The Duck Test – 9 Signs He’s Cheating On You

If a man is cheating on you, his actions will always speak louder than his words.

If a man is cheating on you, his actions will always speak louder than his words.

He’s pulling some shady shit – and you know it!

You can feel it in you’re gut! You’ve got a nervous knot in your stomach. The kind that gives you sleepless nights wondering what he might be up to and who he might be with.

You haven’t caught him with another woman’s nickers in his jeans (yet), but you have that haunting feeling that something is crooked.

Is he cheating on you or is he just going through a tough time?

Truth be told: until you have caught him at his shenanigans or got some rock-solid proof, you have nothing on him – and you can’t say for sure.

I think it is safe to say that you should trust your gut feelings and keep your eyes peeled. There are a couple of tell-tale hints that he just won’t be able to steer clear of if he really is crossing you.

Keep in mind: if it looks like a duck, it’s not always a duck. Just because he’s… different… doesn’t mean that he is two-timing you. But if he is, he’ll start waddling and before you know it, he’ll be “quacking”.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that he might be cheating.  The more he exhibits at once, the more likely he’s doing something fishy behind your back:

1.  He is abnormally secretive about his “tech”

  • Does he refuse to answer or hang up his Mobile when you’re in the vicinity?
  • Maybe he takes calls privately – and his privacy more serious…
  • …like hiding his texts from you
  • or you can see him texting if you look back over your shoulder.

2.  Sweeping changes to his sexual appetite and style

A sudden shift from what is “expected” or familiar in bed — without any prior discussion something new— is a big red flag.

You can’t expect your sex life to be consistent if you are in a relationship, and you already know that.

But, if his enthusiasm drops off drastically over a period of time, then something’s up. If he’s loving you less, he could be “getting his” somewhere else.

3.  He’s emotionally detached

It feels like he is showing you just enough interest to keep you around .

But it’s obvious that He’s not “with you” anymore.

All that is left is for him to “check out.”

It could be that someone else is sparking his interest.

4.  He’s being TOO nice

On the other hand, some guys will try to hide behind a showering of gifts or an eagerness to please all of a sudden.

Behind that charade there is a skulking guilty conscience.

This kind of behavior often arises in the early phases when an affair is still new.

Classically, he is bound to grow colder as his affair carries on longer.

5.  You never know where he is.

If he is in fact cheating, the dishonesty and deception is bound to snowball.

He will need to cover up his tracks in the desperate attempt to mislead you around every corner.

He’ll be spinning you lies about his comings and goings – that’s only because he doesn’t want you to catch on.

6.  He’s like a fish out of water

Is it just you? Or does it seem as if you make him miserable?

One moment he is depressed, until his buddies turn up or you turn your back and he’s back on cloud nine. Does he seem gloomy with you, or on edge?

Do you still have the ability to make him smile and have a good time with you?

If he is more often sulky, there could be a “Clash of The Titans” going on inside of his cheating heart. That’s him beating himself up for cheating.

7.  He’s hot-tempered

If it gets to a certain point, he might try to make you break up with him to spare himself the guilt.

He’ll pick fights in an attempt to make himself so unbearable that you’ll want to pack your bags.

Fighting back will only make him feel more like he deserves to cheat. He’ll blame you!

Engaging in arguments will give him grounds to rationalize his behavior. “We aren’t getting along anyway.””

And as if that’s not enough, he’ll gain a perfect reason to leave you and meet up with someone who he can get along with better (and has been all this time). Jerk!

8.  You’re the bad guy

You can’t rub a cheating guy the wrong way.  He’s not going to face the music for anything.

Interrogating him is just going to put him on the defensive. One finger pointed straight back at you.

“You know what…” (O, boy. Here It Comes…)

“YOU never trust me.”

“YOU’re so damn paranoid”

“YOU don’t allow me any freedom.”

…You’ve heard it all before.

9.  He develops a suspicious mind

Strange, but true: sooner or later he might go green-eyed. It often happens that if someone cheats in a relationship, they start to become paranoid about the tables turning and it getting done to them.

There’s nothing that indicates that you have eyes for anyone but him, but the guy you’re with is losing faith in you.

Is that happening to you?

If he’s mistrusting you, maybe he’s not to be trusted.

Your instincts will never cheat on you. You should trust them. But be rational about it.

Instead of being on the lookout all the time, work on building a sense of mutual trust between yourself and your partner. That is, until he gives you a reason not to.

Trust is the keystone of any lasting, fulfilling relationship. But, if he’s cheating on you, and you’re sure beyond a doubt, you might want to rethink your relationship status. A cheating man is rarely worth any more of your time.

And remember… if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

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