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Great Mother’s Day Gifts And Gift Ideas For Bird Lovers And Backyard Bird Watchers

Fun Mother's Day Gifts And Gift Ideas For Bird Lovers And Backyard Bird Watchers.

My mom is an avid bird lover and definitely a backyard bird watcher. I probably need both hands, and maybe my feet, to count the number of chickadee and cardinal sweaters she’s worn over the years (gifts for birders come fast and furious in this household). But nature has always been a big part of my upbringing.

When I wasn’t fishing with dad, we were usually out in the woods taking a hike or driving the back-roads seeing how many different animals we could find. Now that I’m out of the house and all grown up (at least that’s what I tell myself…my wife begs to differ), I hope to pass that same love of birds and nature onto my daughter.

Just last summer, we enjoyed a group of 4 snipes that stayed in the backyard for a couple days. They weren’t the giant, multi-colored snipes from the movie “UP” which greatly disappointed my daughter, but it was a fantastic experience nonetheless.

Over the years, I’ve purchased lots of bird gifts for mom. There are so many fun and unique gifts for bird lovers that the problem isn’t finding one. Instead, it’s the task of picking just one (or a few) to really make mom’s day on Mother’s Day.

Here are some of the top Mother’s Day gifts for bird lovers and backyard bird watchers I’ve discovered during this year’s search. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Bird Themed Books

Birds Of The Photo Ark By Joel Sartore Found Here – A must have gift for bird lovers, this book is full of AMAZING photographs of birds from around the world. I can easily imagine my mom sitting at the table, sipping her coffee, and watching the backyard birds at the feeder as she flips through the beautiful photos in this book.


Feather Brained: My Bumbling Quest To Become A Birder And Find A Rare Bird On My Own Found Here – This book is really hard to put down! It’s funny, heartfelt, and a true joy to read – perfect for any birder or bird lover!


Bird Lovers Adult Coloring Book Found Here – Apparently there’s a “coloring gene” that runs in my family because my mom, grandma, and daughter all LOVE to color. Bird gifts for grandma? Check. Bird gifts for mom? Check. Did I just kill two birds with one stone by finding this adult coloring book?!?


Bird Print Clothing And Apparel

Lightweight Floral Birds Print Shawl Scarf Found Here – Goes great with just about any outfit! It’s beautiful!


Cute Bird Socks Found Here – Are these the cutest socks ever? I’m pretty sure my wife would never take them off.


Bird Feeder Gifts For Mom

Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder With Removable Tray Found Here – This is a fantastic Mother’s Day gift idea for backyard bird watchers. This feeder attaches to any window so you can get an up close and personal view of the birds that visit. It has terrific reviews, too.


Bird Bracelets, Bird Necklaces, And Bird Themed Jewelry

Matashi Silver Plated Red Crystal Studded Love Dove Birds Hanging Ornament With Heart Found Here – These doves are stunning – a gift mom will treasure for a long, long time!


Mother's Day Bird Nest Necklace For Bird Lovers

Beautiful Bird Nest Necklace Found Here – This is a lariat style necklace so the length can be adjusted by simply pulling on the nest. I think this would make a great Mother’s Day gift because you can personalize the number of eggs, so mom or grandma will have a constant reminder for every one of her favorite and most precious nestlings!


Love Bird Necklace For Mother's Day

Lovebirds Necklace Found Here – This necklace is super cute, and I love how you can customize the number of baby birds and personalize them with initials.


Mother's Day Bird Nest Bracelet For Mom Or Grandma

Mother Daughter Birds Nest Bracelet Found Here – If mom doesn’t wear necklaces, then perhaps this bracelet would be a better fit. It’s equally as beautiful and goes great with just about any attire. So elegant!


Bird Houses For Mother’s Day

Glitzhome Distressed Heart Wooden Garden Bird House Found Here – This is one of my favorite bird houses for Mother’s Day. I adore the distressed look and the heart celebrates both mom’s love of birds and love of family.

The bird houses below are super cute too, and I’m sure mom would LOVE any one of them!


More Bird Themed Gifts For Mom And Grandma

Bird Lovers Glassware Set Of 4 Bird Glasses Found Here – Adorable and well-made, these glasses feature a goldfinch, cardinal, bluebird, and hummingbird.


Birds And Flowers Keepsake Gift Jar Of Messages For Mom Found Here – I’m seriously considering getting this birds and flowers keepsake jar for mom on Mother’s Day this year, because I know just how much it would mean to her. It comes with pre-written messages, but what will really make it a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift is if I replace the pre-written messages with messages of my own. Perhaps advice mom has taught me over the years, my favorite memories, things I love about mom, facts about birds – there are so many ways to turn this into an AMAZING bird themed gift for Mother’s Day.


LEGO Ideas Birds Model Kit Found Here – This could make a really cute gift for birders on Mother’s Day. Here’s one idea: have the kids or grandkids assemble the Lego birds, attach a heart-felt handwritten message, and then surprise mom or grandma with them on her special day! Features a robin, blue jay, and hummingbird.

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