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Fun Novelty Animal Head Oven Mitts That Are Cool And Quirky

Fun And Quirky Animal Head Oven Gloves And Oven Mitts

Animal head oven gloves (or mitts) are fun, quirky, and just plain AWESOME! Not only are novelty animal oven mitts useful for picking up hot pots, pans, and bakeware, but they also double as fighting instruments, can be used to put on puppet shows for the kids (or your drunk friends), and can even be used to playfully terrorize the family pets…so I’ve heard. Not that I do that. Or do I? I guess you’ll never know. 😉

Animal head oven mitts are a terrific way to get children interested in cooking, and in between all the mixing and the baking, they spur the imagination. I mean who doesn’t want to play Lobster Claw Man versus Shark Mitt Boy, Yeti versus Bear Paw, or Cat Girl versus Moose Man?!? You can definitely COUNT ME IN!

Novelty animal oven gloves usually aren’t the best oven mitts out there. They are often thinner than your top of the line oven gloves, so you probably don’t want to hold super hot pots, pans, and baking sheets for very long. But that’s not really the point.

While still functional for light-duty work, novelty oven gloves are meant to be unique, unusual, funky, quirky, and FUN! That’s why they also make great gifts!

Know someone who likes to cook? Here’s a great birthday or Christmas gift idea: choose your favorite novelty animal oven glove from the list below. Then, fill it with a bunch of kitchen items like spoons, spatulas, whisks, etc. You can even match the kitchen accessories to the oven glove animal you choose.

For example, if you choose a pig oven glove, fill it with pig themed kitchen accessories. If you choose a cat oven mitt, fill it with cat themed kitchen accessories. You get the idea.

Or, go the more generalized route and just fill it with animal related kitchen accessories. Here’s a really fun list of salt and pepper shakers and another list of super cute kitchen accessories from Style Stray that should help you find some good “animal head oven mitt stuffers”. Just have FUN with it!

Here are some of my favorite animal shaped oven gloves. I hope you enjoy them!

Animal Head Themed Oven Gloves And Mitts

Pig Oven Mitt Found Here


Pig Oven Glove Found Here


Moose Oven Mitt Found Here



Alligator Oven Mitt Found Here


Alligator Oven Gloves Found Here


Totally awesome kitchen gadgets found here! Thanks, Ksenya, for putting together such an amazing list!


Crocodile Oven Gloves Found Here


Animal Head Frog Oven Mitt

Frog Oven Mitt Found Here


Novelty Oven Mitts - Cow Oven Mitt

Cow Oven Mitt Found Here


Holstein Cow Oven Mitt Found Here


Novelty Cat Oven Mitt

Cat Oven Mitt Found Here


Cat Oven Glove Found Here



Silicone T-Rex Dinosaur Oven Mitt Found Here – This one makes me laugh every time! L-O-V-E it!


Blue Silicone Dog Oven Mitt Found Here


Novelty Shark Oven Mitt Found Here


Animal Oven Mitt Shark Found Here – Love the swimmer inside the mouth of this shark oven mitt!


Fish Oven Mitts Found Here


Salmon Oven Mitt Found Here


Novelty Tropical Fish Oven Mitt Found Here


Rainbow Trout Oven Mitt Found Here


Animal Hand Oven Mitts

I found a few more awesome animal shaped oven mitts. They aren’t heads; they’re hands, but equally as fun! I LOVE the lobster claw and bear hand oven mitts.

Lobster Claw Oven Mitt Found Here – Crunch, crunch!


Bear Paw Oven Mitts, Set of 2, Found Here


Yeti Oven Mitt Found Here


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Fun Quirky And Cool Animal Head Oven Gloves - Novelty Animal Oven Mitts

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