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Obsession Formula Review – Can Adam Lyons Help You Trigger Sexual Desire In Any Woman You Want?

It’s here, and it’s HOT!  The following Obsession Formula review takes an in-depth look at the recently released attraction program by the world’s best seducer, Adam Lyons.

the obsession formula digital version

The Obsession Formula ebook and video course by Adam Lyons. Download Adam’s complete seduction blueprint.

The Obsession Formula outlines a step-by-step, comprehensive road map for tapping into a woman’s fantasies and making her feel undeniable attraction and desire for you.

Based on “reward mechanisms” and “forced learning”, it is the quickest route to get a woman sexually interested in you and deserves strong consideration from men who want more sex with more women, as well as those who want to create deeper emotional and physical connections for longer-lasting devotion.

The Obsession Formula is an online video course available for purchase and immediate download directly from author Adam Lyons’ website.

Get instant access now through Adam’s site or continue below to read our all-inclusive review, complete with author information, module-by-module breakdowns, bonus content, and what to realistically expect from the program.  No stone is left unturned.

This Obsession Formula review was last updated by the Newspaper Cat Reviews Team on 06-30-2015.

Trigger Sexual Attraction, Desire, And Even Love At Will?

Too often men are conditioned to accept that women have all the power when it comes to dating and mating. They are, after all, the gatekeepers to the “promised land” and can get sex any time they want, right? And let’s not forget how hard guys have to work just to get a woman’s attention, let alone get laid.

It is an argument that is often fiercely debated between the sexes. At the end of the day though, regardless of which side you fall on, it is of little consequence which side is right.

Even if we were to accept that women have an unfair advantage when it comes to dating, where does it leave us? Well, we can either complain about it, drown our sorrows at the bar, and end up going home to an empty bed every night, or we can accept the situation for how it is and get to work doing something about it!

To that end, there’s a newly released dating and attraction system called the “Obsession Formula” by Adam Lyons which is creating a lot of buzz with its claims of giving guys the power to effortlessly trigger emotions of desire, sexual attraction, and even love in just about any woman. In short, giving you the tools to get you laid by the girls you want.

Unless you are completely new to the world of dating, you’ve likely spent some time and probably a lot of dough trying out numerous methods which promise to help you attract, talk to, and date women. The problem is that many methods out there either straight-up don’t work, or they advocate lying, cheating, and manipulating women which, at best, leads only to short-term success.

So what makes Adam Lyons’ Obsession Formula system any different?

Well we’ve given the program a thorough review and examination to see why everyone’s talking about it, whether it’s effective, and whether or not it’s really worthy of your consideration.

In the following Obsession Formula review, we’ll give you the low-down on how it works, exactly what you get with the system, along with our assessment on what makes it a “must have” or a “total flop”.

But before we get too deep into the review and delve into the specific details of the program, let’s first dig into the background of the Obsession Formula creator, Adam Lyons.

Adam Lyons: World’s #1 Seducer

photo of Adam Lyons with his two live-in girlfriends

Adam Lyons, voted the world’s #1 seducer, lives with TWO beautiful girlfriends. Source: Nick Stern/News Dog Media

If your best pick up line is, “That’s a nice shirt. Can I talk you out of it?” or “I’m gonna have sex with you tonight, so you might as well be there”, then chances are you could use some help from Adam Lyons, a man considered to be the “World’s Number 1 Seducer.”

Naturally such a claim is fairly subjective, but Adam has won a string of awards over the years within the PUA and seduction community, solidifying him in that role. Originally from East London, Adam has been a dating and relationships consultant for around 10 years and has built a massive reputation and following via his boot camps and other successful programs.

There are many people in the pickup community who are either clever marketers who have copied other people’s systems and really don’t have a clue, or who are just straight-up creepy guys. We may not be talking life and death here, but if you want to be successful at attracting girls and getting laid, then it’s important to learn from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Adam Lyons is the real deal. If the measure of success of his program can be judged by his own personal life, then it’s safe to say he’s got a pretty good handle on what it takes to attract women.  In school, Adam was once voted “least likely to get a girlfriend”.  Fast forward to today and he now has TWO live-in girlfriends. And here we thought one woman was more than enough to handle.

But enough on Adam and his endless hordes of sexy women. Let’s review the Obsession Formula and find out if it’s really capable of helping you attract the woman you want.

