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5 Good Ideas For Scary Costumes This Halloween (Adults & Kids)

These ideas for scary Halloween costumes will make your skin crawl.

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without scary costumes.  It’s the one day each year where people EXPECT you to scare the bejesus out of them.  While scary Halloween costumes may be too much to handle for young children, adults are fair game…for the most part (please don’t give Grandma a heart attack).

Scary Halloween costumes are both fun and frightening.  They are also a great way to remain anonymous and inconspicuous at events and parties, because they usually contain large, gruesome masks that hide your face.  If you want to put fear in people this Halloween, here are 5 good ideas for scary costumes.

1. The Exorcist Regan Costume By Morbid Enterprises

Morbid Enterprises The Exorcist Regan Costume Found Here

Many film fanatics consider The Exorcist the greatest horror film of all time.  Watch this and it’s hard to disagree…

Based loosely on actual events, The Exorcist (1973) tells the story of a little girl named Regan MacNeil who becomes possessed by the devil.  The movie shocked millions when it was released in 1973 and continues to have a large fan base.  Even today, it’s still considered one of the scariest movies ever.

By wearing the The Exorcist Regan Costume By Morbid Enterprises, you become the lead character, complete with lace nightshirt, fake blood, and vomit stains.  The only drawback is you’ll need to purchase a Regan mask separately.  Otherwise, you’ll just look like a girl who got the stomach flu or fell victim to tuberculosis, although that’s pretty frightening too.  😉


2. Rotten To The Core Zombie Costume For Children

California Costumes Rotten To The Core Children’s Halloween Costume Found Here

Scary zombie costumes usually aren’t kid-friendly and might be too terrifying for many children, but if you currently have a child who gets dirty all the time, tears holes in his or her clothes, and refuses to bathe, then you may already feel like you live with the “undead”.  In that case, the Rotten To The Core Zombie Costume For Children is an ideal choice.

Made of tattered and torn clothing, this zombie Halloween costume includes a gray shirt with hood, matching pants, a skeleton bone chest piece, and a rotten-flesh-inspired half-mask.  It’s perfect for children who truly are “rotten to the core”. 🙂


3. 3D Zombie Costume By Fun World

Fun World Men’s Complete 3D Zombie Costume Found Here

Next on our list is a scary zombie costume for adults.  With a little creativity, you can make the Fun World Men’s Complete 3D Zombie Costume truly terrifying.

This costume is ideal for those who want a more traditional zombie-look. It features tattered pants and shirt with sewn-in PVC body parts, gloves, and a mask with wig.

It’s not the highest quality zombie attire out there, but it’s an easy and cheap scary costume idea that works for many occasions. 


4. (Top Pick) Gruesome Bat Creature By Rubies

Gruesome Bat Creature Reacher Mask And Costume Found Here

Now it’s time to go from scary to SUPER SCARY Halloween costumes.  Rubie’s Gruesome Bat Creature Costume definitely isn’t cheap, but it’s still one of our favorites.

It’s big.  It’s ugly.  It’s deluxe, high-quality, unique, and awesome!  It’s one of the best super scary costumes for Halloween you’ll find. This bat creature costume includes a deluxe latex evil bat mask with gaping mouth and slithering tongue, arm and hand extensions, and tattered robe.

By itself, it’s scary, but in the woods or covered in fog, it transforms into a living nightmare.  Keep in mind, the mask and arms on this costume are both very large, so expect to do a few minor modifications to get everything to fit just right.


5. Hooded Pumpkin Monster Mask By Forum Novelties

Forum Novelties Men’s Hooded Pumpkin Monster Mask Found Here

For those in need of good last minute scary costume ideas, simply combining a terrifying mask with just about any outfit is a quick and easy option.

This Forum Novelties Men’s Hooded Pumpkin Monster Mask features an attached black hood, scary teeth, and realistic wound stitching.  It also has mesh openings around the eyes and breathable fabric across the mouth.  Combine it with an all-black shirt, robe, or sheet, and you’ll be the last pumpkin anyone wants to come across in a dark alley on Halloween night.


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