The One Thing You Should Focus On To Get Your Ex Boyfriend To Want You Back

Here's how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back because a second chance with him is so worth it.

If the relationship you shared with your ex boyfriend was something unique and beautiful…

And you have the undying feeling the two of you could be special together…

Then, there’s no reason to let a breakup keep you from taking another chance to make things work.  It’s not every day that someone comes around who you have instant chemistry with and connect with emotionally.

In fact, when you think of all the people you meet on a daily basis, it’s actually quite rare.  That definitely makes it something worth fighting for.

If you want to jump right in and get to the nuts and bolts of getting your ex boyfriend to want you back, then click here to see what people are calling the “one last shot formula” created by relationship author and ex back expert, James Bauer.  Otherwise, keep reading, and I’ll explain in more detail how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back.

But before I do, I want you to answer one question.  Think about this for a minute: what’s the one obstacle that keeps you from getting back together with your ex boyfriend?  What is it that gets in the way?

The Biggest Problem A Woman Faces Trying To Get Her Ex Boyfriend To Want Her Back

One thing I’ve learned from James who spends hours upon hours consulting with women on a daily basis is that the biggest challenge most women face when it comes to making an ex want them back is a man’s emotional walls.

If you’ve ever dealt with an emotionally unavailable man, then you already know what that feels like.  And if not, a breakup can turn just about any man into an emotional icicle – and that makes it nearly impossible to repair the relationship.

It has nothing to do with making him love you again. You already have lots of chemistry and the attraction is obvious, or he wouldn’t have ended up with you in the first place.  So it must be something else.

And it is…

The real problem when it comes to getting your ex boyfriend to want you back is that he won’t consider it to begin with.  He’s already shut his mind off to the idea of being with you again.  In many cases, you won’t even hear from him – he doesn’t contact you and he simply ignores your messages.

Basically he’s already decided not to give the relationship a second chance.

That’s what you’re up against – the emotional wall that he won’t let you get past.

In reality, his emotional wall isn’t really a wall at all.  It’s more like a mirage – an illusion of a wall.  And there’s actually a way to get past it once you know how.

And if you were able to get past it, that would change things, right?  A LOT probably.  You’d have a much better chance to get him back.

Getting Past His Emotional Wall

I already mentioned that his decision to not give you a second chance is the biggest obstacle to getting back together.  And I want you to focus on the word “decision”, because that’s the key here.

And that’s where things get interesting…

Decisions don’t come first.  They are the end result.  They are the output, not the input.  To put it in math terms, the decision is what comes after the equals sign.

Why is this important?  And what does it have to do with getting your ex boyfriend back?

Because you’ll almost never change someone’s mind if you focus on the decision directly.  If you attack his decision, you’ll never be able to convince him to change it.

But here’s the solution to that dilemma…

Decisions aren’t final.  They change all the time when new input becomes available.

In fact, scientists recently discovered something very interesting about humans.  When humans are relaxed and our minds are free to wander, we think about the future 80% of the time and the past and present only 20% of the time.

Thinking about and predicting the future is something humans do on autopilot – and we do it nonstop.  We can’t help it.  And that provides an incredible opening for you to get a second chance with your ex.

Unless your mind is consciously focused on something in the moment, there’s a really good chance it’s contemplating the future and picturing the things that will make you the most happy and the most fulfilled.

With that being the case, getting your ex boyfriend to want you back comes down to changing what he feels when he thinks about the two of you being together.

In his amazing ex back course designed specifically for women, The Relationship Rewrite Method, James Bauer refers to this as the movie trailer method.

It’s a step-by-step method that changes the “movie trailer” that plays in your ex’s mind every time he thinks about you.  For example, when he sees your name on his phone, receives a text from you, hears a friend mention your name, or comes across your post or picture on his social media feed.

The goal is to change the dominant emotions he associates with you.  Right now those dominant emotions might be anger, frustration, or resentment.  But you can change those emotions to happiness, interest, love, and even gratitude when you know how.

When you do it right, he’s no longer stuck inside his head thinking about past arguments, frustrations, and pitfalls of the relationship. He’s no longer thinking about a future without you.

Instead, he starts imagining something entirely different.  Something new.  Something better.  Something amazing.

And suddenly all sorts of amazing possibilities with you open up.

So now you’re probably wondering how you do it.  How do you get inside his head and change how he feels about you?  How do you affect his “movie trailer”?

Inside the Relationship Rewrite Method, James explores this concept in great detail, starting from the very first text you send to your ex and ending with advanced techniques and strategies that make your ex want you back.

Choosing The Right Target

Before I end this article, I want to touch on one idea I think is really important.

It’s all about choosing the right target.

Don’t focus on “fixing” the relationship, or “convincing” your ex to take you back, or solving problems and “giving things another try”.

Instead, zero in on all the opportunities to change the way he feels when he thinks about you.

Remember, emotions – not logic – run the show.  That makes these opportunities extremely important.

One of the biggest mistakes I see women make time and time again is spending way too much energy on trying to “fix” the relationship, which only ends up backfiring.  Instead of making him feel better about the relationship, it only reawakens his reasons for shutting you out and pulling away.  It just reminds him of all the things that went wrong, and justifies his decision to not give things another chance.

Don’t make that mistake.

Instead, focus your energy – ALL of it – on just one thing and one thing only: the primary emotion he feels whenever he is reminded of you.  That could be when he receives a text message from you, sees you out with mutual friends, or hears your voice during a conversation.

When you change the emotions he associates with you, the mental images running through his head change all on their own.  His emotional wall comes down, and you get a second chance at a great relationship.

I’ll leave you with one more thing about humans and human nature.  We tend to do much better and are much more likely to follow through when we have step-by-step guidance to follow.

So if you’d like to make things much easier on yourself by using a step-by-step method for changing the way your ex boyfriend feels about you, click here and let James give you everything you need to be successful.

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