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The Salvation Diet Review – Chris Walker Turns Heads And Raises Eyebrows With Bible-Inspired Weight Loss Program

What can the Bible tell us about weight loss?  Apparently, a lot! The following Salvation Diet review takes an in-depth look at Chris Walker’s newly released weight loss program.  Click here for our review summary and final verdict.

The Salvation Diet Ebook

The Salvation Diet ebook by Chris Walker. Download Chris’ complete weight loss protocol. (No time for a video? Click here instead.)

The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat? is a biblically-based nutrition program designed to help Christian men and women escape the curse of obesity and live long, productive lives through the transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

Created from Chris Walker’s own battle with being overweight, the Salvation Diet is a science-backed fat loss system aimed at extending your life, shrinking your waistline, fueling your body with energy, reducing stress, clearing your mind, and fulfilling your potential.

It is an excellent choice for men and women who are tired of constantly battling weight problems and the endless complications that come from being obese.

The Salvation Diet is an online program and a true multimedia experience, consisting of ebook transcripts (PDF) and accompanying audio and video modules.  It is available for purchase and immediate download directly from author Chris Walker’s website.

Get instant access now through Chris’ site or continue below to read our all-inclusive review, complete with author information, module-by-module breakdowns, bonus content, and what to realistically expect from the program.

This Salvation Diet review was last updated by the Newspaper Cat Reviews Team on 10-21-2015.

A Biblically Inspired Weight Loss System?

Why is dieting so hard? So many people spend thousands of dollars each year going from one new diet to the next, and yet 35% of all adults in the United States are still classified as obese.

Most people who diet eventually regain the lost weight and actually end up adding to their bulging waistlines. The unfortunate reality is, most popular weight-loss programs provide short-term success and long-term failure. The end result? The human race is getting bigger, fatter, faster.

Body Mass Index Chart

A staggering 35% of adults in the United States are classified as obese with a BMI of over 30. Source: Everyday Health

Sounds very depressing, doesn’t it? And it should. It certainly doesn’t say a lot for many of the new fad diets that are in vogue one year and out the next.

Part of the problem is we get conditioned to think our weight is a function of just two components: diet and exercise. But what if there was more to it than that?

What if there was another way, proven throughout history, to not only reduce our waistline, but also improve our overall health and emotional and spiritual well-being?

These are the secrets Chris Walker, the creator of The Salvation Diet: What Would Jesus Eat?, claims to uncover in his newly-released diet and lifestyle transformation program. As the only “biblically inspired weight loss system”, can the Salvation Diet revolutionize the way we address and approach weight loss in the future?

According to Chris Walker, the secret lies in the Salvation Diet’s holistic approach to weight loss that utilizes the lessons found inside the Bible to guide men and women to meaningful and permanent weight reduction. At the same time, the Salvation Diet helps you understand the comprehensive causes and effects of weight loss and weight gain, so you can avoid undesirable patterns that prevent you from achieving your optimal weight.

Not yet sold on the program? Well, you shouldn’t be. After all, you’ve heard it all before, right?

You aren’t alone in feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition and diet advice out there. It seems that for every expert who tells you a certain food is good for you, you’ll find another saying exactly the opposite.

The goal of this Salvation Diet review is to sort fact from fiction and provide a detailed appraisal of what the program is all about. Through that process, this review hopes to answer the question of whether or not it works (regardless of your faith), so you can weigh the pros and cons to determine if this is the dietary and lifestyle course best suited for your situation.

Before we go into the ins and outs of the course, let’s first take a look at exactly how the Salvation Diet works to help you lose weight and its underlying principles for achieving optimal health.

If you want to skip the review and check out Chris Walker’s Salvation Diet program immediately on your own, click here to go to the official website.  (For a text-based version of the website, click here.)

What Is The Salvation Diet And How Does It Work?

According to Chris Walker, the Salvation Diet is a step-by-step Biblical path to weight loss, health, and longevity. It is the ultimate system for living life optimally in all facets: spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Salvation Diet Membership Area Preview

A look inside the Salvation Diet member’s area. (Click to enlarge)

As already mentioned, it is this holistic notion that sets Chris’s Salvation Diet program apart from other diets. It examines what God tells us about food in the Bible, and it uses practices from ancient times to shape an effective weight reduction strategy. The Salvation Diet also uses select passages from the Bible to motivate, inspire, and encourage users on their journey.

The dietary recommendations contained in the Salvation Diet are based in large part on what the Bible tells us Jesus and others ate in biblical times. There are actually many super foods (such as pomegranates) used in healing and weight loss that scientists are researching today, which were also traditional foods regularly eaten by ancient peoples in Biblical times.