See The Obsession Formula In Action. Click Here To View The Video Presentation…

What Is The Obsession Formula And How Does It Work?

screenshot of the Obsession Formula members dashboard

A view inside the Obsession Formula member’s area (click to enlarge).

The Obsession Formula system is a dating and relationship course containing tips and techniques that make a woman feel undeniable attraction and desire towards you. The core foundation of the course and the techniques Adam teaches to trigger obsessions in other people center on the role dopamine plays as a reward mechanism within the brain. It also revolves around two different types of “forced learning”: associated learning and learning through occasional reward.

Now admittedly the idea of “implanting” fantasies about you in a woman’s mind that make her obsessed with you, and only you, sounds a little too good to be true. Maybe even totally taboo. But is it?

Well, actually no. There is actually a large body of research, psychology, and science which supports the approach adopted in the system and its underlying concepts.

If you’re not interested in finding out why the techniques adopted in the Obsession Formula work, feel free to skip straight through to the next section. If, however, you’re keen to understand what makes Adam’s system so effective, we’ve highlighted a few key points below:

  • Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which plays a major role in the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. It is likened to the proverbial carrot, a chemical reward the brain releases for making survival-enhancing choices which results in feelings of pleasure and euphoria. For example, if you are thirsty and then drink a glass a water, your brain releases dopamine, and you feel good.
  • Actions that lead to beneficial outcomes (real, or perceived) lead to releases of dopamine and because it feels good, you tend to repeat that particular action. Dopamine has been found to play a role in many addictive type behaviors, such as binge-eating, smoking, and gambling.

In a similar way, the Obsession Formula involves tapping into a natural process whereby a woman experiences increased releases of dopamine from associating with you (and will therefore keep coming back for more). The way Adam taps into this increased release of dopamine is via the forced learning techniques mentioned a few paragraphs above.

  • The first of the forced learning techniques taught in the program is “associated learning”, otherwise known as “classical conditioning”. Ivan Pavlov, a Russian physiologist noticed that his dogs would begin to drool whenever he entered the room, even when he wasn’t carrying any food.

Thinking there may be an association the dogs were making between him and food, he began experimenting with a bell at feeding times and found that over time, the dogs would salivate at the sound of a bell ringing both when food was present and again when it wasn’t. Through additional research, he later discovered there is a proven connection between learned associations that animals and humans unconsciously make.

If you paid attention in school, you’ve probably already heard of Ivan Pavlov, his dogs, and his bell, but in the context of Adam Lyons’ Obsession Formula system, this form of classical conditioning can work exactly the same on a woman because she subconsciously learns to associate a release of dopamine with YOU.

  • In terms of learning through occasional reward, this all comes from Edward Thorndike’s “Law of Effect.” You can read more about the Law of Effect here, but real briefly it’s based on the principle that behaviors change as a result of consequences to actions.

So in other words, it’s about learning from the consequences of our behavior. Any behavior that is followed by pleasant consequences is likely to be repeated, and any behavior followed by unpleasant consequences is likely to be stopped.

In the Obsession Formula, Adam teaches three particular rewards/ pleasant consequences that result in the release of dopamine (verbal, physical/touch, and emotional rewards). So by giving different “rewards” for “good behavior” a girl will become conditioned to repeat that particular behavior.

  • Just looking at verbal rewards, it’s no secret that being praised often makes people feel good. Common reactions to being paid a compliment or receiving positive feedback include pride, pleasure, and increased feelings of self-esteem. This is because being praised triggers the release of dopamine. The same effect occurs with the other two rewards as well.

Some of this stuff Adam briefly touches on in the Obsession Formula material itself, but you don’t need to fear that talk of dopamine and psychology concepts will have you asleep in five minutes flat. The program isn’t a research paper or dissertation, and Adam sets out the principles very simply and clearly.

The importance of highlighting these above points lies in the fact that it shows the course is actually the real deal and based on solid psychology and science. Dating is ordinarily a hit-and-miss affair for many guys, and before buying a course such as the Obsession Formula, you want to have confidence that it can actually work and you’re not going to be wasting your time and money.

With the Obsession Formula, you can rest assured on both of these fronts.

Course Content: What’s Included In The Obsession Formula Program?

