How Can You Control Diabetes Naturally?

diabetes concept graphic

As diabetes continues to expand globally, more and more people are searching for a natural cure.  Photo by Skley

Diabetes has become a serious health concern for a growing number of people throughout the United States and across the world.  With that being said, how can you control diabetes naturally?  Is it possible?

Web M.D. makes reference to a number of complications that can be caused by diabetes when the disease is left unchecked. For example, parts of the body that are typically affected by this disease include the gums and teeth as well as the nerves, kidneys, and eyes. Even the heart and blood vessels can be negatively affected by this serious and, in some cases, life-threatening condition.

Blood vessel disease and heart disease are two of the most concerning complications associated with diabetes. In fact, scientific evidence suggests more than 70% of people diagnosed with diabetes have some form of high blood pressure.

Medical Perspective

Web MD also reports that both male and female adults with a diabetic condition experience a death rate that is up to 1.7 times greater than that experienced by adults who have no signs or indications of the disease. Even the chance of experiencing a stroke is up to 1.5 times greater.

In extreme cases where diabetes is left unchecked and nerve damage as well as blood vessel damage is allowed to progress, problems with the extremities can develop. In some instances, amputation is required in order to prevent a patient’s condition from getting worse.

There is, however, comforting news for those with diabetes: taking a natural approach to reversing this disease can help stop unwanted complications.

Dramatic Reduction

In terms of healing this chronic condition in a more natural and organic way, diet has proven incredibly successful in achieving a noticeable reversal in diabetic symptoms.  For example, the program “Simply Raw”, which is based on an experiment conducted in 2009, produced profound results that are hard to ignore.

In this study, several participants with advanced stage diabetes were chosen randomly from across the country.  All of these individuals were then placed on a “raw food diet” for one month.  The results were quite impressive.

All participants experienced a dramatic reduction in the need for insulin at the conclusion of the 30 day experiment. Blood sugar levels returned to healthier and more normal levels, and overall health improved substantially.

This study made it surprisingly obvious that diet modification is an incredibly effective way to control diabetes naturally.

Intriguing Study

“Simply Raw” shows that those with a dependency on insulin type drugs can take the initiative to reverse the disease and eliminate the necessity for insulin related drug dependency. This important landmark study became a popular independent documentary which can be found here: Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days.

During the making of the film, all participants were closely monitored by medics to ensure that everyone remained safe throughout the duration of the experiment. One simple yet very important message that can be taken away from this intriguing study is that sometimes the simplest remedies can produce the most dramatic results.

By avoiding processed foods, cooked foods, breads, and refined sugars and focusing on fresh uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, an individual can enjoy dramatic and potentially life-saving results when it comes to controlling diabetes naturally.

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