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Best Unique Gifts For Tiger Lovers & Cool Tiger Gift Ideas

Cool tiger gifts and unique gifts and gift ideas for tiger lovers.

Majestic. Powerful. Breathtaking. Tigers are one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, so it’s no surprise they are a favorite among animal lovers and the inspiration behind many different gifts and gift ideas. I, for one, LOVE THEM!

There are many different gifts for tiger lovers to choose from for birthdays and Christmas presents that range from the practical to the naughty and everything in between.

For conservation-minded individuals, this adopt a tiger gift let’s you adopt a tiger in someone’s name. The funds help the People’s Trust for Endangered Species conserve habitat and protect tigers and other big cats from poachers.

If you have a little bit of time to search, you can find lots of inexpensive and unique tiger gifts online. They are sure to be a big hit when given to any tiger lover as a Christmas present, birthday gift, or “just because”.

To help you get started, here are some of the fun tiger themed gifts and gift ideas for tiger lovers I’ve come across this year. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Tiger Themed Bags, Purses, Totes, & Carrying Cases

Big Cat Rescue Zipper Coin Purse Found Here – I love this tiger coin purse! It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also the perfect size for carrying coins, credit cards, headphones, or your phone charger. Best of all, it makes an amazing gift for tiger lovers because the money goes to the Big Cat Rescue, which is dedicated to protecting endangered big cats worldwide.


Kitchen Gift Ideas For People Who Love Tigers

Orange Tiger Wine Holder Found Here – This tiger wine holder is both whimsical and fun and makes a great conversation starter. Every party has a drunk tiger sooner or later! 🙂


Tiger Inspired Art

Black And White 4-Panel Tiger Wall Painting Found Here – OMG, look at those eyes! So stunning!


Tiger Plushes & Stuffed Animals

Bellzi Orange Tiger Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Found Here – Ok, I listed this as one of my top 5 tiger plushes, and I still think this might be THE cutest tiger plush I’ve ever seen! What a great tiger themed gift for kids. And BTW, I’m over 40 and still want one! 🙂


Giant Tiger Stuffed Animal Found Here – Extra large and in charge! If the previous tiger wins the “cuteness award”, then this one definitely reigns king as the biggest tiger in the land. A massive 68″ from tip of paw to tip of tail.


Tiger Themed Jewelry

Men’s Vintage Tiger Head Ring Found Here – A uniquely detailed ring that is both fashionable and fierce. Definitely a statement piece!


Tiger Eye Stone Tiger Pendant Necklace Found Here – Tigers often appear on amulets because they are powerful animals, they symbolize heroism, and it’s believed they can eat evil spirits, or at least cause them to flee. Many people believe tigers can protect them from misfortune, and this is a tiger pendant any tiger lover is sure to love!


Rhinestone Tiger Pendant Necklace Found Here – Cute and sparkly! What more could a girl want?


Tiger Home Decor Gifts

White Tiger Table Lamp Found Here – A gorgeous white tiger lamp that would look amazing in a safari themed bedroom, office, or den!


Lawn, Garden, & Outdoor Tiger Gift Ideas

Raja Decorative Resin Bengal Tiger Statue Found Here – This 20″ tall bengal tiger statue can be displayed indoors or outdoors and is the perfect addition to any tiger lovers yard or room.


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