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Language Of Lust By Lawrence Lanoff: All-Inclusive Review

The following Language of Lust review takes an in-depth look at the recently released and highly popular seduction and communication program by Lawrence Lanoff.

language of lust ebook

The Language of Lust ebook by Lawrence Lanoff. Download the book online in PDF format.

The Language of Lust outlines a step-by-step, comprehensive blueprint for making a woman sexually obsessed with you.  It deserves strong consideration from any man who wants to experience more frequent and more pleasurable sex by creating deeper emotional and physical connections with women through the power of words.

The Language of Lust is a digital ebook (PDF) available for purchase and immediate download directly from author Lawrence Lanoff’s website. 

Get it now from this link or continue below to read our all-inclusive review, complete with author information, module-by-module breakdowns, bonus content, and what to expect from the program.

This Language of Lust review was last updated by the Newspaper Cat Reviews Team on 06-13-2015.

Gain A Competitive Advantage With Women

From one generation to the next, dating and relationships have always had their unique sets of challenges, and today’s dating world is no different. We are now more closely connected with one another and members of the opposite sex than ever before. Modern technology, including Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, online dating sites, and the like, has expanded the dating pool exponentially!

Having multiple ways of meeting and communicating with a vastly increased number of women is fantastic, but of course there are disadvantages as well. And it is hard to think of a bigger disadvantage than the significant number of other guys who are now competing for the attention of the same women.

Showing men how they can get a competitive advantage over other guys by tapping into a woman’s most important erogenous zones…her mind and imagination, is the promise from Lawrence Lanoff, the creator of a new program called “The Language of Lust.” Lanoff claims he can give you the key that will open the door to abundant, incredible sex with a ton of willing women.

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? So where do you signup? Well you can click here to go directly to the Language of Lust website to discover more and download the techniques Lanoff has uncovered.

But if you’re keen to know a little more about the creator of Language of Lust, the program, and exactly what distinguishes it from PUA programs that promise to provide endless sex on tap, but end up leaving you thirsty, then read on as we reveal everything in our all-inclusive Language of Lust review.

After all, there may be more than a few guys who have rushed out to try the “latest and greatest” from an unknown PUA only to find they are no more an “artist” than your 3-year-old nephew or niece after they splash a bit of of paint on a blank piece of paper.

So let’s start this review by finding out a little about Lawrence Lanoff and whether the Language of Lust is the next big thing as many experts and pundits have proclaimed.

Who Is Lawrence Lanoff?

A 50-year-old native of New York City, Lanoff has experience in an array of disciplines over his career, including movie director and Playboy photographer. In the last 10 years or so, Lanoff has turned to refining his many experiences to help others live an enriched, sexually empowered, authentic life in his role as a life coach.

Widely known as the “Darth Vader of Dirty Talk,” Lanoff is not a PUA in the traditional sense. He is the bestselling author of a variety of programs, with Language of Lust his latest offering, designed to give you a full access pass to any woman’s heart, mind, and body regardless of your physical appearance, previous experience, or financial status.

How Does The Language Of Lust Work?

At the very core of the Language of Lust program lies the well-established fact that great sex doesn’t just happen in a brief physical connection you share with a woman. The brain has long been recognized as being intimately involved in setting the stage for great sex. This goes for both sexes, but especially so with women.

A 2008 study of visual attention in heterosexual men and women, found that when it comes to sex, what women really want is to be wanted. As the renowned researcher behind the study, Dr. Marta Meana concluded: for a woman “being desired is the real orgasm.”

Lanoff suggests that via his unique techniques and methods, concentrating on open, direct sexual communication with women, you can instill a sense of overwhelming desire and sexual empowerment which will flow into the bedroom with amazing results.

With all of the techniques contained in the course material, Lanoff briefly describes the research and studies that support the concepts he has adopted and mastered. If, however, you expect to read a research paper filled with scientific jargon you’ll unfortunately be sorely disappointed. This is obviously good news for the majority of guys who just want a very concise, step-by-step blueprint on how to achieve amazing success with women.

After personally verifying the references Lanoff has included in the program (all of which are readily available online) for the purpose of writing this Language of Lust review, it’s very reassuring to know that a lot of time and effort has been spent to create a course which is proven by the latest research and scientific studies.

In simple terms, Lanoff addresses the link between sexual communication and sexual satisfaction. More specifically, he looks at how you can improve your own skills to make a woman feel comfortable in your presence so she opens up to you like she never has with a man before. Now while on the surface this may all seem too good to be true, there is actually an overwhelming amount of research which has been undertaken on this very issue:

  • In a recent Iowa State University study of 293 married couples, published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, researchers found that disclosing sexual information was positively linked to relationship satisfaction and closeness.
  • In a separate 2012 study by researchers at Cleveland State University, they found that being comfortable communicating about sex, during the act itself, was directly linked to greater sexual satisfaction.
  • Similar results were found in an earlier Temple University study where it was found that a couple’s satisfaction with their sexual and overall relationship increased with open sexual communication.

