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Awesome Ugly Christmas Sweaters To Delight And Horrify Just About Everyone

Awesome Ugly Christmas Sweaters Everyone Should Own

Do you own an awesome ugly Christmas sweater?  I own one.  By one, I mean a handful.  And by a handful, I mean about a dozen.

Now you’re probably wondering why I own so many different ugly Christmas sweaters.  Did my mom swaddle me in ugly Xmas sweaters as a baby?  Is it some sort of freaky fetish I have?  I dunno. Maybe?!?  (Great, now I’ll have to psychoanalyze myself.  There goes my evening.)

Mostly, I just like messing with people. 🙂 And at Christmas time, there’s no easier way than to show up at a Christmas party (or the neighbors or the grocery store) wearing something outrageously horrendous. Or, if you really want to crank things up a notch, check out this post with totally inappropriate ugly Christmas sweaters that are definitely NOT mom approved.

The ultimate ugly Xmas sweater is always a huge hit and a great way to make people laugh.  Sometimes a smile is all people need this time of year. After all, there are so many other things to stress about when it comes to preparing for the holidays: setting up the Christmas tree, stringing up Christmas lights, fighting shopping crowds, figuring out what to get that one person who is sooo hard to shop for, finding a freaking Hatchimal that doesn’t cost two arms, a leg, and your liver, sending Christmas cards, worrying about potential family feuds, finances, and the list goes on and on.

Forget all that! Christmas should be FUN!

So around this time every year, I pick out a new ugly Christmas sweater and retire an old one.  I donate them or give them away to people in need.  I get to update my wardrobe, and someone else gets a comfy sweater to not only stay warm, but also spread some holiday cheer to everyone who sees it.  It’s a win-win.

And thus, the search begins.  Look at these awesome ugly Xmas sweaters I’ve found so far.  It will be tough to choose, but I think one lucky vomiting Christmas unicorn might find a new home in my closet this year.  I also hear a Bikini Sasquatch calling my name…”Derek. Deeerek. Deeeeeeerek.”

In a hurry? Find all the best (ugliest) ugly Christmas sweaters here.

Ugly Xmas Sweaters With Tattoos

I Found This Faux Real Men’s Biker Ugly X-Mas Sweater With Tattoos Here – With this one, I’d instantly become a badass. Oooo, and I’d have chest hair, too!  I could totally freak out mom.  Never too old to be a rebel!

Ugly Sweaters For Christmas – Sasquatch

I Found This Green Alex Stevens Men’s Bikini Sasquatch Ugly Christmas Sweater Here – Sasquatch lore is hot and heavy in my neck of the woods, so this is almost too perfect.  I now understand why Bigfoot never wants to be seen.

Ugly Tacky Christmas Sweater Ideas – Coconut Bra

I Found This Alex Stevens Men’s Mele Kalikimaka Ugly Christmas Sweater Here – The sad thing is, I once wore a real coconut bra.  And, even sadder, I have pictures.  It was to amuse my family.  Yeah, I know, weirdos!

Ugly Christmas Vacation Sweater – Why Is The Carpet All Wet, Todd?

I Found This Alex Stevens Men’s Wet Carpet Todd Ugly Christmas Sweater Here – If you’re not a fan of the movie Christmas Vacation, then this ugly Xmas sweater won’t make any sense.  If you are, then you’ll realize just how perfect it really is!

Ugly Inappropriate Christmas Sweater

I Found This Santa Men’s Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire Ugly Christmas Sweater Here – Totally inappropriate.  I can’t believe they had the balls to go there.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters – Baby Jesus In The Lion King

I Found This Alex Stevens Men’s Circle Of Life Ugly Christmas Sweater Here – My wife and I are big fans of the Lion King.  I hold our cat up like this all the time.  I never know the exact words, so I usually proclaim, “Oonsa-boooon-yaaa!” as the cat rests above my head.  Our 3-year old thinks it’s hilarious.  As for the sweater, I see Jesus, Santa, an American Flag, and only two sheep but 10 legs.  That’s crazy and weird which makes this one of the best ugly Christmas sweaters ever.

Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater – Vomiting Unicorn


Vomiting Unicorn Ugly Christmas Sweater - Great To Wear To Any Xmas Party

I Found This Blizzard Bay Men’s Vomiting Unicorn Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater Here – Crikey!  Here we have the rare vomiting Christmas unicorn that doubles as both an incredibly ugly light up Christmas sweater and also a teaching demonstration to show your kids what happens when you eat too much candy.

Ugly Christmas Santa Sweater

I Found This Alex Stevens Men’s 8 Bit Santa Holiday Sweater Here – Chaos and confusion!  My eyes have NO IDEA where to focus on this thing.  Seriously, it’s been 10 minutes and the Santas are starting to dance.

Ugly Reindeer Christmas Sweater

I Found This Blizzard Bay Men’s Flashy Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater Here – Combine a nearly naked flexing reindeer man with an atrocious background and you get one super ugly Christmas sweater.  Who thinks of this stuff?  Seriously, who?

Ugly Horse Christmas Sweater

I Found This Red Alex Stevens Men’s Happy Holidays Horse Ugly Christmas Sweater Here – The look on this horse’s face is exactly how people will look at you if you wear this ugly Xmas sweater out on the town.  Brilliant!

Ugly Christmas Holiday Sweater

I Found This Blizzard Bay Men’s Neon Candles And Things Ugly Christmas Sweater Here – Stop staring!  Those are candles.  You perv! 😉

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