and jealousy, the 7 commandments Christian lays out will help ensure you don’t screw things up when you finally get a girl every other guy on the planet wants.

The Ten Code

As mentioned previously, when becoming a member of the Girlfriend Activation System, you also receive 14-days free access to one of Christian’s other programs, The Ten Code.  After the trial is up, you can continue with the training by paying a monthly fee, or you can simply cancel and enjoy lifetime access to everything else we’ve already covered in this GFAS review.

The Ten Code is ongoing monthly training which takes a lot of what Christian teaches in the Girlfriend System and takes it to a whole other level to help men become “10’s” in all aspects of their lives. The Ten Code is marketed as the…

“…ultimate and only training program for the guy who wants the best that life has for him, and wants to be his best: powerful, charismatic, confident, and way, way sexier.”

In other words, it helps you become the best man possible by giving you a master plan for unlocking a better future in all aspects of your life.

The entire Ten Code course runs over a 12-month period and each month users receive:

1.) Three separate instructional videos on issues related to that particular month’s topic.

2.) A text-by-text analysis of a detailed texting exchange between a guy and a girl which Christian breaks down in a series of do’s and don’ts (these are excellent for learning the right and wrong ways to text a woman that include every single text with Christian’s commentary on why it was a good thing to say, why it wasn’t a good thing to say, and what Christian would have done differently if he was the one texting).

3.) A bonus video presentation which takes a closer look at how you can think, act, and live like a “10”.

4.) An in-depth interview that Christian conducts with experts in the field of dating and self-improvement.

Access to most of the material during the initial trial period is restricted. However we’ve provided an excellent sneak peak at what you can expect from the ongoing monthly Ten Code training at the very end of this GFAS review.

Pros And Cons Of The Girlfriend Activation System

Why Choose The Girlfriend Activation System?

– If there’s a more comprehensive program out there that can help you become a better man and give you the tools you need to turn that one special girl into a girlfriend, then we personally haven’t found it yet.  In total, there’s more than 24-hrs worth of video and audio content contained in the main program and bonuses.

The Girlfriend Activation System is nothing if not comprehensive and completely unique in the realm of traditional PUA programs, which often teach nothing more than techniques to trick women into sleeping with you. Those types of courses may offer some short-term gain for men who only want casual flings or another notch on their bedpost, but they are largely counter-productive for men who are interested in finding a long-term relationship with that one amazing woman who is unlike anyone they’ve ever met.

– Many people have praised the way in which Christian targets the essence of relationships. GFAS gives you the necessary skill-sets to become an obsession worthy man and helps you attract the one woman you really want.  All of the strategies and techniques are tested and proven to work, and many have a foundation in psychology and actual science.

– While the underlying psychology and science of attraction involved in the Girlfriend System techniques makes them extremely effective, the program is still presented in a very laid back manner that is easy to follow and understand. Christian’s delivery style is engaging and fun, so you never get the feeling of being trapped in some sort of boring lecture. Through many different examples, Christian covers a wide gamut of situations men commonly find themselves in when it comes to attracting and dating women.

– Whether you’re brand new to dating or a seasoned pro with many other dating courses under your belt, the Girlfriend Activation System teaches you actionable techniques that are suitable for all men, regardless of your age, looks, social status, or experience with women.  GFAS is a product that addresses not only confidence and other inner game issues, but also equips you with both fundamental and advanced skills you can employ immediately when interacting with women.

More than anything, the Girlfriend Activation System gives you options in the dating game, so you can actually go after and get the girl you really want. All too often guys settle for the woman they think is “the best they can get” instead of going after the woman they most desire.  “Settling” happens for a lot of reasons, but the Girlfriend System helps you eliminate those fears.

– While there are plenty of so-called “dating experts” out there with no credentials whatsoever, Christian has proven himself within the relationship community as an innovator and leader.  By bringing in a number of other popular dating coaches, Christian further strengthens the Girlfriend Activation System and provides users with new perspectives, more techniques, and a more well-rounded education in seduction.  Ultimately, finding a great woman is directly linked to becoming a better man, and the Girlfriend Activation System provides this very solution.