The Obsession Formula system contains a series of video presentations by Adam which are divided into nine separate sections. The course content is accessible online via a password protected website where you can view and download the course contents at your leisure.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from the program:

Chapter 1 – Introduction – (duration: 25 mins, 50 secs)

Adam begins with a summary of what the Obsession Formula system is all about: namely the use of psychological advances to learn how the human brain works in order to trigger obsession inside a woman so she can enact her perfect fantasy, with you as the goal of that obsession.

There is an introduction to the three types of female obsessions or fantasies which are covered in the program and the different types of women that like those fantasies, together with information on how to use the system in order to get the optimum results. The introduction video concludes with Adam giving practical examples of how you can prevent any negative ramifications from triggering obsessions.

Chapter 2 – Core Theory – (duration: 62 mins, 34 secs)

In this presentation, Adam breaks down the neuroscience loopholes that make women uncontrollably attracted to a man and shows you the ethical way to make the women you want obsess over you.

The topics covered include:

  • how to apply these effective techniques correctly and ethically
  • what triggers an obsession
  • why people become obsessed
  • where an obsession comes from
  • how obsession and addiction are connected
  • the biochemistry of the brain
  • how to start triggering an obsession and manipulating other people’s brains to trigger obsessions
  • how to manipulate your own brain to get you where you want to be

Chapter 3 – Practical Application – (duration: 55 mins, 33 secs)

Some of the theory referred to in the last chapter is expanded upon, but primarily this section of the course focuses on the practical steps you can take to begin applying the theory on yourself and others.

Adam reveals the “Red Hornet” technique, a collection of skills compiled into one specific method and training technique which is designed to plant the seeds of the three different fantasies in a woman’s mind. Also included are a variety of verbal techniques that you can practice, with the aim of helping you generate attraction and the release of dopamine in a woman’s brain.

Chapter 4 – Temptation Fantasy: Core Theory – (duration: 40 mins, 7 secs)

A detailed look at the first of the fantasies covered in the Obsession Formula system: the temptation fantasy. This is the fantasy in a female’s mind where she becomes the living embodiment of temptation and taps into her sexuality to seduce a guy. The two different forms of temptation fantasy are explained: the temptation to take you and the temptation to let you take her.

Adam looks at how the human mind generates fantasies, how they are realized, and how becoming judged by others can hold women back and cause them to feel like they need to be sexually repressed. He then moves into some of the basic principles that need to be understood in order to help women break free of their fears. In particular, the three criteria/beliefs you first need to satisfy in order to allow a woman to have the temptation fantasy with you, and how you can enact these beliefs in a woman.

Chapter 5 – Temptation Fantasy: Practical Application – (duration: 28 mins, 3 secs)

In this practical application video, the different exercises and techniques you can use in your interactions with girls to plant the concept of the temptation fantasy in her mind and, more importantly, get her to act it out with you are revealed. More specifically, practical exercises are explained which you can use to get inside a girl’s mind, make her aroused, and get her craving sex with you. Adam divulges examples of actual conversations you can have with any woman that will break the ice and get her to start talking to you about sex and acting out her fantasies with you.

The topic of consent is also covered. Not only in terms of obtaining consent for the actual physical act of sex, but also in terms of escalating interactions with a woman, so that you know exactly where you stand. Adam teaches a simple technique you can use to avoid any potential issues relating to consent, both from a legal perspective, but also in terms of avoiding having your advances rejected.

Chapter 6 – Chasing Fantasy: Core Theory – (duration: 41 mins, 32 secs)

The chasing fantasy is ideal for those situations when you want to sit back and let the girl do all the work to get you. It’s all about seducing a woman in a way that she believes the two of you will be great in a relationship, and she then sets about making it happen.

There is a detailed explanation of the reasons that lead someone to want to chase another and a distinction is made between the three different types of “chasers” that you can expect to encounter: the experiential chaser, the social chaser, and the security chaser.

In essence, this chapter concentrates on helping you to identify what it is a particular girl may be chasing and then how you can improve yourself to be the ultimate prize. Adam then looks at the ten specific qualities of attraction that a guy must develop if he wants a woman to chase him.

Chapter 7 – Chasing Fantasy: Practical Application – (duration: 50 mins, 52 secs)

Adam walks through a number of practical techniques designed to drastically change the way you inject the chasing fantasy in a woman’s mind. He goes through each of the ten qualities of attraction and gives some simple suggestions on how you can develop them to become a “10” as soon as possible.

