How To Become Irresistible: Why A Strong Sense Of Self Is Universally Attractive


Confidence is a universally attractive trait!

Numerous studies have been carried out to find out what people really find attractive. The studies have revealed that we all want something different in love. In my vast experiences with relationships and what people want out of them, I can attest to this fact.

It is however important to note that we share one thing in common i.e. we all want to be irresistible or universal attractants. Let’s get to the bottom of this term.

What’s a universal attractant?

A universal attractant is someone who has a character trait/s that is irresistible across the board.
Confidence is one of those character traits that everyone finds irresistible. It doesn’t matter how you look, your age, weight or your dressing. When you are confident, you will impress everyone across the board.

According to numerous studies, having a high self esteem is one of the most universally alluring things.
When you exude a very strong sense of self, people will be fighting to be around you. This leads us to a very important question:

What is the secret to being self assured?

Becoming self assured is all about believing in your worth wholeheartedly. Unlike adults, children don’t
question their worth. Adults have a lower sense of self worth compared to children because of socialization. When growing up, most people get socialised and lose that strong sense of worth.

So, how do you get back to where you once were?  Below are some basics to help you get self assured again.

1. Stop worrying what others think about you: This is the first step to getting self assured and irresistible.  It is important to note that people don’t really care about others to an extent that requires one to be extremely self conscious.

Instead of spending countless hours worrying about what people think about you, get back your power and judge instead of worrying about being judged. In a nutshell, value your opinions over those of others. You should also remind yourself constantly that you don’t need anyone’s approval.

2. Don’t beat yourself up: Never let negative thoughts about yourself consume you. Stop that voice inside you when you realize you are beating yourself down and immediately substitute it with positive thoughts like; I’m loveable, anyone would be extremely lucky to have me etc.

3. Identify what makes you special: A lot of people who aren’t self assured don’t know what distinguishes them from others. If you’re one of those people, it’s time to find out what makes you special and write it down.

Think about the compliments you have received numerous times and you’ll find out what most people admire about you. This will instantly give you a sense of self worth which will help you negotiate and get exactly what you deserve which is the best in life.

Concepts such as ”out of your league” will be concepts of the past. You won’t be surprised when you get the best because you will realize that you are worth it.

You shouldn’t have a problem getting self assured again after going through the above information and putting everything into practice. As you do this, you will be well on your way to becoming irresistible.

Don’t be surprised if the love of your life suddenly drops into your lap.  It wasn’t an accident!  You made it happen!

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