– With 90,000+ members in the SM Members Community, GFAS offers an instant support network you can call on for assistance anytime you need it.

– All of the bonus programs and the Ten Code add significant value to the course and give you additional help wherever you need it most.  Have trouble carrying on conversations with beautiful women?  Try Endless Conversations.  Not very good at approaching? Give Assertive Approaching a try.  Stuck in the friend zone?  Focus on Friends Into Lovers.

– If you’ve read this GFAS review and compared the contents of the program with everything else on the market, then you already know Christian’s Girlfriend Activation System is extremely affordable and provides great value for money. Updates to new versions are always free, so you never need to worry about spending more money when new versions are released.

– If you buy the Girlfriend Activation System, you are backed by Christian’s no questions asked, 365-day money back guarantee. This means you have an entire year to put the techniques into practice before deciding if it was worth it.  If you don’t like it for any reason, a simple phone call or email gets you your money back.  30 to 60 day guarantees are pretty common, but a 365-day guarantee is virtually unheard of and provides excellent buyer protection if you’re worried about making the wrong decision and wasting your money on something that doesn’t help you.

Things To Take Into Account

– While we personally consider the depth of the program one of its great advantages, others might feel overwhelmed or lack the necessary time and/or commitment required to watch all of the videos. The Girlfriend Activation System isn’t one of those courses you sit down and digest fully in a couple of hours.  However, if time is a concern, you can download the audio mp3 and PDF files which may be a better option if you’re regularly on the move.

Remember, you’ve got 365 days to try it out, so there’s no need to rush or feel like you have to get through everything in a day.  Your time will be well spent.

– Perhaps not a con, but more a minor distraction, there are a few instances where references are made to techniques taught in some of Christian’s other programs . If you are not familiar with the other programs, these concepts may be harder to grasp.  This is a very minor grievance and one most users will not even notice.

– Occasionally people express frustration with the billing arrangements for The Ten Code, Christian’s optional ongoing monthly training.  As stated earlier in this Girlfriend System review, the Ten Code comes as a free 14-day trial when you purchase GFAS.  Some people complain and refer to this as “forced continuity” because the free trial is automatically included, and you can’t opt-out of it prior to purchase.

If at the end of the free trial you don’t want to continue with the Ten Code, then it’s important to remember you need to cancel your membership by either calling or emailing Christian’s support team (which is very good and very responsive by the way).  You still get access to everything else, including GFAS V1 and GFAS V2, the SM Members Community, and all of the bonus programs.  Everything is clearly explained on the order form, and it’s very easy to cancel the trial, so this shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

– The Girlfriend Activation System gives you all the skills and techniques you need to get the girl you’ve always wanted, but it’s up to you to actually put those techniques into action.  It’s also important to remember that once you have the girl you want, it takes effort to keep the connection going and maintain the relationship.

Girlfriend Activation System User Reviews And Testimonials

We didn’t think this Girlfriend System review would be complete without doing a little research and taking into account other real user reviews and testimonials.  We’ve posted a few examples of both the good and bad reviews we found floating around the internet.  We’ll start with the good. (The customer reviews and testimonials below have been pasted “as is” and have not been edited for spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.)

Good Girlfriend System Reviews

It regards to GFAS customer support, Nikola says:

“Hi. I just wanna to say thank you, you have best people in support. I had a problem with payment, sent a mail received a reply within 5 minutes,outstanding. And as for the lectures excellent, I did not get to study them all yet but what I have now seen and heard, I can not wait to try it my self.”

In terms of results, Sean says…

Thanks Christian. Sincerely. I am now in the most fulfilling relationship of my life with a beautiful, intelligent, caring woman that loves me as much as I love her.