A sequence of action steps are provided on how to develop each of the three different types of chasing fantasies, how to identify which chasing fantasy a woman may be predisposed to, and the specific qualities and attributes that women are looking for depending on what category of “chaser” they are.

Chapter 8 – Devotion Fantasy: Core Theory – (duration: 34 mins, 31 secs)

This Obsession Formula video is all about the devotion fantasy. You’ll discover a fantasy that triggers a woman’s devotion, and makes her feel that you are the guy she has always dreamed about.

A detailed explanation is provided on where love comes from, the biochemistry of love, what it is that makes up that “love feeling”, and more importantly how to generate this in a woman so she experiences an overwhelming feeling of love towards you, becomes devoted to you, and wants to pursue a relationship.

The key to the devotion fantasy is the brain chemical oxytocin, and the role it plays in love is the central focus to this chapter. Adam talks about some of the ways you can trigger a release of oxytocin in a woman (outside of sexual intercourse), and what he calls “the Disney Lie” which is all about how women have been conditioned by movies and media from a young age to fall in love with the “perfect person” (think Prince Charming).

Chapter 9 – Devotion Fantasy: Practical Application – (duration: 33 mins, 9 secs)

As with the practical application presentations accompanying the temptation and chasing fantasies, this final video contains the specific steps and techniques you can apply in order to trigger a particular fantasy in a woman; in this case, the devotion fantasy.

Adam Lyons reveals the precise steps you can take to trigger the release of oxytocin in a woman you would like a relationship with and some exercises you can undertake on complete strangers to get accustomed to triggering it. You will also learn how to use the technique of “cold reading” a woman. Instead of asking the girl you want mundane questions, you’ll make her think you understand her more than anyone else right from the get-go.

A special technique that can make any woman believe you are her true love, dubbed the “5 Promises”, is also revealed in this section of the Obsession Formula program. This allows you to create magical “movie moments” that tap into the pre-existing associations a girl has regarding what her ideal man looks and acts like.

Take A Break From This Obsession Formula Review And Learn Adam’s Top Techniques For Seducing Beautiful Women…

Bonus Programs

In addition to the main Obsession Formula system, Adam bundles together nine extra programs to enhance and supplement the principles in the main program.

Authored by renowned dating and relationship consultants, these bonus reports come in eBook form, are accessible in the private members area, and can be read online or downloaded for offline viewing or printing.

Let’s continue this Obsession Formula review by taking a quick look at the added extras you will receive:

1. The Hookup Handbook – 16 pages

The Hookup Handbook contains 20 specific and effective techniques that can be used to successfully hookup with women, including:

  • The four fundamental mindsets you need to drill into your brain if you want to be successful in hooking up with girls.
  • Seven word-for-word lines designed to either “spike” a girl’s attraction towards you, or allow you to determine whether she is open to going back to your apartment or house for sex.
  • The five principles which will allow you to smoothly take things to a sexual level with the girls you want.
  • The four essential things you should have in your apartment or house that will improve your odds of successfully hooking up.

2. Facebook Seduction – 17 pages

With around 1.3 billion users worldwide, there are plenty of opportunities to interact with women on Facebook, and this guide is designed to make connecting and hooking up with women a breeze. It contains:

  • the key benefits of using Facebook as a “seduction tool”.
  • how to engineer your profile, use status updates, and communicate with women on Facebook to stand out from the crowd and make an attractive first impression.
  • the little-known Facebook app that will actually show you the girls that are down to have casual sex with you.

3. Only You – 7 pages

Infidelity rates are on the rise, and this program contains 11 effective tips on how to “cheat proof” your relationship so you never have to worry about a girl being unfaithful again. The program concentrates on the specific techniques you can use to strengthen your relationship and keep it healthy.

4. The Secret Attraction Formula – 19 pages

This report reveals the keys to communicating effectively with women online and the essential things you need in order to create attraction and remarkably improve your prospects of success in the online dating arena. It all centers on three specific traits you need to master online if you want to get girls responding to your messages and actually hanging out with you offline.

5. Text Game Mastery – 32 pages

In this program, you learn exactly how powerful text messages can be, how proper use of text messaging can take you far beyond even what most guys use it for, and how you can have the most abundant dating life ever if you get this one skill handled.