It is also well recognized that obesity is both a psychological and a physical problem. The psychological aspect of obesity goes well beyond just the development of eating disorders. Many people rely on food as a form of coping mechanism, and the holistic nature of the Salvation Diet is designed to not only encourage healthy eating and an active lifestyle, but it also helps people refocus their emotional well-being.

The traditional approach to diets has always been “eat less, exercise more”. While these are important aspects of reducing weight, there is growing recognition of the importance of emotional and spiritual/self-care components and the role they play in effective weight loss treatments.

The Salvation Diet takes the following holistic approach to weight loss: by loving the body as it is, being content and happy within oneself, getting plenty of rest and making time for relaxation and others, and by following a healthy eating and exercise pattern, a positive transformation of the mind, body, and soul will follow.

A significant body of scientific and psychological evidence supports the approach Chris Walker takes inside the Salvation Diet. This research is an important factor that shows the Salvation Diet’s long-term potential as a weight loss and lifestyle tool.

What’s Included In The Salvation Diet?

The Salvation Diet is divided into seven separate modules. Each module consists of a series of videos, written transcripts (PDF), and worksheets available online through a private members area.

When you purchase the course, you receive personal login details you can use to access the online portal from anywhere and on any device with internet access. There are also a number of gift/bonus programs included in the package, and lifetime premium support is provided.

A brief summary of each individual component contained in the Salvation Diet can be found below. At first glance, it’s definitely one of the more comprehensive dietary and lifestyle programs available today.

But quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality, so as we continue with this Salvation Diet review, we’ll take an in-depth look at everything you get with the course. Only then, can we decide if it’s any good or not.

Salvation Diet Core Modules

Module 1: Introduction – Chris introduces himself and discusses a little bit of his personal background. He explains how being overweight and the personal emotional upheaval he went through because of it led him on a mission to transform his body, mind, and soul through the teachings of the Bible.

Chris then explains how the Salvation Diet came about and why improving your mind, soul, and body is so important, yet so difficult at the same time. He also includes a worksheet containing a simple exercise designed to improve your self-esteem. To achieve the results you want, you must first believe in yourself and have faith in the journey you are about to commence.

Module 2: Daily Verse – This module covers something a lot of people forget or never consider when trying to lose weight: daily prayer and gratitude. Chris reveals:

● two simple mind tricks for becoming super powerful without ever going to the gym.

● how doing one particular thing 7 minutes a day takes all the guess work out of your daily decision making.

● what “oil for the soul” is and how it’s the key to remaining youthful.

Module 3: Rejuvenation – The impact an absence of sleep can have on our weight and general well-being is often underestimated. In this section of the Salvation Diet course, Chris discusses passages in the Bible which provide great guidance on how we can achieve the proper balance between physical activity and rest. He also explains why quality sleep is so critically important for recuperation and repair, growth, and regrowth.

Module 4: That’s Not Food – Answering the question of what would Jesus eat, Chris examines 12 common food and weight loss myths prevalent in modern society. These myths are ingrained in our society today and are a big reason the obesity epidemic continues to grow.

Chris also sets out in great detail the 12-week “real food” transformation diet plan. This dietary plan gives you a step-by-step roadmap on how to gradually adjust your nutrition and dietary habits to eliminate all the bad food items we commonly eat and replace them with “real food”. The end result is a body that burns fat for fuel instead of storing it.

Revelations in this section of the course include:

● one superfood that supercharges your weight loss.

● how what you’ve been told to eat for breakfast is making you sick and how a simple switch makes you feel energetic all day.

● how eliminating one food from your diet gets rid of excess bloating in just three days.

A separate “7 Days of Creation Meal Plan” is also included to help you melt the pounds away. This sets out an easy-to-follow meal plan designed to give you the energy that comes from eating the real food God created for us, while keeping your body in a fat-burning state.

Module 5: Playtime – This segment of the Salvation Diet program covers another all-important component in weight loss: exercise. Inside, you discover Chris’ gradual three-tier exercise system designed to help you lose weight. The system is suitable for men and women of all fitness levels. The module is aptly titled “Playtime, because it revolves around making fitness fun. You’ll learn:

● one easy exercise that reduces your chance of an early death by up to 30 percent.

● a simple method you can use for just 20 minutes a day for three days a week to reduce your weight and add lean muscle to your frame.

● a fun and easy exercise anyone can do to burn fat fast.

Module 6: Serving Others – The benefits of serving others are widely recognized as having amazing long lasting effects on a person’s mind, body, and soul. With this in mind, Chris covers the important role service plays in your weight loss journey and emotional well-being. In a separate worksheet, he reveals 101 ways to serve others. Also included are:

● how to completely transform your life by doing just one small act.

● a straightforward “mindset shift trick” to instantly go from scarcity to abundance.

● how to help one hundred people by helping just one.

