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The Best Naughty And Inappropriate Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Dirty Minds

Naughty And Inappropriate Christmas Sweaters - Some Are Just Plain Wrong

Naughty and inappropriate ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t for everyone.  But they’re super popular, which means there are a lot of dirty minds and twisted senses of humor out there.  Welcome to the club.

If you wear an ugly and inappropriate Christmas sweater, chances are mom will be mortified: “Didn’t I raise you better than that?” As it turns out, “No.” 😉

Grandma will be too appalled for words.  And yet, your friends, co-workers, and others who share your naughty mind will think your ugly inappropriate Christmas sweater is the best thing ever!

So with that in mind, here are some of the best ugly and naughty Christmas sweaters currently available.  Whether you’ll get a slap or a laugh, nobody knows.  Wear at your own risk, and remember – don’t show mom!

Reindeer Mounting Ugly Christmas Sweaters

What better way to start a list of naughty and inappropriate ugly Xmas sweaters than with reindeer mounting each other.  Mom never let me watch real deer “doing it” on those tv nature shows, and I’m pretty sure she’d find it just as inappropriate now.

Judging by the many different variations available, this is a very popular dirty Christmas sweater theme.  Versions include a reindeer threeway, a reindeer humping a moose, a reindeer humping with its “dong” showing, and a reindeer reaching climax, just to name a few.  And for those not interested in reindeer, there are also humping polar bear sweaters and ugly humping gingerbread men sweaters.  You can’t make this stuff up.

P.S. When did Zach Galifianakis start modeling ugly inappropriate Christmas sweaters? 😉

Reindeer Humping Ugly Christmas Sweater In Multiple Colors Found Here

Ugly Naughty Christmas Sweaters – Dick Jokes

Next on the list of dirty Xmas sweaters are those I refer to as “dick jokes”.  Yep, it’s all about the penis.  This group includes snowmen comparing the size of their “carrots”, reindeer with huge dongs, a very “excited” snowman, and Santa himself roasting his “chestnuts” over an open fire.

Naughty Ugly Snowman Christmas SweaterUgly Holiday Snowman Christmas Sweater Found Here

Raunchy Xmas Sweaters – Release Of Bodily Fluids

Now for some raunchy ugly Christmas sweaters that involve the release of bodily fluids.  Yes, I’m talking of course about vomiting, peeing, and defecating.

While these bodily functions are completely appropriate when the “need arises”, many would consider them largely inappropriate to sport on your chest at Christmas.  But don’t let that stop you! When you gotta go, you GOTTA GO!

Making this list are a pair of pooping reindeer/moose, a pissing Santa, Santa drinking, smoking, and pooping in a chimney, a snowman getting peed on by a dog, and a vomiting reindeer.

Pooping Moose Ugly Christmas Sweater Found Here

Dirty Ugly Xmas Sweaters – Inappropriate Sexual Innuendo

A list of naughty ugly Christmas sweaters isn’t complete without some subtle (or not so subtle) sexual innuendo.  As far as naughty and dirty Christmas sweaters go, these need no explaining.

Funny Inappropriate Ugly Christmas Sweater Under The Mistletoe Found Here

Ugly Inappropriate Christmas Sweaters – Santa Being Naughty

What Santa does in his spare time, nobody knows, but if you believe these naughty ugly Xmas sweaters, he’s very inappropriate most of the time.  In this category, we see Santa roasting his reindeer, looking for his “ho ho ho’s”, mooning and flashing people, and enjoying a nice “whipping”.

Spit Roast Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater Found Here

And there you have it! So which highly inappropriate naughty and ugly Xmas sweater would you choose?

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Awesome List Of Naughty & Inappropriate Christmas Sweaters For Dirty Minds

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