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Cute & Unique Present Ideas And Gifts For Alpaca Lovers

Lots Of Awesome Cute & Unique Gifts And Gift Ideas For Alpaca Lovers, Owners, And Farmers

Why do people love alpacas?  Because they’re adorable, and they have an amazing natural fleece that can be harvested and used for a lot of different things.  It’s super soft, warm, and durable.

But the first rule of buying gifts for alpaca lovers is…alpacas are NOT llamas!  If you buy an alpaca owner or alpaca farmer in your life a “llama gift” instead of an “alpaca gift”, they may applaud you for your effort, but then they will shut you out, take you out of their will, and banish you to the llama field.  And that’s not a place you want to be. Bad spit happens there!

So how do you tell the difference if you don’t have both a llama and an alpaca standing side by side in front of you?  Is that birthday or Christmas present you’re giving to your alpaca owning friend a llama or an alpaca?  The most discernible difference is the ears.  Llamas have longer, banana-shaped ears, whereas alpaca ears are shorter and more spear-shaped.

So keep that in mind as you explore these cute and unique gifts and gift ideas for alpaca lovers, owners, and farmers! And, most importantly, have fun!

Alpaca Themed Gifts – Purses, Totes, & Bags

Bungalow360 Large Zip-Around Wallet With Alpaca Design Found Here – A cute and stylish way for any alpaca lover to carry around their ID, credit cards, bills, coins, and more!

Alpaca My Bags Canvas Lunch Bag With Strap Handle Found Here – I love to travel so “alpaca” my bags and take this to lunch anytime!

Alpaca Plush Cosmetic Bag Found Here – At first, it just looks like an adorable plush alpaca, but look closer and you’ll see it’s a fully functional bag that would be perfect for makeup, pencils, or just about anything.

Gifts For Alpaca Owners – Alpaca Themed T-Shirts

Alpaca Lovers T-Shirt – A simple and cute way for alpaca lovers to let everyone know where their heart truly lies.

It’s An Alpaca Not A Llama Cute Animal Humor T-Shirt Found Here – Every alpaca owner deals with this problem daily.  “It’s an alpaca, NOT a llama.” No need to explain anymore. This shirt can do the talking for you.

Big Face Alpaca T-Shirt Found Here – Why do I have the sudden urge to put this on and lean over someone sleeping, so this is the first thing they see when they open their eyes – ya know, just for a reaction. 😉

Alpaca Themed Gloves

Cute Cartoon Alpaca Flip Mittens Found Here – So cute! So warm!  So comfy!

Gift Ideas For Alpaca Lovers – Alpaca Beanie

100% Alpaca Hand Knitted Winter Beanie Hat “Tibet Pattern” Found Here – Because it’s 100% alpaca, this beanie is super soft, super warm, and super durable!  I’m a fan!

Alpaca Scarf Gift Idea

100% Baby Alpaca Scarf

100% Pure Baby Alpaca Scarf Found Here – Not being an alpaca owner or alpaca farmer myself, the term “baby alpaca” made me picture a bunch of tiny alpacas freezing to death with no fur – and I was upset!  Who are these people and what are they doing to the poor baby alpacas?!?!  But then I realized when it comes to alpaca fleece, the term “baby” refers to the grade of the fleece, not the age of the animal – so then I was happy again!  In this case, it means the scarves are SUPER soft!  This is a great accent piece in any weather, and it comes in multiple colors.

Alpaca Blanket For Babies & Toddlers

Alpaca Baby & Toddler Blanket

Alpaca Baby & Toddler Blanket Found Here – A fantastic gift idea for alpaca lovers who are expecting a new member of the family this year.

Alpaca Kigurumi Costume

Alpaca Kigurumi Costume/Pajamas Found Here – You might consider this more of an alpaca novelty gift, but I could totally see myself curled up by a fire and sipping some hot cocoa in this.

Alpaca Related Gifts – Alpaca Plush Pillow

Alpaca Plush Pillow Found Here – Super cute and looks soft as soft can be.  Love it!

Gift Ideas For Alpaca Farmers – Alpaca Related Signs & Weathervanes

Alpaca Lovers Parking Only 8″ x 12″ Metal Novelty Sign Found Here – Every alpaca owner needs a way to mark his or her territory and this sign does just that.

EZ Vane Alpaca Weathervane Found Here – – Alpaca farmers will love this beautiful weather vane.  It’s perfect for the house, barn, or stable.

Alpaca Novelty Gifts

Cute Alpaca Furniture Chair Leg Socks Floor Protector Found Here – How adorable are these! The perfect way for anyone to show off their love for alpacas while also protecting their hardwood floors from scrapes, bumps, and bruises.

Alpaca Outfitters Hammock

Alpaca Outfitters Camping Hammock With Straps Found Here – This is one of my favorite gift ideas for alpaca lovers.  Probably because all the ones I know also really enjoy hiking, camping, and just being outdoors.  It’s an amazing hammock and a perfect alpaca themed gift for those who like to venture into the wilderness.  Features a portable parachute nylon backpacking hammock with adjustable tree straps and heavy duty carabiners.

Alpaca Jewelry

Pewter Alpaca Earrings By The Magic Zoo Found Here – I LOVE animal themed jewelry and these alpaca earrings would make a great gift for any alpaca lover!

Coffee & Tea Alpaca Gift Ideas

Cute Alpaca You Sexy Beast Coffee Mug Found Here – Sure to bring a smile! This mug is a cute alpaca gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife…or any alpaca lover you feel is a “sexy beast”! 🙂

Unicorn Alpacalypse Mug Found Here – It’s coming – the Unicorn Alpacalypse.  There’s only one question:  will YOU be ready?

Alpaca “Tea For Two” 3 pc Tea Set Found Here – If the alpaca lover in your life is also a tea lover, then this is the perfect gift!  And if they aren’t a tea lover, they probably will be after they sit down and sip a cup from this adorable 3-piece set.

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