Module 7: Your New Best Self – This final module of the Salvation Diet looks at 12 simple things you can do to remove mental and physical clutter from your life. It leaves with you with a positive outlook for the future and includes a list of 40 helpful tips for simplifying your life and creating room for what’s most important.

This review of the Salvation Diet isn’t intended to spoil ALL the fun, and the above is only a brief outline of Chris Walker’s diet program. There are many other insightful tips and actionable techniques you can easily implement into your daily life.  ==> Watch this video that explains more…

Also included is lifetime premium support. This gives you direct guidance from Chris and his support team in the event you have any questions or need additional help getting the most from the program.

In addition to this support, each module of the course includes an area for members to make comments, get feedback, ask questions, and discuss particular aspects of the course with other members of the Salvation Diet community. The inclusion of this ongoing support system makes the process of losing weight much easier for those who use it. It is a key difference over many other diet programs which simply give you a set of principles to follow and then leave you to figure everything out on your own.

Bonus Gifts

Chris includes four free bonus programs in the package. These gift programs expand on many of the fundamental principles contained in the main course. Here’s what you can expect from these additional programs:

Gift #1: Sabbath Sleep Hacks – In this bonus you discover:

● why you can currently sleep upwards of 10 hours a night and still wake up exhausted, plus the one small tweak you can make to sleep fewer (but higher quality) hours and wake up with more energy than ever before.

● the one thing you must eliminate from your bedroom to have the best night’s sleep of your life.

● one extremely powerful food you should eat at night to increase your levels of serotonin and wake up energized.

Gift #2: The Secret Of Living Water – Water is a topic mentioned regularly in the Bible and an integral component to weight management. This gift program reveals the 12 vital reasons you need to stay hydrated by drinking enough water each day. It also includes a straightforward technique you can use to “hyper-hydrate” yourself in just a few minutes, even if you dislike the taste of water.

Gift #3: The Food Forgiveness Journal – Recognizing that losing weight often culminates in the reversal of a lifetime of bad habits, Chris created the Food Forgiveness Journal to give you one of the Bible’s greatest gifts: the gift of forgiveness and grace.

The Food Forgiveness Journal allows you to easily track the foods you consume on a daily basis. It also gives you the tools necessary to forgive yourself for any “dietary sins” you commit, helps you avoid food temptations, and quickly refocuses your weight loss goals.

Gift #4: Let Jesus Take The Grocery Cart – Described as the “Biblical grocery list”, the last Salvation Diet gift program gives specific details on exactly which foods to consume in order to eat the way God intended. The great variety of foods consumed during Biblical times are all available in modern day supermarkets.

On the list, they are divided into the following groups for ease of reference when shopping:

● vegetables,
● fruit,
● herbs and spices,
● breads and breakfast,
● meat, poultry and seafood
● dairy,
● nuts and oils
● dry items,
● condiments,
● drinks, and
● miscellaneous.

Benefits Of The Salvation Diet

The Salvation Diet addresses and fixes many of the common pitfalls associated with most diets available today. Modern fad diets and weight loss programs often help you lose weight in the short-term, but fail to provide a holistic means for keeping the weight off. This is one of the common causes of “yo-yo dieting” – the repeated loss and regain of body weight.

When users experience rebound weight gain, the frustration and emotional let-down often causes them to abandon whatever diet they are on in hopes of finding a new one that works. It’s a vicious cycle that repeats itself over and over.

Chris Walker’s Salvation Diet program avoids this pitfall through a holistic and proven approach to weight reduction and wellness that not only addresses the physical factors of fat loss, but also the mental and spiritual as well.

Whether you are a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ or not, the principles contained in the Salvation Diet are universally applicable regardless of your faith. This is a weight loss program, not a religious sermon.

The foundation of the course may have origins in Biblical times, but as with many aspects of our lives, those principles remain relevant today. That the concepts underpinning the program are actually based on modern-day scientific and psychological research is just further proof why the Bible is often referred to as the “Good Book”.

Every essential component required for a holistic approach to weight loss and healthy living is divided into separate and easy-to-follow modules for quick reference. The Salvation Diet does not require a huge time commitment or countless hours at the gym to implement successfully.

All of the “Gift Programs” are meaningful, useful, and directly relatable to the contents of the main Salvation Diet program. This adds significant value to the course without becoming “fluff” or “filler”. These gifts further enhance your ability to lose weight permanently, prevent chronic disease, and increase your life expectancy.

What is particularly noticeable with the Salvation Diet is the post-purchase support services offered by Chris Walker and his team to ensure you meet your weight loss objectives. While the steps contained in the program are straightforward and easy to implement, users should feel encouraged they will not be left to fend for themselves should they run into problems or need additional help to meet their weight loss goals.