And I have to share this little conversation we had with you. A little backstory first. We met with a group of mutual friends. My buddy, I’ll call him Gene, was really into her and pursuing her HARD. I used all of the tips and techniques that I learned from your courses, and let my buddy appear needy and desperate while I played it cool and waited, interjecting humor into the conversation where it fit, and was more confident than I’ve ever been in my life. I was witty and urbane, genteel and icy cool.

She asked me to take her home that night.

We didn’t get physical (that night) and it led to a formal date. Three months later we are very much in love.

So last night, post coital conversation (by far the greatest sex of my, and her, life) and she asked me “do you know why I chose you over Gene?”

I thought I knew but kept my mouth shut because I wanted to hear it from her. “No, why?” I said, playing with a tussle of her blonde hair.

She smiled and said, “Because you were the obvious choice.”

On how the program completely changed his life, Zach says…

So when I got the program my wife had moved out I was drinkin…allot. I was crying to myself in a hotel room going “why me ?” “My life sucks, I’m useless”. I got the system felt a bit better went out talked to girls had success. And that is all well and good, the program did as advertised I’m better at talking to girls. But it was what happened after that that blew my mind! I felt like a bad ass, since getting the system I’ve cut back on drinking, I’m getting in shape I’m starting my own business and I’m standing up for myself for the first time in my life! And by using the come get me aditude my wife is texting me calling me and asked if we could hang out. Thanks to this program I feel like the master of my own destiny and I feel like the best and coolest guy when I walk into any room. Thank you.

On using the techniques from the Girlfriend Activation System on a girl that already rejected him in the past, Bradford says…

I applied what I have learned in the first 6 chapters on a girl that more or less has shut me down everytime. She totally responded! Had her laughing, smiling, and showing all the signs She was interested after she told me she had a boyfriend. Work in progress, so far so good and can’t wait to learn more.

On using GFAS to turn a friend into a girlfriend, Mike says…

Many, many thanks to Christian and ‘the team’ who presented in the girlfriend activation system II.

I bought the course after meeting a lovely lady and just couldn’t work out how to change her from friend to girlfriend.

I was reassured by the money back after a year if no success – but I don’t need it!! 4 weeks to the day after I first met this lady we are now a couple!

I used the 50 Shades discussion to start with – it didn’t go the same way as Christian acted out – but it definitely worked! Then I used some of the flirting and attention withdrawal techniques to help during our times together.

3 weeks after that initial meeting I used the “sleep with me – no sex will happen” move following a lovely evening together and that worked so well it’s hard to describe. Not only did it create the first proper, passionate kisses the following morning, it created the trust she was lacking, plus created such sexual tension that it made HER chase me all week until the following weekend she could drag me to bed.

So 4 weeks exactly, from meeting, to girlfriend – and this lady was officially NOT wanting to start a sexual relationship – but with the guidance and ideas on here, tailored a bit to suite me, have done what I thought I had no hope of achieving, or at best only a slim chance! She is well and truly activated!!!

Thank you, from a tired (!) but very happy customer !

Josh explains how the Girlfriend System is changing his life even when he doesn’t get laid…

After spending 2 days doing nothing but watch gfas videos, i went out hand had an amazing time! And heres the kicker. I didn’t even get laid, i just went out and did it, I “funstigated” a party at a local bar and was the center of attention for everyone in the room. I’ve never felt so alive and confident in myself. This is truly a life changing program. thank you Christian your awesome.

Negative Girlfriend System Reviews

Shivanshu explains how he is having a hard time getting the system to work for him…

I don’t know whether its me or not, if I’m doing the stuff right, or I need a different approach. Perhaps it’s my looks, women might not find me that attractive or interested in dating men of my race, I don’t know. I am having a tough time at least encountering women to interact with and try, and if somehow I do find a really nice girl to try and see what happens, she’s usually taken. The rest probably aren’t that attracted to me. I don’t know. I right this topic because I really don’t want to waste more time trying to figure things out, I need something to change and someway to do it and honestly I have all the motivation in the world to try, but I am humble enough to admit that I need help in my circumstances to find some success. It hasn’t been working out for me, so Mr. Christian if you’re out there, please help me out.

