I Like Her But She’s Out Of My League

an attractive woman lying down

If you want to be successful with women, then you should never consider a woman to be “out of your league” regardless of her looks, intelligence, or social status. Photo by Lies Thru a Lens

So let’s say you’ve met a very attractive girl, but you think she’s “out of your league”. Here’s the good news–there is no “league”.

A woman may have a more prestigious job, make more money than you, be higher up on the “looks scale”, or even be famous. These qualities do not, however, mean that she’s “out of your league”. In fact, once you get out of your teenage years and are no longer subject to the rigid caste system of high school popularity there isn’t a league at all.

The only qualitative disparities between you and the woman you’re interested in are the ones that you’ve created mentally. These are usually the product of a lack of self-confidence or some other problematic “root issue”. Until you address this problem at the source, you’re likely to consider all but the most desperate of women to be out of your league.

A Refresher Course On What Women Want

While qualitative differences between you and the girl you want to date exist in your mind, there could be a legitimate barrier that you’ll need to overcome. For example, you and your “object of desire” could run in different social circles.

The only issue with this type of barrier is the logistics of making the initial contact. After you’re past this step, any disparity in background between you and your girl works to your advantage. That’s why it’s one of the go-to plot lines in romantic comedies that target an audience of young, single women.

It’s important to keep in mind that women are far more interested in a man’s personality than his looks, job, money, or fame. Some personality components that women find irresistible are confidence, maturity, responsibility, intelligence, and a good sense of humor.

Watch this video in its entirety if you’re serious about attracting a girl who’s out of your league and turning her into your girlfriend!

Conventional tenets of professional and financial success are unimportant, but it’s crucial that you remain passionate about something and resilient in working toward personal goals. Real self-confidence comes from having and pursuing whatever interests you, and that’s what women find attractive.

Trying To Fake It Is A Waste Of Time

Trying to be something (or someone) you’re not will only hurt you in the long run. At some point, women will see through the subterfuge, and you’ll look extremely pathetic. It’s essential that you stay true to yourself.

This reality doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work at self-improvement: that’s essential for growth as a human being. It does mean that you shouldn’t pretend that you’re a “millionaire yachtsman” if you’re really a construction worker.

Don’t forget that women find the exotic and unusual very attractive. So if a woman grew up in the lap of luxury, it doesn’t mean she would never date a hard working blue collar man.  In fact, she’d likely be quite intrigued by him.

Personal attraction is a very complex and mysterious thing. Assuming that you have qualities that some women find attractive, there’s a better than average chance that your appeal transcends socioeconomic boundaries.

Of course, if you are already attractive to women, you probably don’t suffer from the same limiting beliefs that often cause less confident men to view some women as unattainable. The beautiful thing about confidence is that it works with everyone and in every situation: even among women whom you might otherwise classify as out of your league.


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