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Diabetes Deactivated Review – Is ERK7 To Blame For Your Diabetic Nightmare?

Diabetes Deactivated ebook and review

The Diabetes Deactivated ebook by Martin Sanders. Download the book online in PDF format.

The following Diabetes Deactivated review takes an in-depth look at the recently released program by Martin Sanders.

Diabetes Deactivated outlines a new, science-backed treatment option for curing diabetes naturally by deactivating the protein ERK7 through a 27-day protocol, and is a viable option if you or a loved one suffers from the devastating symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes Deactivated is a digital ebook (PDF) available for purchase and immediate download directly from author Martin Sanders’ website.

This Diabetes Deactivated review was last updated by the Newspaper Cat Reviews Team on 03-27-2015.

The Diabetes Dilemma

Diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic disease. The health and financial implications of the disease are so severe that the United Nations General Assembly has even passed a resolution recognizing diabetes as a major health crisis facing all nations worldwide.

In the absence of a cure for diabetes, conventional treatment is limited to managing the symptoms of the disease and the risks of the many serious health conditions that can arise, all of which comes at a cost. According to a recent study, the average lifetime direct healthcare costs of treating diabetes is $283,000 per person which places an additional burden on those diagnosed with the disease, their families, and the wider community.

Martin Sanders, the creator of a new diabetes treatment protocol, claims to have uncovered a scientifically proven approach to completely reverse type 2 diabetes, which accounts for 90-95% of all cases of the disease. Sanders’ program, Diabetes Deactivated, is an entirely natural treatment protocol that addresses the root cause of type 2 diabetes without the need for medications, supplements, or dietary restrictions.

diabetes test kit

Constantly monitoring blood glucose (blood sugar) levels and taking insulin shots are constant burdens most diabetics know all too well.

Natural therapies are becoming increasingly popular and effective for a range of conditions and chronic illnesses. At the same time, however, there are some who will attempt to exploit and take advantage of people with claims of medical cures that are neither effective nor scientifically proven. It’s therefore understandable that any claim of a cure for diabetes will be treated with some caution.

With this in mind, the following Diabetes Deactivated review sets out to examine Martin Sanders’ diabetes protocol in detail. We have assessed the science behind the claims of its creator, together with the program itself, with the ultimate goal of helping others determine if it may be a solution for them or their loved ones who may suffering from type 2 diabetes.


As mentioned at the start of this review, the developer of the protocol and author of Diabetes Deactivated is Martin Sanders, who along with his wife, Tanya, were once type 2 diabetics. His wife’s diabetes led to the most devastating of personal tragedies (the death of their unborn child) and caused Martin to dedicate his time and effort to researching the disease in an effort to better understand it and determine a potential cure.

Following two years of exhaustive research, Martin Sanders stumbled upon a breakthrough scientific study that discovered a protein within the human body which prevents the natural production of insulin in diabetics. It was from this research that Martin then developed a treatment protocol which subsequently cured both himself and his wife of their diabetes.

A desire to share his remarkable discovery with others led Martin to create Diabetes Deactivated which he has recently made available online as a downloadable PDF ebook.

The Science Behind Diabetes Deactivated

type 2 diabetes diagram

In Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin or the body is unable to recognize the insulin and use it properly (insulin resistance). (Source:

Diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to properly control the amount of glucose in the blood. The hormone known as insulin is needed to transfer glucose from the bloodstream into the body’s cells where it is converted into energy. In people with type 2 diabetes, the body is unable to use insulin properly (commonly referred to as insulin resistance), and the pancreas may not make enough insulin to begin with.

At the core of the Diabetes Deactivated protocol is revolutionary research undertaken by the University of Helsinki and published in the Public Library of Science Genetics (PLOS Genetics) journal regarding a little known protein called ERK7.

ERK7 (Extracellular signal Regulated Kinase) is a member of the MAPK family. Without getting too technical, MAPK’s regulate cell functions in the body. ERK7 is a protein that exists in diabetics and non-diabetics alike, but the researchers found that in diabetics, ERK7 is in a constant state of activation.

Here’s the problem…

When constantly activated, ERK7 tricks the body into thinking it’s in “starvation mode” and in response suppresses the natural production of insulin in the body while also preventing any existing blood glucose from being converted and used for energy. In other words, it makes you diabetic.

Researchers discovered that when the ERK7 protein is deactivated, the process is reversed, insulin production is restored, and blood glucose is again converted and used for energy. Martin Sanders dedicates a chapter in Diabetes Deactivated to the science surrounding the research on ERK7 and research regarding diabetes in general. For this Diabetes Deactivated review, we have verified the research he refers to online to confirm its accuracy, and you can as well.