Pluto is clearly upset about the GFAS video presentation and views it as degrading to women…

I watched the entire 40 minutes of this video. This “system” is clearly targeting men of older generations and/or men who have social anxiety/depression/self esteem issues. Degrading women to cater to these personality types as a marketing/get rich quick technique is quite pathetic.  The only reason I watched the entire video is because I was so desperately hoping you’d reveal your methods on getting women would include treating them respectfully and equally.

Kelsey goes on a little rant about the Girlfriend Activation System…

My day was just ruined by a little viral video about men learning the science of seducing women. This video isn’t about how to get to know women, or listen to what they want or need, it’s about straight up TRICKING THEM INTO BEING SEXUALLY AND EMOTIONALLY DEPENDENT ON YOU. Gosh, I know that sounds like the perfect relationship for every woman everywhere!

Overall, reviews of the Girlfriend Activation System have been extremely positive.  In terms of negative comments, we found that most bad reviews either came from men who were struggling to figure out how to put what they learned into action or from women who based their opinions of the GFAS system solely on Christian’s sales video.

While we understand how Christian’s video could be mistaken for yet another “PUA program” aimed at helping men trick women into sleeping with them, calling it “misogynistic” is way off base.  We also found that some women misunderstood Christian’s concept of “control” and took that to mean that the GFAS techniques were meant to teach men how to be domineering, aggressive, or even physically and emotionally abusive.  That simply isn’t the case. 

The Girlfriend Activation System is actually the type of training and education more guys need so they can become the type of men women want.  Christian teaches men how to be good “boyfriend material” and the entire point of the Girlfriend System is to help men develop long-term relationships with women, not get them into bed and send them packing in the morning.  Sex is obviously a part of that equation because sex is a big part of every relationship.

Christian emphasizes the importance of treating women with respect, and he firmly believes that the quality of women in a man’s life is a direct reflection of the quality of man that he is.  In other words, you don’t develop a great relationship with an amazing woman by being a jerk, a-hole, or the classic “control freak”.  And you certainly don’t do it by hating or using women.

It is our view that many of the bad reviews put forth by women are simply a matter of “judging a book by its cover” and basing opinions solely off the sales video instead of understanding what the Girlfriend Activation System is really all about.

Girlfriend Activation System Summary And Verdict

can't get a girlfriend memeThere are very few guys who haven’t found themselves at one time or another overwhelmed and a little jaded when it comes to dating. The mystery of women is a large part of what makes them so enchanting and, at times, frustrating. And yet we keep going back for more.

Why?  Because women are awesome, and finding the RIGHT woman who is intelligent, confident, challenging, sexy, incredibly beautiful, and tons of fun is something all men want.

Unfortunately, many guys end up settling because approaching and asking out the “hot girl” is scary and nerve-wracking.  But it doesn’t have to be…

The Girlfriend Activation System V2 teaches men powerful and effective techniques they can use to not only overcome the barriers keeping them from getting the girlfriend they want, but also challenge themselves to become better men.

The principles taught inside the GFAS program can be applied to not only attracting women, but also business, your social life, and general self-improvement which makes it by far one of the most unique and comprehensive systems on the market today. We are personally big fans of version 2 of the Girlfriend System, and given its popularity and the overwhelmingly positive reviews it has received, we are clearly not the only ones.

It may not be the solution for every guy, but for those men who have a strong desire to develop a deep connection with an amazing woman and turn her into a loving, committed girlfriend, the Girlfriend Activation System remains one of the top options available today that offers minimal risk with extremely high upside.

(No time for a video? Click here instead.)


Ten Code Preview

As promised, below is a sneak preview of the Ten Code.

In case you missed it up above, the entire Ten Code course runs over a 12-month period and each month users receive:

1.) Three separate instructional videos on issues related to that particular month’s topic.

