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Best Present Ideas And Whippet Themed Gifts For Whippet Lovers & Owners

The Best Gifts & Gift Ideas For Whippet Lovers And Whippet Owners Including The Unique And Unusual

Whippet.  Whippet good.  🙂 Wow, what a horrible play on words to start this blog post.  I’m sure every whippet owner has heard that one a million times, but I still couldn’t stop myself.  *lol*

On this page, I want to share some gifts and gift ideas for whippet lovers and owners, but I have to share a quick story first.

You see, my own experience with whippets is kind of strange.  The first time I saw whippets, I was at a local neighborhood park with my daughter.

When one of our neighbors (who I didn’t know at the time) came walking by with a pair of whippets, I had no clue what they were.  They reminded me of greyhounds, but they were so thin, I wasn’t sure if I should go buy dog food or get on the phone with PETA and report my neighbor for pet abuse.

To make a long story short, I started up a conversation and learned a ton about whippets that day.  As we were talking, she took the whippets off the leash and let them run.  She had one black whippet and one blue whippet.  I witnessed “whippet zoomies” for the first time and was hooked.  Whippets are F-A-S-T!

After a few more run-ins with the “whippet lady”, we actually became pretty good friends, even exchanging small gifts at Christmas.

If you have a whippet lover or owner in your life and are looking for whippet Christmas presents or whippet themed gifts and gift ideas for other occasions, have a look at the list below.

There are a lot of interesting and unique whippet gifts out there, but I’m not surprised.  Whippet owners are a breed of their own, and they really love their whippets.

Whippet Figurines & Statues

Aluminum Whippet Dog Bust Found Here – Who needs a lion’s head or gargoyle watching over the house when you can have your very own whippet bust.  This is a great statement piece that would look great on a table, shelf, or fireplace mantel.

Design Toscano The Loyal Whippet Authentic Foundry Iron Casting Statue Found Here – I love this little whippet statue that can be used in your home or garden.  It’s highly detailed, looks great, and makes a perfect gift for whippet owners.

Whippet Books & Calendars

Whippet Calendar 2017 Found Here – Need a whippet gift that is simple and useful in so many ways?  It’s hard to go wrong with a calendar.

Whippet: The Complete Owners Guide Found Here – First time whippet owners will love this guide.  Everything you ever wanted to know about whippets – and probably some things you didn’t.  *lol*

Whippet Themed Gifts – Clothing

Whippet On Gray Ultra Lightweight Stretch Cotton Crew Socks Found Here – Sure to become every whippet lovers favorite pair of socks.

Stubborn Whippet Tricks T-Shirt Found Here – I love this shirt…A LOT!  Makes me laugh every time I see it.  I especially like how the whippet is facing the opposite direction for the command “come”, and not even in the picture at all for the command “stay”.  Clever, funny, and cute all in one!

This Girl Loves Her Husband And Her Whippet T-Shirt Found Here – Well, we know at least one of those is true! 😉

CafePress Whippet Gifts – Hat With Adjustable Closure Found Here – I love the simplicity of this hat.  A perfect gift for whippet owners to take with them when they’re out for a stroll.

Cherrybrook Whippet Lightweight Scarf Bundle – Includes Embroidered Scarf, Beanie, And Gloves Found Here – This is a great practical gift as the weather turns cold.  Stay warm while sharing your love of whippets.  Comes as a set, but you can also get the whippet scarf by itself.

Whippet Silhouette Black Adult Pullover Hoodie Found Here – Great gifts for whippet lovers need not be complicated.

Whippet Tie Found Here – A classy addition to every whippet lover’s attire.

Whippet Embroidered Eddie Bauer Vest Found Here – Love this vest.  I think it would be fantastic for a walk on a crisp autumn day.

Whippet Wall Décor

Whippet Key Rack/ Dog Leash Hanger Found Here – This would be awesome hung right by the front door.  Great for hanging leashes and keys.

Novelty Whippet Gifts

CafePress Whippet Property Laws Rectangle Refrigerator Magnet Found Here – A simple reminder of who’s really the boss.

Handmade Wooden Art Whippet Puppy Puzzle Trinket Box Found Here – I love this handmade whippet trinket box.  So unique and cool!  One of my favorite presents for whippet lovers.

SWEN Products Whippet Business Card Holder Found Here – A great and unique gift for whippet lovers who are also business owners.