The key to the nutrition-based protocol Martin Sanders lays out inside the Diabetes Deactivated ebook is the unique combination of proteins, amino acids, and hyperactive enzymes which, when combined, deactivate ERK7 and return the body to its normal insulin producing and insulin absorbing state.

Nutrition has long been considered the cornerstone of diabetes management, and a range of nutrition intervention strategies have been developed in order to manage the symptoms and health risks associated with the disease.  These traditional dietary controls differ to the treatment protocol outlined in Diabetes Deactivated because they are often extremely restrictive and commonly fail to address the underlying cause of the disease to eliminate it permanently.

What distinguishes the Diabetes Deactivated program from other natural based therapies with lofty claims of eliminating diabetes is the fact that it is based on proven scientific research. Having a strong scientific background does not guarantee a program will actually work for everyone, but it certainly improves the success rate when the protocol is followed correctly.

What Is The Diabetes Deactivated Protocol?

Diabetes Deactivated is an all-natural, 27-day protocol designed to eliminate type 2 diabetes. The protocol is outlined inside a 117 page downloadable eBook which comes in PDF format and is divided into 10 separate chapters:

– Chapter 1 – (Introduction): Martin Sanders commences with a detailed, but easy-to-understand explanation of type 2 diabetes, its symptoms, and the commonly performed tests used to identify if a person is diabetic. This section also contains some facts about diabetes, its growing prevalence in the world community, and the many complications that can arise from the condition.

– Chapter 2 – (Life’s Little Pleasures): This section is dedicated to helping you get into the correct mindset to overcome diabetes and live a healthy life in the future. It include some philosophical discussion on Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs and its relationship to overcoming type 2 diabetes.

– Chapter 3 – (So Many Things To Live For): Similar to the last chapter, this segment concentrates on what you can expect your life to become once you are diabetes-free. Two people who have overcome diabetes courtesy of the Martin Sanders Diabetes Deactivated protocol provide details of what they gained from the program and how it affects their life post-diabetes.

– Chapter 4 – (Getting Scientific): As previously mentioned, this is the section where Martin details the science behind diabetes, ERK7, the importance of avoiding “starvation mode,” and those foods that promote the growth of the ERK7 protein in the body which you should consume in limited quantities. Martin then provides a comprehensive list of the foods that contain the proteins, amino acids, and hyperactive enzymes which will deactivate ERK7 in the body.

– Chapter 5 – (The Beauty Comes Within): Martin Sanders describes some of the benefits you can expect to experience from using his Diabetes Deactivated protocol.

– Chapter 6 – (Connecting People): Three more people who have successfully used Diabetes Deactivated explain their experience with the program, with particular focus on the accompanying weight-loss they were able to achieve.

– Chapter 7 – (A Few Simple and Useful Lists): As the name suggests, this section provides lists which can be easily referenced as you work your way to become diabetes free. The focus is on foods that promote ERK7 and those that deactivate ERK7.

Martin also explains in this chapter the concept of “eating for fullness,” as well as offering some straightforward practical tips on how to overcome food cravings to prevent the recurrence of ERK7 and diabetes. He also provides a list of “fullness activating foods” designed to keep you full and regulate the production of ERK7 in your body.

– Chapter 8 – (Life Changing Measures): This is the part of the program where Martin Sanders reveals in detail the specific 27-day protocol for deactivating ERK7 in your body and eliminating diabetes from your life. The protocol is divided into three different stages and Martin provides step-by-step instructions on what is required to achieve success and the specific combination of foods that should be consumed during each stage.

– Chapter 9 – (Questions & Answers): Martin answers some commonly asked questions surrounding the Diabetes Deactivated protocol and its use over its 27-day duration. Topics touched on include exercise, weight-loss, alcohol consumption, and more.

– Chapter 10 – (Conclusion): In this part, Martin wraps everything up and provides his last bit of motivation and support to encourage you to embrace a life of continued health without diabetes.

Why Choose Diabetes Deactivated?

– The main benefit of using Diabetes Deactivated by Martin Sanders is the very real prospect of eliminating type 2 diabetes. It is also an excellent preventative measure for those diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Conventional treatment programs for diabetes are only able to help limit the symptoms of the disease and reduce the risk of the many serious health complications that can arise. This protocol, however, concentrates solely on addressing the cause of type 2 diabetes and has been scientifically proven to work.

– A corresponding benefit of following the program to completion is the ability to cease all existing medical treatments for the disease. No more tedious monitoring of blood glucose levels. No more insulin injections. No more pills. No more nasty side-effects from treatment. No more regular appointments with medical professionals. No more restrictive diets. No more constant anxiety and stress over your future and that of your family.

– The foods recommended to deactivate ERK7 and allow the body to return to producing insulin naturally are those that many people are likely to find in their refrigerator or pantry at home. There are no exotic foods that need to be purchased or forced down your throat. Those foods that you might not already have at home are all affordable and can be easily sourced at your local grocer or store.