2.) A text-by-text analysis of a detailed texting exchange between a guy and a girl which Christian breaks down in a series of do’s and don’ts (these are excellent for learning the right and wrong ways to text a woman that include every single text with Christian’s commentary on why it was a good thing to say, why it wasn’t a good thing to say, and what Christian would have done differently if he was the one texting).

3.) A bonus video presentation which takes a closer look at how you can think, act, and live like a “10”.

4.) An in-depth interview that Christian conducts with experts in the field of dating and self-improvement.

Content is limited during the 14-day trial period, but here’s what you can expect to receive each month if you decide to continue with the monthly subscription.

Month 1: The Winner’s Edge

Video Presentations:

  1. How To Have Fun – Christian shares his secrets on letting go of inner resistance, living in the moment, and just having fun.
  2. The Story of Your Life – Provides techniques to analyze and reassess some of your beliefs that may be holding you back.
  3. Sexuality – Christian teaches how to express your sexuality in a non-creepy way and reveals how to bring out any girl’s sexual side.

Texting Transcript: A highly instructive analysis of Eric’s post-sex texting exchange with a girl where you’ll learn not to make the same mistakes he did.

Bonus: Christian discusses “club strategy” and teaches guys how they can navigate their way through the sometimes tricky nightclub scene where getting noticed and networking can be notoriously difficult.

Ten Life: Nick Sparks is Christian’s interview subject to kick off the first month of The Ten Code program. Nick provides his insight on what it takes to be a 10 and his number one tip on how to attract women.


Month 2: The Gentle Giant

Video Presentations:

  1. Responsible – Christian explains how good things come to those who own their life and the importance of taking personal responsibility for your decisions.
  2. Knowledge, Wisdom, Skills – This section shows you how to be “the most interesting man in the world” and how to use that to your advantage with girls.
  3. Tender – You’ll see from this module how the commonly held belief that you always have to be an alpha-male and dominant at all times is not always the key to a girl’s heart.

Texting Transcript: Christian looks at Ryan’s texts sent to a girl he likes in his class. Everything was going well, but then it took a turn for the worst. Christian explains how Ryan can bring things back from the brink.

Bonus: The Art of Seduction – This is the video presentation from Christian provided in the bonus programs described up above.

Ten Life: Christian interviews Jason Capital, author of Make Women Want You, The Love Code, and The Money Lines, who shares his tips on inner game, starting conversations, and seduction.


Month 3: The Team Captain

Video Presentations:

  1. Leadership – In this part, Christian explains the distinction between leadership and authority and provides you with tools to command respect and attention from women and others.
  2. Connections – An insightful and tip-filled video focused on the all-important task of networking and forging connections in your personal and professional life.
  3. Open – Learn how to eliminate the barriers we inevitably place on ourselves and the secrets to getting a girl to open up to you.

Texting Transcript: Christian helps Anthony escape the “friend-zone” with this texting exchange and identifies some of the hidden signals girls give when texting that let you know they are ready for you to make a move.

Bonus: Starting Conversations – A seminar where Christian shows you step-by-step how to be comfortable starting conversations with anyone.

Ten Life: Greg Greenway is interviewed by Christian on how to broaden your social connections and utilize them to improve your chances with women.


Month 4: The Prize

Video Presentations:

  1. Will and Power – Christian teaches you how to condition and nurture your inner-strength and how it can lead to success with girls.
  2. Pursuits and Hobbies – In this section, Christian explains the importance of a balanced life and the role your pursuits and hobbies play in your life and relationships.
  3. Mysterious – The topic of being a challenge with women was examined in the main GFAS system and Christian provides specific techniques you can use to be mysterious that will make girls desperate to know more about you.

Texting Transcript: Eric finds himself in an interesting dilemma texting back-and-forth with a girl who’s sending out all the right signals, but then reveals she has a boyfriend. Christian analyses the exchange and provides some helpful hints on how to handle the situation.