6. Tinder Secrets – 9 pages

If you have yet to join the ranks on Tinder, or haven’t had the success you had been hoping for, this guide is designed to improve your prospects. Included are:

  • The secrets to designing an attractive profile and bio that women can’t resist
  • Effective and tested opening lines to use word-for-word or as inspiration for your own messages
  • Tips on how to use “Tinder Moments” to re-kindle old conversations, or start a conversation with someone you matched with but never messaged

7. X-Ray Vision – 12 pages

Not a manual for building yourself a pair of x-ray vision glasses or turning into Superman, but rather a program that will show you how to read the secret cues and signals a woman gives you that indicate she wants you. This Obsession Formula bonus program helps you become a master at reading any situation and any woman. It gives you a clear advantage when communicating with women.

8. The Art of Speaking Womanese – 28 pages

Similar to the “X-Ray Vision” bonus, this report concentrates on learning how to decode the signals that women give, particularly the hidden meanings in what they say and what they do. Learn how to talk to a woman in a way that makes her think that “he just gets me” and how to never run out of things to say when talking to her.

9. Escape the Friend Zone Now – 37 pages

A foolproof system that shows how you can finally hook up with that one woman you’ve always wanted but have never previously been able to get. A complete “how-to” guide on turning a platonic relationship into a sexual one…and have her think it was all her idea!

The Red Hornet Academy

If unlimited access to the Obsession Formula system and the bonus programs noted above isn’t enough, don’t despair, because included in the package is free 14-day access to Adam Lyons’ “Elite Seduction School,” known as the “Red Hornet Academy”.

The academy delves deeper into the principles of the main program to help guys discover the path to becoming a man who women obsess over by tapping into her deep primal fantasies. It contains all of Adam’s most controversial secrets that before now have only been available at his advanced boot camps, but which he is offering free access for 14 days as part of the Obsession Formula system.

At the end of the trial period, an ongoing monthly fee is charged for continued access, but if you find that you’ve mastered all of the techniques already, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

What Makes The Obsession Formula System A “Must Have”?

  • Unlike other dating and relationship guides for guys that focus predominantly on phrases you can say to girls in the hope of tricking her into getting naked beneath the sheets, the Obsession Formula program is uniquely different. It relies on well-known psychological principles and techniques that can drastically improve your strike rate in getting laid, all without the need to lie, cheat, and manipulate women into having sex. You get all the tools needed to tap into common fantasies that all women share.
  • Many PUA programs on the market are designed solely for the purpose of getting casual sex under false pretenses (with varying degrees of success), which in many cases not only make the girl feel bad, but make guys feel worse about themselves long-term, for being underhanded. Adam’s system is designed to not only give guys the opportunity to engage in regular casual sex with all types of women, but also help form lasting relationships using completely ethical methods.

While many of the techniques taught in the course are new in the context of dating and relationship advice, they are far from being new in everyday life. People use the concepts Adam teaches regularly (even when dating), but many don’t realize they use the techniques, or that they have been affected by them.

Companies use these techniques in a marketing context (think of fast food advertising) every day. The Obsession Formula system simply teaches you how to control things yourself and how to become aware when the same techniques are used against you in order to avoid unintended consequences.

  • The methods contained in the system allow you to be very selective with what type of girl you want to date or commence a relationship with. It is designed specifically to give you all the tools you need to be able to identify and pre-screen women in advance to determine if their fantasies are compatible with the type of girl you’re keen to date. No need for awkward conversations the next morning, no hits and misses or time wasting, and no situations where you find yourself with conflicting expectations.
  • An added advantage of undertaking the program rests with the fact that many of the techniques being taught increase your own attractiveness which can have a positive impact not only with your love life, but with your career, social life, and networking as well.
  • In terms of value, the Obsession Formula system is a winner. There is only a one-off fee to access all the contents of the main program, the 9 free bonus programs, and the 14-day free access to Adam’s advanced Red Hornet Academy. All of the bonus programs relate in some way to the main course contents to give you extra tips and techniques you can use to your benefit. If you were to compare the cost of the program to the drinks, dinners, and other expenses spent on first-dates that go nowhere, it’s safe to say it’s a good investment.
  • To the extent that you may still be unsure of the program’s effectiveness, you are protected by Adam’s 60-day no questions asked 100% refund guarantee. If, for any reason, you find that the Obsession Formula program is not to your liking, all you need to do is send a quick email and Adam will immediately refund the full cost of the program. This removes any risk in purchasing the program as you have a full 60-days to go through the program and put into practice the techniques designed to get you laid quickly and without all the annoying effort you’re probably putting forth right now just to get a woman to talk to you.

