What Is The Fastest Way To Lose Belly And Side Fat?

woman with belly and side fat

The battle of the bulge is one fight no one can afford to lose!

No one likes belly and side fat.  Having a ‘gut’ or ‘love handles’ is both unattractive and unhealthy.

The negative health risks of excess fat around the waistline include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, multiple forms of cancer, and even sleep apnea.  These risks are acute for men, women, and even children.

Belly and side fat makes you less attractive, pure and simple. It can also have psychological, social, and behavioral consequences. Conversely, the absence of excess waistline fat is attractive to everyone.

You don’t need rock hard abs like boxing champion Floyd Mayweather or a ‘six-pack’, but a toned core will make you look better and feel better.  It will also positively influence your self-confidence, motivation, and overall emotional well-being.

The Belly Fat Banishment Plan

If you were expecting a ‘magic formula’ to lose belly and side fat fast, you’re bound to be disappointed.  The three factors most commonly cited as the root causes of body fat are level of physical activity, diet, and genetics.  However, there is much debate about the extent to which abdominal fat is hereditary.

We can’t do anything about your genetic makeup, so the belly fat elimination process involves the other two: a better diet and more physical activity.

A Better Diet

If you have excess body fat that you need to eliminate fast and want to improve your overall health while you’re at it, then you have to change your diet.  This lifestyle modification is non-negotiable.

You need to eat more healthy foods and fewer unhealthy ones. You also need to know your caloric intake because losing weight is just a simple mathematical equation: you need to expend more calories than you consume. Do that, and you will lose weight along with the belly and side fat.

Don’t think you can just starve yourself either.  You need plenty of energy to exercise and to go about your day to day routine, not to mention starvation diets actually cause your body to hold onto fat rather than get rid of it.

There’s a huge difference between ‘lean and healthy’ and ‘weak and emaciated’.  In fact, if you exercise in the right way, you can earn the ability to eat just about whatever you want.

As far as specifics, there are countless different ways to put together a healthy, fat reducing diet.  For example, a vegetarian diet and a meat based ‘paleo’ diet are diametric opposites, but they’ll both work when done properly.

An Exercise Regimen

Improving your level of physical activity is the other non-negotiable component of losing belly and side fat. Obviously, you should check with your doctor and be mindful of any health issues.

Assuming you’re healthy, however, a significant increase in your level of physical activity is even better.  It’s a great way to symbolically ‘break’ with the sedentary existence responsible for your weight and fat gain.  It’ll burn more calories, you’ll make progress more quickly, and it’ll ‘toughen you up’.  Make sure to keep track of your workouts and particularly your calorie burn rate.

Fat loss aside, there are a myriad of health perks from regular exercise.  You’ll lose weight and fat, but also improve your muscle tone, improve your posture, have more energy, and gain more self-esteem among countless other ancillary benefits.

Much like designing a healthy diet, there are many types of exercise that can get you where you need to go.  Find one that you enjoy, can do conveniently, or that is especially effective at targeting any ‘problem areas’.

You can also take advantage of unique exercise opportunities where you live.  For example, if you live in Utah, learn to snowboard.  If you live in California, learn to surf.

You can do yoga anywhere, and you’ll burn calories, improve your balance, and tone your body.  Yoga is a great workout, and some research suggests it might actually be one of the best and fastest ways to eliminate extremely stubborn belly and side fat.

Above all, keep at it!  With good eating habits and regular exercise, a lifetime of good health is well within your control.



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