Bonus: Your Interests – A motivational primer on getting off the couch and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Ten Life: Christian sits down with Rob Judge, co-author of Magnetic Messaging and Unlock Her Legs, to discuss texting, approaching, and dealing with rejection.


Month 5: The “Branson”

Video Presentations:

  1. Giving – The concept of giving in relationships is just as important as taking and in this program Christian provides tips on when and how to be a “Nice Guy” to girls that will give you a step-up on the competition.
  2. Financial Management – You’ll learn the secrets of wealth and how to approach the often difficult topic of discussing money-matters with a girl.
  3. Cocky – Christian explains how cockiness can be used to effectively foster attraction with a girl without her thinking you’re a narcissist.

Texting Transcript: In this text exchange, Christian shows Jack how to handle the potentially awkward situation where you text a girl and she doesn’t instantly remember who you are.

Bonus: Flirting – One of the keys to any guy’s arsenal with girls is the art of flirting and Christian provides you with all the techniques you need to effortlessly and successfully flirt with girls.

Ten Life: Bobby Rio, co-author of Magnetic Messaging and Unlock Her Legs, is Christian’s guest this month as they discuss Bobby’s tips on interacting with girls and others through conversation.


Month 6: Red Pill vs. Blue Pill

Video Presentations:

  1. Seeker of Truth – Christian takes the role of philosopher and explains the importance of embracing learning to become more connected with the world and the people within it.
  2. Career/Business – In this part, you’ll discover how to take pride and ownership of your career which will not only inspire you to better things, but will also make you attractive to members of the opposite sex.
  3. Humility – The flip-side of cockiness, Christian addresses humility and how to increase your value and show girls you’re grounded and authentic.

Texting Transcript: Christian provides an instructive critique of Jake’s texts with a girl he dated briefly before she suddenly put the brakes on the relationship. Christian demonstrates how Jake can take this girl’s cues to escalate things from friendly to something more.

Bonus: Implied Investment – Christian talks about a concept known as “implied investment” and the techniques that work on all women to create value and attraction and, in turn, have them investing in you.

Ten Life: This month’s interview is with Rich LaRuina who reveals his tips on seducing women.


Month 7: A Bite Of The Apple

Video Presentations:

  1. Visionary – We all have dreams on what we want out of life and this month Christian provides some simple strategies you can use for refining your vision for yourself and making it happen.
  2. Ownership – Christian demonstrates how you can build attraction with women by taking ownership of your life and your finances.
  3. Dominant/Assertive – In this segment, you’ll learn the keys of dominance (not control) and how you can effectively take the lead with a girl.

Texting Transcript: Christian analyzes a text exchange between Jake and a girl who is insecure and constantly testing him.  Christian goes into great depth on the best ways to handle the situation.

Bonus: Intention – Christian discusses the difference between desire and intent and how to channel your intent to success.

Ten Life: Josh Pellicer, author of the Tao of Badass, shares with Christian a 5-step process for challenging your bad beliefs.


Month 8: 007 Cool

Video Presentations:

  1. Emotionally Balanced – “Don’t be a slave to your emotions” is Christian’s mantra for this video. He provides the tools needed to control your emotions so you can successfully handle any obstacle placed in your path.
  2. Aesthetics – Christian discusses the fashion no-no’s you need to avoid in order to make a great impression and the sorts of styles which turn heads.
  3. Laid Back – This video teaches you how to avoid turning off women when you’re a slave to your fears and anxieties.

Texting Transcript: Jeff shares his text exchange with a girl he’s interested in, but who isn’t quite ready to jump in with both feet. Christian provides some very useful tips on how curbing your enthusiasm for a girl is an important trait to avoid turning her off.

Bonus: Style – Christian invites you into his wardrobe (literally) and reveals how your appearance and style influences not only your self-confidence, but also the impression you make with the ladies.

Ten Life: Christian has a chat with Adam Gilad about boldness, masculinity, and how to live your life with confidence.


