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Feisty Pets Review – Utterly Adorable Stuffed Animal Plushes That Will Scare The Bejesus Out Of You

Feisty Pets Review - Cute And Deadly Plush Animals - Cuddle Me If You Dare

I’ve always wanted to write about stuffed animals.  I just never knew the day would come when I would write a review about psychotic bunny rabbits, demented polar bears, or kooky insane monkeys.  And yet, here I am.  THAT day has come!

Now before you continue, I must warn you.  Reading the rest of this Feisty Pets review and learning all of the feisty pets names comes at your own risk.  I take no responsibility for lost arms, torn clothes, or nightmares.

UPDATE: After a blockbuster debut, William Mark now offers feisty pets with different facial expressions. There are silly expressions that include sticking their tongue out, grinning expressions, and even doofus expressions. Too cute!

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Feisty Pets Review – The Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Of Stuffed Animal Plushes

The William Mark Corporation, the makers of the popular Air Swimmers, has a line of adorably terrifying stuffed animals called Feisty Pets.  The Feisty Pets plush animals look so innocent and sweet, like they just need lots of hugs and snuggles.  I mean, look at that face.  Awwww…

But then O-M-G!  You give them a little squeeze behind the ears, and something happens…

It’s like you just poured a gallon of gas onto a raging inferno.  Suddenly, your sweet little Feisty Pet is indistinguishable from a horrific tsunami that destroys everything in its path.  It’s that look you get when you arrive at work and there’s NO COFFEE!

But don’t take my word for it.  See for yourself…

I tried to warn you these things are batshit crazy, but you just wouldn’t listen, would you? 😉

As the makers describe them…

“No creature illustrates the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde qualities of animals better than Feisty Pets!  Those cute and cuddly plush animals turn deadly when just a squeeze of the head reveals shifty eyes and sharp teeth!”

Feisty Pets Names

The creators try to warn you about what you’re getting yourself into with the names of these stuffed animals.  But you’ll probably be so mesmerized by their cute faces and sad little “I need a hug” eyes that you’ll run right through THAT stop sign!

Feisty Pets Santa Bear – Ebeneezer Claws

Feisty Pets Christmas Santa Bear Found Here

Feisty Pets Bear – Sir Growls-A-Lot

Feisty Pets Teddy Bear Found Here

Feisty Pets Silly Expression Sir Growls-a-lot Bear Found Here

Feisty Pets Grinning Expression Sir Growls-a-Lot Bear Found Here

Feisty Pets Doofus Expression Sir Growls-a-lot Bear Found Here

Feisty Pets Cat – Princess Pottymouth

Feisty Pets Striped Cat Found Here

Feisty Pets Panda – Black Belt Bobby

Feisty Pets Panda Bear Found Here

Feisty Pets Black Cat – Katy Cobweb

Feisty Pets Halloween Black Cat Found Here

Feisty Pets Polar Bear – Karl The Snarl

Feisty Pets Polar Bear Found Here

Feisty Pets Pink Cat – Lady Monstertruck

Feisty Pets Pink Cat Found Here

Feisty Pets Guinea Pig – Cuddles Von Rumblestrut

Feisty Pets Guinea Pig Found Here

Feisty Pets Dog – Sammy Suckerpunch

Feisty Pets Grey Dog (Wolf) Found Here

Feisty Pets Bunny Rabbit – Vicky Vicious

Feisty Pets Bunny Found Here

Feisty Pets Valentine Bear – Taylor Truelove

Feisty Pets Valentine Bear Found Here

Feisty Pets Raccoon – Rascal Rampage

Feisty Pets Raccoon Found Here

Feisty Pets Giraffe – Ginormous Gracie

Feisty Pets Giraffe Found Here

Feisty Pets Koala – Liza Loca

Feisty Pets Koala Found Here

Feisty Pets Snow Leopard – Lethal Lena

Feisty Pets Snow Leopard Found Here

Feisty Pets Fox – Sly Sissypants

Feisty Pets Fox Found Here

Feisty Pets Monkey – Grandmaster Funk

Feisty Pets Monkey Found Here

Feisty Pets Sloth – Lightning Bolt Lenny

Feisty Pets Sloth Found Here

Feisty Pets Blue Dog – Wreckingball

Feisty Pets Blue Dog Found Here

Feisty Pets Penguin – Ice Cold Izzy

Feisty Pets Penguin Found Here

Feisty Pets Golden Doodle Dog – Lunatic Lexi

Feisty Pets Golden Doodle Dog Found Here

Feisty Pets Horse – Evil Eden

Feisty Pets Horse Found Here

Feisty Pets Lion – Marky Mischief

Feisty Pets Lion Found Here

Feisty Pets Goat – Junkyard Jeff

Feisty Pets Goat Found Here

Feisty Pets Unicorn – Glenda Glitterpoop

Feisty Pets Unicorn Found Here

Feisty Pets Pig – Suzie Swearjar

Feisty Pets Pig Found Here

Feisty Pets Sea Turtle – Louie Ladykiller

Feisty Pets Sea Turtle Found Here

Feisty Pets Snowy Owl – Henry Whodunnit

Feisty Pets Snowy Owl Found Here

Feisty Pets Llama – Dolly Llama

Feisty Pets Llama Found Here

Feisty Pets Winged Unicorn (Alicorn) – Ali Cornball

Feisty Pets Winged Unicorn Found Here

Feisty Pets Dragon – Ferdinand Flamefart

Feisty Pets Dragon Found Here

Feisty Pets Pegasus – Sparkles Rainbowbarf

Feisty Pets Pegasus Found Here

Feisty Pets Dinosaur – Extinct Eddie

Feisty Pets Dinosaur Found Here

Feisty Pets Kangaroo – Jacked Up Jackie

Feisty Pets Kangaroo Found Here

Feisty Pets Triceratops – Brainless Brian

Feisty Pets Triceratops Found Here

Feisty Pets Reindeer – Rude Alf

Feisty Pets Reindeer Found Here

How To Use Feisty Pets

What you do with your own deranged monkey, cuckoo crazy cat, or ferocious-looking bundle of fluff is nobody’s business.  But if you don’t use Feisty Pets to scare the stuffing out of the men, women, and children you know (and even the ones you don’t), then you’re missing out on all the FUN!

In their deceivingly adorable form, Feisty Pets plush animals make soft and loving cuddle buddies.   At 8.5” tall, they are fairly small, but this makes them extremely easy to operate, even for younger kids. Just give them a squeeze behind the ears.

In their Freddy Krueger form, they are more frightening than any nightmare on Elm Street (or any street for that matter).  But it’s the Feisty Pets stuffed attitude and bipolar nature that make them simple, brilliant, and tons of fun!

Just remember, the Feisty Pets by William Mark may make you laugh, cry, or SCREAM!  Hug and squeeze at your own risk!

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