The Salvation Diet is more than just an ebook. It is a multimedia experience. It contains audio, video, and written PDF formats to ensure every user gets as much out of the course as possible. For users who want to enjoy the materials offline, the entire program can easily be downloaded and printed for future reference.

The Salvation Diet does not require any of the expensive foods, supplements, vitamins, etc. you often find recommended in other diet programs. The added expense associated with many conventional diets makes it very difficult for users to continue long-term. By contrast, all of the foods contained in Chris’s program are easily sourced and should not add any extra costs to your weekly food bill.

The low one-off fee pays for lifetime access to the Salvation Diet and includes all future updates free of charge. There is no ongoing expense associated with the program, unlike many other diets which more or less serve as fronts to extract more money from your wallet via special “diet shakes”, “miracle pills”, or monthly memberships.

Chris Walker offers an almost unheard of 365-day full refund guarantee with every purchase of the Salvation Diet. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the program, or it does not meet your expectations, you can get a full refund for up to an entire year after your purchase. That’s way more than enough time to take action, implement the program, and see if the Salvation Diet works for you.

Things To Take Into Account

With its Biblical themes, the Salvation Diet is clearly targeted towards practicing Christians. This makes perfect sense given studies which show a higher rate of obesity in Christians than in non-Christians and Chris Walker’s lifelong desire to rid fellow Christians of the obesity epidemic.

However, regardless of your religious denomination or beliefs, there are plenty of useful tips contained in the Salvation Diet to benefit every man and woman who is currently overweight or obese. The past always provides lessons for the present and guidance for the future. Throughout history, the Bible has always been the greatest teaching text of humankind, and Chris Walker shows anyone willing to listen how to apply those principles to weight loss.

The Salvation Diet is for action takers only. It should be obvious, but in order to get the best results from Chris Walker’s program, you need to commit to and follow the steps he sets out in the program without cutting corners or looking for shortcuts.

The Salvation Diet is by no means a strict, time consuming, or difficult dietary and lifestyle program to follow, but it does still require a level of dedication if you want to reach and sustain your weight loss goals. The holistic nature of the program is designed in such a way to ensure you receive the quickest results possible, but a level of effort is necessary to ensure a total transformation of mind, body, and soul.

As with any dietary program involving exercise as a core component, it is important to consider any pre-existing physical limitations you may have before using the Salvation Diet method. While Chris Walker’s three-tier exercise system is suitable for people of any fitness level, you may choose to consult with your physician to ensure there are no complications or physical limitations that would prevent you from completing the program.

The Salvation Diet is a program designed to be effective regardless of your gender, age, weight, dietary preferences, or goals. With so many different variables at play, you should not feel discouraged if your weight loss experience is different from others. The Salvation Diet is not a “lose 20lbs in 5 days” type of program, but rather a method for achieving long-term and sustainable weight loss.

Final Thoughts And Verdict On The Salvation Diet

You’ve already tried them all. You suffered through the raw food, the alkaline, the master cleanse, the liquid, the detox, and probably many others. Yet none of them worked for you.

Funny Dieting Cartoon

What it feels like when you’ve tried everything and nothing works.

Even if this is your first foray into weight loss, the promises of a “quick fix” or a miracle cure will always sound very appealing. But the truth is, many of the weight loss programs and products on the market today focus solely on nutrition, exercise, or both.

The problem with these approaches is they only deal with two of the many different essential components necessary for effective, long-term weight reduction. In other words, they are not all encompassing. This is a big reason why so many people achieve short-term fat loss only to watch the weight rebound as quickly as it disappeared in the first place.

Through Biblical inspiration and modern day science, the Salvation Diet by Chris Walker addresses these shortcomings and takes a holistic approach to weight loss that encompasses the three pillars: mind, body, and spirit. The end result is a very balanced approach for living a long, healthy life.

We may not be able to live in the past, but we can most certainly draw lessons from it. If you’re looking for an effective and proven fat loss system with the aim of extending your life, shrinking your waistline, fueling your body with energy, reducing stress, clearing your mind, and awakening your spirituality, then…

Click here to meet up with Chris Walker and learn how his Salvation Diet can help you win the battle with obesity and live a life full of limitless potential, just as God intended for you

(No time for a video? Click here instead.)
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That concludes our all-inclusive review of the Salvation Diet by Chris Walker. We hope you found it helpful, and we wish you all the best in achieving your weight loss goals!

Salvation Diet Review Summary

The Salvation Diet was reviewed by NewspaperCat Reviewers on .
A biblically-based nutrition program designed to help Christian men and women escape the curse of obesity. The Salvation Diet by Chris Walker reveals a step-by-step Biblical path to weight loss, health, and longevity. It is an excellent choice for men and women who want to live life optimally in all facets: spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Rated 4.7 stars out of 5

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