Halloween Holiday

Creep Through October With The Ugliest Of Ugly Halloween Sweaters

The best ugly Halloween sweaters you can show off this October.

Christmas usually gets all the love when it comes to ugly holiday sweaters, but an ugly Halloween sweater or sweatshirt can be just as fun.

You can create your own Halloween costumes with ugly sweaters or update your entire wardrobe by purchasing a few cheap ugly Halloween sweaters. That way you can mix and match throughout October.

Compared to Christmas, it can be harder to find ugly sweaters at Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. I did some searching and put together a list of some of my favorites. Hopefully it helps!

These ugly Halloween sweater ideas are sure to inspire you to do something outrageous this Halloween. Have fun and let me know which ugly sweater design is your favorite!

Ugly Halloween Sweaters Featuring Dracula

First on the list are ugly Halloween sweaters and sweatshirts featuring Dracula and other monsters. This blood sucker is a favorite of many and creates some remarkably ugly designs. As it turns out, you don’t even need an entire vampire. Just the lips and teeth are enough.

Ugly Vampire Halloween Sweater Found Here – Dracula has never looked so ugly. Don’t be surprised if you’re at a party and someone offers to trade you a pint of blood for this gem. It’s one ugly Halloween sweater every vampire lover should own.


Blizzard Bay Halloween Sparkle Vampire Lips Sweater Found Here – Go ahead! Slap a wet one on me you hot lil’ blood sucker you! How could anyone resist these sparkly odd shaped lips complete with crooked teeth and saliva? That’s one ugly sweater for sure!


Ugly Retro Halloween Sweaters

These ugly Halloween sweaters all have a retro feel to them. Deck yourself out in one of these, invite some friends over, dust off your copy of Hocus Pocus, and relive the 90’s Halloween style!

Retro Sanderson Sister Witches Ugly Halloween Sweater Found Here – Those wishing to stay living in the 90’s might argue this Sanderson sisters Halloween sweatshirt is cute, not ugly, and I can see their point. However, the retro gaming design and bright neon orange color that makes me want to go hunt a deer after my Halloween party is enough to make my ugly Halloween sweater list!


Ugly Sweaters For Halloween – Pumpkins

It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins. Featured below are sweaters and sweatshirts with a whimsical pumpkin patch, a terrifying jack-o-lantern, dabbing pumpkin skeletons, and the pumpkin queen.

Pumpkin Patch Ugly Halloween Sweater Found Here – Yes, in it’s own way, it’s adorable. Those jack-o-lantern faces are whimsical and fun, yet I still find myself feeling like I’m lost in a pumpkin patch every time I look at it.


Ugly Halloween Sweaters – Skeletons

No bones about it, all your skeletons will come out of the closet when you dress up in one of these ugly Halloween sweaters. When worn to a Halloween party, don’t be surprised if someone tries to jump your bones or buries your body with affection. With all these skeleton puns am I dead to you now?!? 😉

Ripped Open Skeleton Ugly Halloween Sweater Found Here – If I wore this sweater, I think I’d want to tear open my insides and expose my inner skeleton, too! Hideous and perfect!


Humorous Ugly Halloween Sweaters

There may not be a good explanation for any of them, but these Halloween sweaters aren’t just ugly – they are fun and can bring a smile to your face as well!

Funny Halloween Llama Witch Llamaween Sweatshirt Found Here – These days, it’s fashionable and trendy to incorporate the word “llama” into everything. There’s the unicorn-like llamacorn. A respectful greeting is no longer Namaste, it’s Llamaste. And let’s not forget “no drama llama” and the “no prob-llama“. Now there’s even “Happy Llamaween”.


Blizzard Bay Halloween Trex Crew Neck Sweater Found Here – Candy corn overdose – the real reason the dinosaurs went extinct!


The Ugliest Halloween Sweater Ever

Kiss Of Death Ugly Sweatshirt For Halloween Found Here – If you’re looking to win the local ugly Halloween sweater contest, say hello to this “beauty”. At first glance, it looks like a DIY ugly Halloween sweater idea gone wrong. The colors are horrific. The design is awful. It’s creepy, weird, and I’m pretty sure if those lips kissed me, I’d die of a horrible infection. It’s up for debate, but this may just be the ugliest Halloween sweater ever!

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