Month 9: Pimp Your Personality

Video Presentations:

  1. Free and Unbound – Life and relationships should be fun, and Christian provides some simple techniques you can use to live in the moment.
  2. Your “Places” – Christian provides some handy tips on optimizing the experiences a woman has at your “places”; your home, car, your date spots, your regular restaurant etc. After all, these places are a reflection of you as a person.
  3. Challenging – Expanding on another topic addressed inside the Girlfriend Activation System, Christian delves deeper into the specific ways to garner respect with women when you challenge them and make them earn your attention.

Texting Transcript: This is an almost cringe-worthy exchange from a guy who’s clearly overreaching with a girl. Christian shows you how to avoid “overgaming” a girl through text in order to get a more positive response.

Bonus: Charisma – Often thought to be a trait you either have or you don’t, Christian teaches you the fundamentals of charisma.

Ten Life: Tune in as Christian speaks with Alex Allman and discusses his unique perspective on the nature of manhood, confidence, and relationships in general.


Month 10: A Hero’s Journey

Video Presentations:

  1. Purposeful – Christian helps you discover your purpose in life and how to use it to draw women close to you.
  2. Adventures – Learn how to get out of your comfort zone and retune your mindset to make your life more adventurous.
  3. Complimentary and Approval-Giving – Christian demonstrates tried-and-true ways to compliment a girl and celebrate her achievements and passions

Texting Transcript: Another example this month of over-gaming as we see Gerald trying a little too hard to impress Grace.  Christian provides some great examples on how to avoid making a girl pull back if you’ve come on a little too strong.

Bonus: Say The Right Thing – Christian takes a break in this segment as one of his first students, Dan McDonley, discusses conversation techniques and what you can do so you never run out of things to say to a woman.

Ten Life: This month’s Ten Life discussion is with Zach Browman who shares his secrets to overcome procrastination in your life.


Month 11: Irresistible Power

Video Presentations:

  1. Strong Sense of Values – One of the fundamentals of being a great guy is having a strong sense of values, and Christian shows you how to identify your values and live them out.
  2. Diet – Don’t be fooled, this isn’t turning into a weight-loss program, but this segment addresses the topic of taking care of yourself and your body through diet.
  3. Playful – Christian demonstrates the importance of being playful with women and not taking life too seriously. He provides a series of tips on how you can playfully flirt with women.

Texting Transcript: Cedric’s text exchange with Neriza is a classic example of the dangers of cutting and pasting lines to try and impress a girl. Christian makes some suggestions on how Cedric could have created a deeper connection with her.

Ten Life: On the back of the earlier segment on diet, Christian speaks with Brad Howard, the man behind Adonis Golden Ratio, on fitness and what guys can do to transform their body and improve their lives.


Month 12: Reality

Video Presentations:

  1. Passionate – Christian shows you how to live with passion and how to effectively communicate your passions when talking with a girl.
  2. Exercise – The importance of prioritizing exercise in your life is the focus of this video. Christian reveals his own personal exercise regimen that can improve your health, outlook on life, and success rates with women.
  3. Real/Genuine – Christian teaches the difference between “being yourself” and being “genuine”.

Texting Transcript: In the final texting transcript analysis, Christian takes a look at an exchange where a guy is way more invested in a girl (and showing it) than she is with him. Learn how to balance showing your interest and being a challenge with Christian’s tips.

As you can see from above, there’s a significant amount of coverage in the Ten Code program that enhances and expands on many of the concepts in the Girlfriend Activation System.

Monthly fees are payable at the end of the trial-period or, alternatively, you can make an up-front payment and get immediate access to the entire Ten Code course.  This is an excellent option if you want to start working through all of the material right away.  The optional Ten Code training won’t be affordable for everyone, but it provides excellent value and is definitely worthy of consideration for those who can afford the monthly cost.

GFAS V2 remains one of our top picks here at Newspaper Cat, and we hope this Girlfriend Activation System review has been helpful to all those investigating Christian’s program.

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