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Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts For Expecting Mothers, New Moms, And Pregnant Wives

Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Mothers, New Moms, And Pregnant Wife

Being a new mom with a tiny human on the way isn’t easy, and every expectant mother definitely appreciates all the love and support she receives throughout pregnancy, even if she’s too busy tossing her cookies to let you know. When it comes to gifts for expectant mothers and pregnant wives, Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to express just how much she means to you in a special and unique way.

Something handmade with a personal touch is always nice, but if you’re not the creative type and can’t even make “stick people” look like stick people (yours truly right here), don’t worry! There are many creative, thoughtful, and just plain awesome Mother’s Day gifts for expecting mothers you can search for and find online.

And to make things even easier, I’ve already assembled a Mother’s Day gift guide below with a lot of great gift ideas for expectant mothers, new moms, and pregnant wives. It should be more than enough to get you started on your search for the perfect gift.

If you know an expectant mother or have a pregnant wife, these Mother’s Day gifts will make the most of her special day.

Pregnancy Gift Sets And Gift Boxes For Expecting Mothers And Wives

Mother's Day Gift Set For Expecting Mothers

All-In-One Pregnancy Gift Box Found Here – With bath soaks, lotions, belly oils, and anti-nausea tea, this pregnancy gift box makes a wonderfully thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for expectant mothers. Can be personalized with an affectionate message to let the expecting mom in your life know just how much you care.


Expectant Mother's Day Gift Basket

Gift Basket For New Moms Found Here – If your wife, girlfriend, bestie, or other friends and family are expecting a tiny human soon, this expecting mother’s gift box will be a welcomed and much loved surprise! It’s cute, trendy and lets mama know she’s still as “haute” as ever even if she’s always “tired as a mother”.


Beautiful Gift Basket For Moms To Be

Handcrafted Gift Basket For Mom Found Here – This all-natural pregnancy gift basket is loaded with lavender, chamomile, and coffee bean scents and has everything an expecting mother needs to feel pampered and loved. Scrubs, bath salts, lotions, teas, toners – it’s all there! Best of all, it’s all-natural and free from all the junk that could harm mommy and baby.

Pregnancy Survival Kits

Survival Kit For Pregnant Wife

Survival Kit For Pregnant Wife Found Here – It’s not easy being a pregnant wife! You can’t get comfortable. You’re tired all the time. Your feet always hurt. You randomly puke for no reason. A tiny human kicks you from the inside all day long. “Try it they said. It will be fun, they said!” LIARS! 😉 So if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a pregnant wife, this “survival kit” should do the trick and earn you some brownie points as well. It will help pamper her, make her feel special, and will ensure she’s as comfortable as she possibly can be.

Mother’s Day Coffee Mugs

A Cute And Simple Coffee Mug For Mother's Day

Cute Mother’s Day Coffee Mug Found Here – I love the simplicity of this cute Mother’s Day coffee mug. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors, is microwave and dishwasher safe, and is perfect when your pregnant wife or mom-to-be needs a quick pick-me-up!

Photo Frames And Keepsake Holders For Mother’s Day

Personalized Mother's Day Photo Frame For New Moms

Customized Photo Frame For New Moms Found Here – This beautiful photo frame is the perfect reflection of a mother’s love for her child. It makes a great Mother’s Day gift for an expecting wife and could be filled with an ultrasound picture or simply left empty in anticipation of the special day!


Mother's Day Keepsake Holder For Expecting Moms And Moms To Be

Mother’s Day Keepsake Holder Found Here – More than just a photo frame, this personalized keepsake holder can keep track of all the special mementos to remind mom just how loved and blessed she truly is!

Mother’s Day Bracelets And Bangles For Expectant Moms

Adorable Bangle Bracelet For Expectant Mother Or Wife

Adorable Bangle Bracelet For Expectant Mother Or Wife Found Here – What a cute gift for Mother’s Day! Make it unique to mom by customizing things like the initial, family member heart, and birthstone.

Mother’s Day Jewelry And Necklaces For Moms To Be

Expectant Mom Charm Necklace

Expectant Mom Charm Necklace Found Here – When doubt starts to creep in, it’s not uncommon for new moms to think, “Can I really do this?!?” Put her mind at ease with this adorable mommy to be charm necklace that let’s her know she’s going to be an amazing mother!


Baby Feet Mother's Day Necklace For Expecting Wife Or Mother To Be

Baby Feet Mother’s Day Necklace For Expecting Wife Or Mother To Be Found Here – Ok, I’ve officially entered the realm of cuteness overload! This hand stamped gold disc pendant necklace is beautiful and I LOVE it as a Mother’s Day gift for any soon to be mommy!


Bird Necklace For Pregnant Wife Or Expecting Mom

Bird Necklace For Mom Found Here – So sweet and dainty! It will look amazing on any new mom, no matter what she’s wearing or where she goes!


Necklace - Mother's Day Gift For Expecting Mom

Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace For New Mom Found Here – Complete with a beautiful pearl, this infinity necklace is both delicate and elegant at the same time.

Mother’s Day Terrariums And Air Plants

Mother's Day Terrarium Featuring Sleeping Mermaid For Expectant Mothers

Sleeping Mermaid Terrarium Found Here – If you’re looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift that isn’t the ordinary “card and flowers”, consider a cute terrarium like this one featuring an adorable sleeping mermaid. They are beautiful to look at and can bring about a sense of calm and relaxation for an expecting mother.


Terrarium Featuring An Elephant For Mother's Day

Cute Elephant Terrarium Found Here – I just had to include this terrarium kit as well. The elephant is a great reminder of what being a mother is all about and spending quality time with the kids. I also love the little details like the heart inside the book. Since the terrarium is a kit, you can put it together yourself and add your own special touches to personalize it and make it that much more meaningful and special to the pregnant wife or expecting mother in your life!


Rose Quartz Crystal Air Planter For Mother's Day

Rose Quartz Crystal Air Planter Found Here – I love air plants! They are fun, easy to grow, and look amazing on shelves, window ledges, or anywhere really. Personalize with any message you want on the box to make it a truly unique Mother’s Day gift.

Mother’s Day Art, Signs, And Wall Plaques

Mummy To Be Wall Plaque - Expectant Mother's Day Gift

Mummy To Be Hand Painted Wall Plaque Found Here – What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift idea for expectant moms! This hand painted wall plaque is so sweet and happy. It’s definitely one of those “Awwww” gifts that are perfect for Mother’s Day. The words on this plaque can be customized to say whatever you want or, if you’re the creative type, you could even make something similar yourself!

Pregnancy Journals For Expecting Mothers

Personalized Pregnancy Journal For Expectant Mom

Personalized Pregnancy Journal For Expectant Mom Found Here – What I love about this as a Mother’s Day gift for an expectant wife or mother is that pregnancy journals are a fantastic way for expectant moms to save all the beautiful (and sometimes not-so-beautiful) memories from this stage in their life – their thoughts, their feelings, their struggles, their successes, their cravings, etc. You think you’ll remember these things forever, but sometimes the tiny details are easily forgotten. With a beautiful pregnancy journal like this one, those memories will never be forgotten and can be shared from generation to generation.

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