Star Wars Imperial AT-AT Walker Whippet Pet Costume Found Here – How adorable is this?  You can’t tell me you don’t want to see a whippet dressed up as an imperial AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport), can you?  The fastest AT-AT Walker EVER!

Whippet Kitchen Gifts

Whippet Herb And Weed Grinder Found Here – Very practical and would look great in just about any kitchen.

Whippet Dog Themed Etched 12.75oz Libbey Wine Glass Found Here – Every whippet lover needs a way to kick back and unwind after a long day of chasing their whippet all across the neighborhood.  These wine glasses are both elegant and beautiful.

Whippet Dog Themed Etched All Purpose 16oz Libbey Pint Glass Found Here – And if wine’s not enough, maybe it’s time for a pint!

Whippets Make Me Happy Mug Found Here – The true inner thoughts of every whippet owner are now expressed boldly on a coffee mug.

My Faithful Friend Whippet Coffee Mug Found Here – A wonderful daily reminder of how cool whippets are!

Whippet Jewelry Gifts

Whippet Themed Compact Mirror Design By Sandra Coen Found Here – Every whippet owner needs this gift – ya know, so they can catch a glimpse of their whippet high-tailing it away from them.

Whippet Earrings Found Here – Beautiful and cute!

Handmade Whippet Charm Bracelet Found Here – This is such a cute idea.  These make great gifts for whippet owners.

Whippet Dog Canine Collection Silver Tone Metal Fashion Pendant Necklace Found Here – This pendant is beautiful and unique.  A great way to share your love of whippets!

Expandable Wire Bangle Whippet Bracelet Found Here – I love this idea!  A fun bracelet that can be expanded and added to year after year.

Whippet Totes & Bags

Whippet Tote Bag 17 X 17 Found Here – If I had this, it would get used ALL the time to help me carry stuff.

Cherrybrook Whippet Embroidered Canvas Tote Bag Found Here – Gifts for whippet lovers don’t have to be fancy to be incredibly useful!

Cherrybrook Dog Breed Embroidered Whippet Cooler Bag Found Here – I love this one because it’s so bright and fun!

Outdoor Whippet Related Gifts

Whippet Dog Weathervane Found Here – This is a beautiful and unique gift idea for whippet lovers.  The top is also interchangeable, so if they suddenly start to like poodles instead of whippets, it won’t be a problem.

Whippet Circle Swirly Metal Wind Spinner Found Here – This whippet wind spinner is sure to be  a big hit.  I love how it sparkles in the sunlight!

Whippet Collectibles, Art, & Signs

Whippet COMC REVIEWED Good To VG-EX (Trading Card) 1937 Wills Dogs Tobacco Found Here – Vintage advertising is cool and trendy.  As far as unusual whippet gifts go, this is a unique and creative idea.

Whippet COMC REVIEWED Good to VG-EX (Trading Card) 1961 Humpty Dumpty Famous Dogs of the World Coin Found Here – A unique vintage whippet themed coin.

Whippet Love – Watercolor-Style Print / Poster On Fine Art Paper Found Here – I love the colors of this print and, best of all, it can be personalized which makes it a fantastic gift!

Whippet Dog Fine Art Print On 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper Found Here – Love, love, LOVE this whippet watercolor print!  I could hang this just about anywhere and it would look AMAZING!

Wood Sign: It’s Not A Home Without A Whippet Found Here – The heart of every whippet owner expressed on a cute wooden sign! Adorable!

“Whippet” Abstract Watercolor Art Print Signed By Artist DJ Rogers Found Here – Whippet lovers who like a more “abstract” art style will love this print!

Other Whippet Gifts

Whippet Counted Cross Stitch Kit Found Here – I could totally see turning this into your very own DIY whippet gift.

Whippet Print Oblong/Rectangle Desktop Mouse Pad Found Here – The colors really make this an eye-catching and fun mouse pad!

Unisex Whippet Dog Head Cane With Walnut Shaft Found Here – Isn’t this a cool whippet related gift?  I love the whippet dog head design.

Whippet Dishwasher Magnet Found Here – An easy and fun stocking stuffer to go along with all your whippet Christmas presents, perhaps?

Whippet Leather Dog Collectible Keychain Found Here – Another great stocking stuffer to pair with other whippet Christmas gifts.

Whippets 101 Video

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