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Cool & Cute Present Ideas And Unique Penguin Themed Gifts For Penguin Lovers

Awesome and unique penguin gifts and gift ideas for penguin lovers.

Penguins are the BEST! I mean what’s not to love about a creature that slides around on its belly, waddles around in a tuxedo, and torpedoes out of the water like a missile?!? Sounds like the 007 of the bird world to me!

I love all the cute and unique gifts for penguin lovers you can find online. So much so, that I had a really hard time picking just a few of the best penguin gift ideas to share in this post.

If you have a penguin lover in your life and are looking for penguin Christmas presents or penguin themed gifts and gift ideas for birthdays or other occasions, have a look at the list below. If you don’t see anything you like, you can find more penguin related gifts on this page.

There are a lot of interesting and unique penguin gifts out there, but that’s not surprising. There are plenty of people like me who just freaking love penguins, ok?! 🙂

Penguin Art Gifts

TORCH 3D Wooden Penguin Puzzle Found Here – This penguin puzzle provides a creative outlet for children and adults alike, and it looks like a lot of fun to put together. I’d love to have these as part of an art class.


Penguin Themed Jewelry

Diamond Penguin Infinity Pendant Necklace Found Here – I absolutely adore this necklace and think it’s a fantastic penguin gift idea. I swear it was made for me. Not only do I freakin’ LOVE penguins, but I’m also a huge fan of rose gold. I also really like the clever way the infinity symbol has been hidden in the penguin’s body. If you have a penguin lover in your family, definitely give this necklace as a birthday gift or Christmas present!


Pebblez And Penguinz Penguin Gift Box Found Here – From the beautiful photo to the iridescent blue glass pebble and the adorable moonstone penguin pendant, everything about this penguin gift box makes me say, “Awww!” Use this as a cute romantic gift for the penguin lover in your life.


Penguin Games & Toys

Penguin-Opoly Board Game Found Here – Who wants to play regular ol’ monopoly when you can play Penguin-opoly instead? Game night and chillin’ with the family just got a whole lot cooler!


Winterworm Cute Penguin Animal Nesting Dolls Found Here – These handmade penguin nesting dolls are adorable, and they make a great gift for kids who love penguins. Little ones have the best time taking the penguins apart and reassembling them. It always amazes me how many creative ways they find to play with these simple wooden toys. They also look great sitting on a shelf, table, mantel, or nightstand and can be given as a gift to any penguin obsessed person as a unique piece of penguin themed decor.

Penguin With Bowtie Wooden Russian Nesting DollsPenguin With Bowtie Wooden Russian Nesting DollsFind It Here!Penguin Nesting Dolls - 6 Matryoshka PenguinsPenguin Nesting Dolls – 6 Matryoshka PenguinsFind It Here!5 South Pole Penguin Russian Wooden Nesting Dolls5 South Pole Penguin Russian Wooden Nesting DollsFind It Here!



Penguin Inspired Coffee Mugs & Glasses

Penguin Themed Etched Stemless Wine Glasses Found Here – These cute and simple stemless wine glasses make great gifts for penguin lovers who are also wine enthusiasts. It’s ok because when you start to waddle, you can blame it on the penguin and not the wine! 🙂


Cute Ceramic Penguin Mug With Lid And Spoon Found Here – Coffee in the morning. Tea in the afteroon. Hot chocolate in the evening in front of the fireplace. There are so many uses for this fun penguin mug, and it makes a really cute penguin gift. I love the little serving plate lid. It would be a great place to store some sugar cubes or marshmallows. It could also be used to hold a small snack to go along with your favorite beverage.


Funny Penguin Ceramic Coffee Cup Found Here – Take this funny penguin coffee mug with you to the office and set the tone with all your co-workers. Makes a great inexpensive penguin related Christmas or birthday present.


Miscellaneous Gifts For Penguin Lovers

Organic Eco Wool Penguin Dryer Balls Found Here – Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “Penguin themed dryer balls? As a gift?!?” They might just be dryer balls, but these things are awesome. They bring a smile to my face every time I do the laundry, they’re eco-friendly, and they come in a cute organic gift bag. I think just about any penguin lover would love them as much as I do.


Penguin Blankets & Bed Sheets

Penguin Tails Super Soft Sleeping Blanket Found Here – If you have a child who loves penguins, this super soft blanket/sleeping bag makes a great gift. Now, I just need one in adult size!


Penguin Themed Clothing Gifts

Happy Penguin Lightweight Scarf Found Here – With their full-time tuxedo, penguins always dress to impress and now you can too! I love this beautiful and whimsical penguin scarf that looks great with just about anything. Available in both pink and ivory! I’ll take one of each, please!


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