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Cute DIY Mini Halloween Candy Basket For Trick Or Treating Tutorial

A DIY step-by-step tutorial for making your own mini Halloween candy basket.

It’s that time of year again. Soon the trick or treaters will be out in force, knocking on your door and hoping to leave your porch with a basket full of candy. I always love seeing the many different trick or treat baskets the kids show up with for Halloween. They give me tons of cute Halloween basket ideas for future craft projects.

You can find a lot of great Halloween trick or treat basket, pail, and bag ideas right here.

Today, I want to share with you a fun DIY trick or treat basket for Halloween. This Halloween candy basket craft can be used to create your own Halloween gift basket or as a decoration, party favor, or costume accessory. Also, because it’s small and lightweight, it can also be used as an easy trick or treat basket for infants and toddlers. Just be sure to supervise so they don’t pull off the button eyes!

My kids love these and I hope yours will too!

So let’s begin!

DIY Mini Halloween Trick Or Treat Candy Basket Tutorial

Here’s everything you and your kids will need to make a Halloween basket for trick or treating. Feel free to swap out colors to make your own unique designs! These are awesome because they allow for lots of personalization!

Halloween Trick Or Treat Basket Materials List

1.) 1L Plastic Bottled Water Container (Empty)
2.) Medium-size Wooden Buttons (x 2)
3.) Construction Paper In Various Colors (Yellow, Orange, Black, And White)
4.) 1 Piece Of Orange Pipe Cleaner
5.) X-acto Knife, Box Cutter, Razor Knife, Or Equivalent
6.) Black Acrylic Paint
7.) A Pair Of Scissors
8.) Hot Glue
9.) Paint Brush

DIY Halloween Basket Materials List

Step 1: Trim The Water Bottle

Use a knife to trim off the lower 1/3 of the empty water bottle. Many water bottles have grooves in them you can use as guides to ensure an even cut around the entire bottle. Recycle the remaining portion of the water bottle. (Pro Tip: If you want a deeper basket, you can trim off the lower ½ of the water bottle instead of the lower 1/3. A deeper basket means MORE CANDY, but it may tip over easier. 🙂 )

Halloween Candy Basket - Step 1 - Trim The Water BottleStep 2: Paint The Water Bottle

Take the bottom portion of the water bottle you just trimmed off and use a paint brush to cover it with black acrylic paint. Let it dry completely. (Pro Tip: Maintain your brush stroke in one direction around the water bottle to create a more uniform application.)

Halloween Candy Basket - Step 2 - Paint The Water Bottle

 “Show Me This!” “Show Me This!” “Show Me This!”


Step 3: Apply Additional Coats Of Paint

Use the paint brush to add a second coat of black paint to your Halloween treat basket. Let it dry completely. If coverage remains translucent and isn’t to your liking, continue adding coats of paint until you are satisfied with how it looks.

Halloween Treat Basket - Step 3 - Apply Additional Coats Of Paint

Step 4: Create The Outer Bat Wing

Here’s where you can get creative! Draw and cut a bat wing on a piece of black construction paper. Use the water bottle basket to gauge the correct size. Design the wing any way you want, but try to keep it symmetrical for best results. There are a couple bat wing templates here and here you can use for inspiration

Halloween Trick Or Treat Basket - Step 4 - Create The Outer Bat Wing

Step 5: Create The Inner Bat Wing

Draw and cut out a smaller version of the black bat wing in a different color. I used orange for this tutorial, but you can use any color you want to help personalize your trick or treat basket.

Trick Or Treat Basket For Halloween - Step 5 - Create The Inner Bat Wing

Step 6: Combine The Bat Wings

Take the smaller orange bat wing and center it on top of the larger black bat wing. Then, use hot glue to permanently stick them together.

Mini Halloween Basket - Step 6 - Combine The Bat Wings

 “Show Me This!” “Show Me This!” “Show Me This!”


Step 7: Glue The Wings To The Basket

Next, take the bat wings and hot glue them to the water bottle candy basket. Align the wings so the orange color faces and attaches to the basket as shown. Center the wings so you have even distribution on both sides.

Treat Basket For Halloween - Step 7 - Glue The Wings To The Basket

Step 8: Add The Eyes

Take your two wooden buttons (or alternatives) and hot glue them to the front of the Halloween basket. These will serve as the eyes of your bat monster. If your water bottle has grooves, use them to align the buttons properly by centering them over the groove as shown.

DIY Treat Basket For Halloween - Step 8 - Add The Eyes

Step 9: Create A Mouth

Use white or cream construction paper and cut out a mouth for your Halloween treat basket. I cut an alternating zigzagged shape for mine, but feel free to get creative here.

DIY Treat Basket For Halloween - Step 9 - Create A Mouth

Step 10: Glue The Mouth On

Nothing fancy here. Just hot glue the mouth you just made onto the candy basket.

Custom Halloween Candy Basket - Step 10 - Glue The Mouth On

Step 11: Create Ears/Horns

Use black construction paper to cut out two small triangles. These will be used to form ears (or horns) for your little bat monster basket. So cute!

Mini Candy Basket For Halloween - Step 11 - Create Ears/Horns

 “Show Me This!” “Show Me This!” “Show Me This!”


Step 12: Add The Ears/Horns To The Basket

Secure the ears/horns to the lip of the trick or treat basket using hot glue. These tend to look best if glued slightly offset to the eyes.

Halloween Candy Treat Basket - Step 12- Add The Ears/Horns To The Basket

Step 13: Add Some Designer Touches

Cut small triangles or other shapes from orange construction paper. Hot glue these around the top edge of the water bottle basket for decoration. There are so many unique Halloween basket ideas you can come up with during this step. In the example below, I used small orange triangles to create a “hair-like” look. I also considered using green to make him look like Frankenstein. I guess I now have an idea for my next DIY Halloween candy basket. 🙂

Cute DIY Halloween Candy Basket - Step 13 - Add Some Designer Touches

Step 14: Add Additional Designs

Use construction paper of various colors to add any other personal touches you want. In this example, I cut several “stitch-shaped” objects from yellow construction paper and added them to look like bandages or scars.

Cute Halloween Basket Ideas DIY - Step 14 - Add Additional Designs

Step 15: Add A Handle

Bend the pipe cleaner into a “U-shape” and generously glue both sides to the inside edge of the basket. Be sure to center it as best you can for even weight distribution. This forms the handle of your treat basket.

Halloween Basket For Trick Or Treating - Step 15 - Add A Handle

Step 16: Go Trick Or Treating

Congratulations! You’re all done! Now you have your very own custom Halloween basket ready for trick-or-treating!

These mini baskets won’t hold a ton of candy, but that makes them perfect for small children or to hand out as party favors at a Halloween party. They also make great Halloween gift baskets to hand out to your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers. So adorable and so fun!

DIY Trick Or Treat Baskets - Step 16 - Go Trick Or TreatingDIY Halloween Trick Or Treat Candy Basket Tutorial

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