Things To Consider

  • As with most things in life, there are few shortcuts to success. The Obsession Formula system has been designed in such a way that each section effectively follows on from the next. “Skipping ahead” to avoid the core theory of the program and concentrating only on the practical application presentations is not likely to give you the kind of success you’re looking for.
  • If your sole aim is to get a few key phrases or pick-up lines you can commit to memory in 5 minutes to help you turn some woman into the sack, then this is not really the program you want. The duration of the video presentations are in excess of 5 hours total and while you don’t need to watch all of the videos in one sitting, it will take a little more time than a quick few minutes learning how to recite a few key phrases.
  • Anyone who’s been involved in the merry-go-round dating game for any length of time will appreciate the need to temper their expectations when it comes to getting a girl into bed. The course has been created in such a way to help guys immediately, but your level of experience with dating previously and your application of the concepts taught in the program will likely dictate the speed in which you can realistically expect to start seeing regular success. Practice makes perfect after all, but to expect to watch the video presentations one day and that same night find yourself hooked up with a girl who wants to marry you is being unrealistic.
  • If you don’t wish to continue with the Red Hornet Academy training at the end of the 14-day free trial period, then it’s necessary to opt-out of the program to avoid additional charges. The opt-out process is hassle-free, but you will need to monitor the days left and take advantage of the time you have to see if the additional training is right for you.
  • With a program made up of online video presentations, you obviously need internet access in order to login. There’s no physical product that will be sent to you, so if for some reason you don’t have regular, or reliable online access, you may not get the full benefit of the program.

The Verdict

Regardless of the end game and our motivations, everyone wants sex. Call it a primal urge to procreate, that we are wired for it, that we have a need for affection or pleasure, or a combination of all the reasons humans have sex, the reality is we all want it.

sexy woman obsessed with her man

Get the woman you want totally addicted to you!

That goes for both men and women. And we all typically want more than we are getting as well. However, it can often feel like it isn’t an even playing field and that women call all the shots, causing guys to feel disillusioned and content to settle for whatever comes their way.

To borrow a quote from George RR Martin’s epic tale, “A Clash of Kings”, “Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick. A shadow on the wall.” In other words, if you think of yourself as powerless, and that women have the upper-hand in dating, it will essentially become a self-fulfilling prophecy and you’ll be chasing tail until the end of time. The Obsession Formula program offers an opportunity to remove the shadow on the wall and for guys to reclaim their power and play on a level playing field when it comes to dating women.

Developed by a man who not only practices what he preaches, but who has experienced remarkable personal success from the very same principles, the Obsession Formula gives guys the world over the opportunity to finally take the guess work out of dating and puts them on the path of an abundant sex life with any girl they desire.

If you feel like you are constantly not getting anywhere with girls and are never going to get laid, then this system is a must see. This is a course that has been rigorously tested and refined to work for any guy on any girl using proven, yet subtle techniques based on universally accepted psychological concepts and findings.

If you want to know the truth about what women really want, what turns them on, and how you can trigger the deep fantasies that lie in a woman’s brain to trigger emotions of desire, sexual attraction, and even love, then Adam Lyons’ comprehensive Obsession Formula system is well worth your consideration.

Thanks for taking the time to read this comprehensive review of the Obsession Formula. We hope you found it helpful.

“I’m Ready To Make A Woman Obsessed With Me!” Click Here To Download Adam Lyons’ Obsession Formula

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Obsession Formula Review Summary

Obsession Formula was reviewed by NewspaperCat Reviewers on .
A comprehensive blueprint for creating sexual attraction, desire, and even love in any woman you want. The Obsession Formula by Adam Lyons is a powerful method for getting a woman physically and emotionally obsessed over you by tapping into three different and universal female fantasies. It is an excellent choice for men who want to quickly create sexual attraction with a woman and/or get her loyally devoted long-term.
Rated 4.7 stars out of 5

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