How To Improve Hearing Naturally: Diet And Lifestyle Considerations

old man with homemade hearing device

What’s that you say?!?

Although much scientific effort has been expended in the study of hearing loss, clinical and scientific trials on actually improving hearing function in individuals are few and far between. In this article, we’ll examine some scientific literature to explore the question of how anyone – whether they suffer from hearing loss or not – can improve their hearing naturally.

In most cases, recommended methods are largely related to improving hearing over the long-term by preventing further hearing loss. There are few, if any, treatments noted in the literature for actively improving auditory function, although there is some evidence to suggest that certain nutrition deficiencies produce hearing loss which can be corrected through proper diet or supplements.

Programs like the Navajo Medicine Man Remedy (also known as the Navajo Hearing System) focus on diet as a way to improve hearing naturally and have become increasingly popular as the rising cost of health care continues to push more and more people toward DIY solutions that can be done from home.

The Many Factors Contributing To Hearing Loss

Our ears naturally degrade as we get older, and the process of degradation is ushered on by several agents. Damage to the ear from physical trauma or disease can result in hearing loss, exposure to loud noises can produce what is known as noise induced hearing loss, and nutritional deficiencies often exacerbate the issue.

Several important compounds play a critical role in hearing. Clinical trials suggest folic acid supplementation slows hearing loss.  Similarly, studies of fish and omega-3 fatty acids have shown that adding these items to the diet can delay hearing loss.  These findings have led to the wide spread recommendation of taking fish oil supplements to help improve hearing function.

The essential role of Vitamin A in hearing was established as far back as 1978.  In one interesting study, guinea pigs were given a mixture of vitamins A, C and E along with magnesium before being exposed to loud noises. The researchers found that the vitamin cocktail proved effective in helping to minimize the harmful impacts of loud noises and helped combat noise induced hearing loss.

Things To Avoid

Along with the dietary recommendations above, several lifestyle changes can also help you improve hearing naturally.  Besides the obvious culprits like exposure to loud noises or physical injury to the ears, rapid changes in pressure (such as those experienced when swimming, diving, or rapidly changing altitude in an airplane) can contribute to hearing loss. Also, long term use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and acetaminophen has been associated with hearing loss.

Smoking has also been implicated as a culprit leading to hearing loss, with one study finding smokers were 1.69 times more likely to suffer hearing loss compared to non-smokers.  Interestingly enough, some studies suggest alcohol can actually have a protective effect and can slow hearing loss.

A study on the effects of mobile phones on the ear showed that long term usage of cellular devices causes high frequency hearing loss in the ear which the phone is held up to.  Chronically using your cell phone can spell an auditory decline, so place your calls wisely!

Keep Sharp!

A healthy diet and regular exercise contribute to the health of your entire body, so be sure to implement them as a fundamental part of your daily routine. Follow a healthy lifestyle and incorporate some of the information above to protect and preserve your hearing as much as possible.

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