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5 Of The Best Halloween Bathroom Decorations That Make You Think Twice About Going Potty

Transform any bathroom into a nightmarish space with these scary Halloween bathroom decorations.

Halloween decorations for the bathroom often get overlooked, but this is one room in your house with some seriously spooky potential. Often small and claustrophobic, bathrooms can easily be transformed into creepy or even nightmarish spaces with just a few small pieces of Halloween bathroom décor.

Here are 5 of our favorite Halloween decorations for bathrooms to ensure you have the perfect haunted potty space on October 31st.

1.) Gifts & Décor Halloween Toilet Paper Holder

Gifts & Decor Halloween Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder Found Here

When it comes to decorating a bathroom for Halloween, where’s the easiest place to start? The toilet paper holder of course! Featuring a detailed black-and-bone-colored polyresin skeleton, this Gifts & Décor Halloween Toilet Paper Holder comes with a creepy smile that makes you think twice about reaching for the TP. It’s sturdy, well-made, and easy to hang using the three mounting holes on the back. For an even more freaky and sinister feel, try the Design Toscano Bone Dry Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder.


2.) Spinning Hat Blood Bath Hand Towel

Spinning Hat Blood Bath Hand Towel Found Here

What’s your blood type…splattered, spilled or splashed? If you want to turn your bathroom into a horror scene this Halloween, then the Spinning Hat Blood Bath Hand Towel may be just the item you need. This white 100% cotton towel features a variety of blood spatter along with 2 blood-stained handprints. The hand towel is functional, but not super soft. It’s mainly intended for novelty use. Those looking for Halloween bathroom décor sets can add in the Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Curtain and Spinning Hat Blood Bath Bath Mat to complete the blood-stained look.


3.) Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Gel

Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Gel Found Here

Have friends or family spending the night this Halloween? If so, then let them bathe themselves in Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Gel while they recreate their favorite scenes from Dracula, Psycho, and Twilight. This package of body wash looks like a real blood transfusion bag, but is filled with 13.5 oz of cherry scented shower gel. Simply hang it from your shower head with the included rope. Then, sit back and experience what it’s really like to be at the center of a “blood bath”.


4.) Help Me Shower Curtain

Scary Help Me With Bloody Hands Halloween Shower Curtain Found Here

For a truly terrifying feel on October 31st, the Help Me Shower Curtain is an excellent finishing touch to your Halloween bathroom décor. This is a horror shower curtain that reads “Help” in blood along with two blood soaked hands that appear to be trying to escape from the bathtub. As far as Halloween bathroom decorations are concerned, this one is truly horrifying in a dimly lit room. To make things even more ghastly and grim, consider placing a strobe light behind it and/or play an occasional scream sound effect.


5.) Zombie-Hand Peel ‘N Place Toilet Topper

Zombie-Hand Peel ‘N Place Toilet Topper Found Here

Friends and family will think twice about ever using your bathroom again when they walk in and see the Zombie-Hand Peel ‘N Place Toilet Topper sticking out of the toilet. But after the initial screams stop, they’ll probably have a good laugh. With a realistic 3-D effect, this static-cling-style vinyl sticker is truly gruesome. It looks like a menacing zombie hand emerging from a blood soaked toilet bowl. It’s easy to apply and can be removed and re-used. If you’re looking for Halloween decorations for the bathroom that are both budget-friendly and flat-out scary, this toilet topper is an excellent choice!

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