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Best Unique Present Ideas And Elephant Themed Gifts For Elephant Lovers

Awesome collection of cool and unique gifts and gift ideas for elephant lovers.

Elephants are amazing and there are lots of cool, cute, and unique Christmas gift ideas for elephant lovers that work equally well for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Surround yourself with elephants and it’s said that not only will your home be protected, but you will experience power, wisdom, strength, and fertility. And if their trunks are facing upwards, you can expect prosperity, good luck, and success!

I don’t know about you, but that’s more than enough reasons for me to look for some of the best elephant presents to give to my friends, family, and all the people I care about.

So if you or someone you know is obsessed with elephants, be sure to check out all these great gifts for elephant lovers. Browse them all and let me know which elephant themed gifts are your favorites.

Elephant Themed Clothing Gifts

Gorgeous Blue Elephant Print Scarf Found Here – This elephant print scarf is beautiful and pairs well with just about anything. I can totally picture myself putting on my sun hat and walking down the beach with this elephant shawl blowing in the breeze! Super cute and fashionable!


Elephant Inspired Bags, Purses, Totes & Carrying Cases

Bohemian Elephant Pattern Wallet With Coin Pocket Found Here – The unique design of this elephant wallet immediately caught my eye. And call me a dork, but I REALLY love the coin pocket found inside. If I had this, I’d no longer shower all the people behind me in line at the store with coin shrapnel every time I pull something out of my purse. For me, that’s a huge win! 🙂 If you’re not a fan of blue, other colors are available, too!


Elephant Themed Jewelry & Jewelry Holders

Evelots Elegant Good Luck Elephant Jewelry Ring Holder Found Here – There are many gorgeous examples of elephant inspired jewelry, and this ring holder would make a stunning addition to any elephant lover’s jewelry collection. The elephant ring holder is beautifully decorated with etched lotus flowers, and because it has an attached bowl, you can keep all your earrings and small items nicely organized right along with your rings. I’d love having this on my nightstand next to the bed! It would also make a wonderful elephant anniversary gift.


Inspirational Geometric Elephant Necklace Found Here – This is an amazing and inspirational elephant themed necklace with a beautiful geometric design. Comes in silver, gold, and my favorite – rose gold. I could see this as an excellent elephant gift for Mother’s Day or a gift for grandma, a girlfriend, best friend, or daughter. I’m also saving this as an elephant good luck gift to give to one of my best friends who is currently going through cancer treatment. I know she’ll LOVE IT!


Elephant Themed Home Decor

Merax Have-Fun Series Elephant Storage Ottoman Found Here – OMG! I wish I had this in the nursery back when my daughter was little. It’s super cute and I could have rested my feet on it during those long nights of breast-feeding and rocking her to sleep. And I could have stored just about anything in it – kids books, diaper supplies, my own sanity – ya know, the essentials! It would look fantastic in any elephant themed nursery, but would also work well in a safari themed room or as cute living room decor.

Elephant Baby Presents – Plushes & Toys

Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy Found Here – As far as elephant baby gifts are concerned, Flappy may be the most adorable elephant I’ve seen since…well…EVER! He’s animated and his ears flap down over his eyes so can play peek-a-boo. He can also play the song “Do Your Ears Hang Low” and his ears flap and move to the music. It’s pretty much the cutest thing EVER!

Elephant Figurine Gifts, Statue Gifts & Carvings

Two Piece Loving Elephants With Heart Sculpture Found Here – I would immediately display this in my bedroom. Why? Because elephants in the bedroom are said to promote love and faithfulness between two people. Oh, and it’s much cuter to look at than my husband (but don’t tell him I said that!) 😉 It makes a great elephant gift for her (mom, grandma, daughter, bestie, etc), and it’s one of my favorite gifts for an elephant lover.


Kitchen Gift Ideas For People Who Love Elephants

Elephant Wisdom Mug & Coaster Set Found Here – How can you not love this elephant mug gift set? Not only is the design adorable, but it’s full of inspirational wisdom, too! Makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for the elephant lover in your life or for anyone who needs a quick pick me up. As for me, I’d enjoy sipping my coffee out of it every morning. Then I’d take its advice, put my foot down, and get the kids up and at ’em! Chop! Chop, kiddos!


Elephant Cork Cage That Displays And Stores Wine Corks Found Here – Here is a truly unique gift idea for elephant lovers. This elephant cork cage stores all of your left-over wine corks in an attractive way. I would love to have this sitting on the bar. It would look amazing and what a fun conversation starter!


Colorful Modern Elephant Designer Ceramic Coaster Set & Coaster Holder Found Here – These elephant coasters would really POP on a dark coffee table like the one my in-laws have. The dark colored holder would match the table perfectly and the vibrant coasters would add just the right amount of color to stand out. I love that they’re non-scratching too!


Elephant Gifts For The Yard

Cute African Elephant Porch & Garden Statue With Lantern Found Here – In my search for more good gift ideas for elephant lovers, I came across this beauty. It’s a great piece of elephant yard decor that would look cute-as-can-be in the garden, in a flower bed, or on the porch. You could even bring it inside and put it on a shelf, cabinet, or table and it would be equally as awesome. I can already picture my mom sitting on her porch swing in the evening, watching the sun go down with this lil’ guy by her side.


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