7 Tips For Beating Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Couple Who Overcame Diabetes

You can beat diabetes without drugs!

Discovering you have type 2 diabetes can feel like a lifelong sentence to insulin injections and worry. But medication is not the only effective treatment.

On WebMD, Sonya Collins and Michael Dansinger (MD) explore the possibility of making lifestyle changes that can reduce your symptoms and dependence on medication. In fact, they show that it’s even possible for some patients to achieve a full remission.

Remission is something world renowned nutritionist Yuri Elkaim also discovered when helping his own father overcome and reverse the disease. Yuri’s discovery of “super starches” sparked the creation of his Defeating Diabetes Kit, an effective diabetes treatment method that has garnered a strong following from those looking to end their diabetic nightmare.

In the context of Type 2 diabetes, remission means you can come off medication and stay off, as long as you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, if you fall back into bad habits, there’s a chance the symptoms can come back, and you will once again have to go back on diabetes medication.

If you want to beat type 2 diabetes naturally, your genetics, the severity of your illness, and the amount of time you’ve suffered from the disease will all play roles in how fast you can reverse your symptoms.

Let’s take a look at some of the dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to finally kick diabetes to the curb.

Eat A Healthy Diet

The first step in beating diabetes is to adjust your diet. This is the standard advice that all diabetic patients are given. It’s important to be honest with yourself and follow the rules; high glycemic index foods are tempting, but they can make you ill. So avoid them! You should also steer clear of fast food.

Prioritize Weight Control

Today, being overweight is a well-known risk factor for developing diabetes. That’s especially true when it comes to belly fat. But studies have shown that losing 5-10% of your bodyweight can improve blood sugar levels and stop the progression of diabetes.

There’s no doubt that losing weight is hard; some people struggle with it for years. But it’s an important part of beating type 2 diabetes naturally. Programs like Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet and John Rowley’s E-Factor Diet can help.

Get Healthy Amounts Of Sleep

Sleeping less than 6 hours per night can play havoc with your blood sugar levels, and can ultimately lead to glucose intolerance. Glucose intolerance in turn can lead to type 2 diabetes. Improving your sleep can help remedy the condition.

Make sure you avoid habits that disrupt your sleep pattern. For instance, drinking caffeinated beverages throughout the day, drinking alcohol, and eating spicy food in the evening. Maintain a nighttime routine, and go to bed at the same time each night.

Keeping your bedroom at the right temperature helps too. It should not be overly hot or frigidly cold. Instead, a slightly cool temperature is best for comfortable sleep.

Fix Your Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects breathing at night. Sufferers frequently stop breathing when they are asleep, as their air passageways become blocked. Sleeping in certain positions often makes it worse.

People who suffer from sleep apnea also tend to snore. The condition can be confirmed with a sleep test, and it’s usually easy to treat. In tough cases, surgery may be required.

People with sleep apnea often have type 2 diabetes, and vice versa. Because sleep apnea causes wild fluctuations in blood sugar levels, it can make diabetes worse. It can also lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Getting your sleep apnea fixed will result in more restful sleep. It can also help reduce the symptoms of your type 2 diabetes.

Get More Exercise

Exercise is essential for weight loss and overall health, but it also helps reduce the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Several studies confirm this. According to the American Diabetes Association, muscle cells suck up extra glucose as fuel during exercise. This reduces the quantity of sugar in the bloodstream.

Reduce Stress

There’s a well-established connection between stress and illness, including type 2 diabetes [6]. Stress has a direct impact on blood sugar levels, so reducing stress will help keep these levels in a healthy range.

There are lots of different approaches to reducing stress. Common advice suggests avoiding stressful activities and situations, but that’s usually easier said than done. Sports and physical activities can help, as can yoga. Even taking a walk or planning a vacation can help get your mind off of stressful things and can give you a chance to recharge your mind and body.

Commit To Change

Reversing diabetes means making some changes to your life. Nobody said beating type 2 diabetes naturally was easy! Commit to change, but before doing anything too drastic, remember to consult with your doctor to make sure changes to your diet or exercise routines won’t cause any unforeseen problems.

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