– Diabetes Deactivated is written and structured in such a way that it is very easy to follow and understand. The information contained in the protocol is comprehensive and detailed. The inclusion of lists and a step-by-step daily program ensures that people of all ages can successfully implement the techniques and methods which have been described above.

– Diabetes Deactivated helps return blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics to normal within 27 days and helps keep them in a normal range permanently. Based on additional Diabetes Deactivated reviews and customer testimonials, other users of the protocol have reported a reduction in diabetes symptoms within days of commencement, and some have become completely asymptomatic within two weeks of starting the program.

Many users have also reported significant reductions in weight after using the protocol. While weight-loss is obviously not the primary objective of Diabetes Deactivated, it is a welcome benefit for many people as there is a strong correlation between obesity and diabetes.

– The Martin Sanders Diabetes Deactivated treatment protocol is available for a low, one-time-only fee. Some additional costs will be involved with buying some of the recommended foods. These costs are minimal and completely insignificant when compared to the ongoing expenses diabetics commonly incur for the rest of their lives using other treatment methods.

– Immediately after purchase, the Diabetes Deactivated ebook is available for instant download and can be accessed online via any computer, smart phone, or tablet. The ebook comes in PDF format. The book is only sold online, but people who prefer to read a hard-copy of the protocol can easily print one out for easy reference and note taking if they wish.

– Martin Sanders has overwhelming confidence in the effectiveness of Diabetes Deactivated and backs the program with a no questions asked, 60-day money back guarantee. This gives you more than enough time to complete the 27-day treatment protocol in full with no risk. If you don’t like the program for any reason, you can easily request a refund which will be handled by one of the web’s premier and most-trusted payment processors, Clickbank.

Things To Take Into Account

– Unfortunately, Diabetes Deactivated is not compatible with people who suffer from type 1 diabetes. It is possible the program can assist type 1 diabetics with weight loss. However, given the differences between the two types of diabetes, it should not be used with the intention, or expectation, of eliminating the type 1 form of the disease.

– The success of the Diabetes Deactivated protocol is ultimately dependent on your level of commitment to complete the program as instructed. The treatment protocol itself is not particularly onerous in terms of its requirements, but it is important that you do follow the program as closely as possible for its 27-day duration.

– There are a handful of foods which you should avoid, or at the very least severely restrict eating, if you are going to achieve success with this program. For diabetics who are commonly subjected to extremely strict dietary restrictions, this should not be an issue, but it is worth noting nonetheless.

– There may also be some recommended foods which may cause an allergic reaction in some people. There are, however, a number of substitute foods listed in the treatment protocol, and there is a great deal of flexibility offered with the suggested foods, so most people will not experience any difficulties in this regard.

– The time frames listed for diabetic symptom relief and the elimination of the disease should only be viewed as an approximation based on the results most people achieve. Diabetes affects people in many different ways, and people with other associated medical conditions may require more time to see the same results. It’s unrealistic to expect the exact same results in the exact same time frame as someone else.

– Diabetes Deactivated is not an instant cure by any means, but with the benefit of the 60-day money back guarantee, you have the golden opportunity to test the program for yourself and objectively assess the results.

The Verdict

couple enjoying a meal

Get back to enjoying a life free from diabetes!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, diabetes is the primary cause of blindness, kidney failure, and amputations of feet and legs in adults.

Life expectancy is also reduced for diabetics who are twice as likely to die on any given day when compared to a person of similar age who doesn’t have diabetes. Combined with the ongoing monitoring and treatment of symptoms, diabetes is often classified as a “life sentence” in more ways than one.

Diabetes Deactivated by Martin Sanders provides a new, all-natural treatment protocol for type 2 diabetics and has the potential to eliminate the disease once and for all for many people. Based on the most recent updates from Martin Sanders, over 180,000 people with type 2 diabetes have already reported success with the program and have transformed their lives for the better.

Those who suffer from diabetes are well aware of the implications of the disease on not only themselves, but their extended family as well. A scientifically proven, safe, and all-natural treatment for diabetes is well overdue and has been embraced by diabetes sufferers across the world.

The risks are negligible while the potential gains are great. Although not the perfect solution for everyone, the positive results achieved thus far suggest Diabetes Deactivated is certainly deserving of your consideration.

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Diabetes Deactivated was reviewed by NewspaperCat Reviewers on .
A science-backed dietary protocol for deactivating ERK7 and eliminating diabetes naturally. Diabetes Deactivated by Martin Sanders is an all natural way to treat diabetes and its associated symptoms. It is an excellent choice for men and women who experience fatigue, dizziness, blurry vision, numbness, pain, and other symptoms resulting in physical and emotional stress and reduced quality of life brought on as a result of diabetes.
Rated 4.6 stars out of 5

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