While there is this well-established link between improved sexual communication and general relationship and sexual satisfaction, a study which reviewed 30 years of research on sexual communication, found that men and women typically find communicating openly about sex to be difficult. The study also discovered that the vast majority of romantic partners have difficulty telling each other what pleases and displeases them sexually, even those couples in committed long-term relationships.

So what does all this mean? Well the good news is it has been proven that communication about sex and during sex leads to greater sex. The bad news, however, is that many of us are not very good at expressing ourselves in such a way. Well this is exactly what Language of Lust is designed to correct, while providing men with an advantage over those who instead use “old-school methods” to try and manipulate their way into a woman’s pants.

Lanoff has created this program with the primary objective of helping you sexually empower women to experience what they’ve always wanted, but perhaps have been too afraid to experience, or where they have been conditioned to keep their sexual desires under wraps.

What’s Included With The Program?

screenshot of lawrence lanoff's language of lust members area dashboard

A look at the dashboard inside the Language of Lust private member’s area. (Click to enlarge)

After buying Language of Lust, you will receive prompt confirmation of your purchase via email, together with your personal login details to access the course materials which are all located in a private members area.

Once you log in, you can immediately access the entire contents of the course from the central dashboard, along with the five bonus programs/reports which are included in the package.

The main program consists of nine separate sections which are in turn divided into 40 separate modules. The course is delivered in a variety of formats, including video, audio, and text, all of which can be accessed online, or downloaded for access at your leisure offline.

So while the course content is comprehensive, the question remains; “Is the Language of Lust any good?”

Well that’s ultimately for each individual to decide, but we have taken it upon ourselves to review each individual component of the program to see exactly what all the fuss is about, and what exactly you get when you buy. Down below, we’ve briefly summarized the contents before providing you with our take on Lanoff’s offering.

Becoming A Sexual Superhero (5 modules)

Some of you may be pleased and others disappointed, but this first section does not involve you donning a tight lycra suit with a cape. It is all about creating and maintaining a positive sexual self-image about yourself, changing your beliefs about women, sex, and looking at exactly what it is they want from a man.

A few of the things you can expect to learn from this section of the course include:

  • understanding the Madonna whore complex.
  • the foolproof ground rules about where to begin with dirty talk, including specific examples of what to say.
  • how to help give women permission to let go sexually and reclaim their own pleasure and bodies using the ROSA technique (Relax, Observe, Suggest, Act).

Secrets Of Female Sexual Psychology (4 modules)

In this second part of the course, Lanoff begins to delve deeper into female sexual psychology by revealing some crucial tips and techniques which will have a woman feeling safe and opening up to you in no time.

Some of the secrets of female sexual psychology you will be taught include:

  • how to avoid common cycles in sexual relationships which lead to “pleasure resistance.”
  • how to express your love of a woman’s body in order to make her feel confident and safe to really let go with you sexually.
  • a powerful technique you can use on a woman after sex that will set you apart from any other man she has had in the past (in a good way!)
  • two secret things you must learn to communicate to a women in order to get laid quickly and easily.

Brain Chemistry And Sex (4 modules)

Sounds technical, but this part of the Language of Lust ebook is really all about obtaining a physical response in a woman which not only makes her feel irresistible, but also arouses her extremely fast. The topics covered include:

  • the role dopamine plays with our brain and how you can trigger a dopamine reaction in a woman’s brain that will get her addicted to you and keep her addicted.
  • a 5-step conditioning process (called the Pavlov’s Pussy technique), that when used on a woman will have her aroused in mere seconds – at your whim.
  • using language (dirty talk) to awaken a woman with physical, emotional, and mental stimulation so she knows she’s irresistible to you, which in turn will make you irresistible to her.

The Language Of Lust (4 modules)

Similar to the previous section dealing with chemical reactions in the brain, this next part concentrates on connecting with the emotional part of a woman’s brain, called the limbic brain, through the power of words. Lawrence Lanoff provides details on:

  • the steps and tools needed to understand how to talk to this particular portion of a woman’s brain that makes her incredibly hot and turned on.
  • how to establish a positive impression of yourself that will make a woman feel overwhelmingly safe and relaxed with you.
  • tapping into your primal inner-self and learning the “Masculine Moan” which will leave a woman without any doubt on exactly how much she satisfies you and will in turn solidify your sexual connection.

Lust Intensifiers (5 modules)

Taking the basics of what’s been taught in the course thus far, this part is all about taking it to the next level by getting into a woman’s head and navigating her erotic mind and fantasies. You will be exposed to:

  • techniques on how to get a woman to share with you her inner world, her thoughts, likes and dislikes, what turns her on, and what turns her off.
  • tips on mastering the art of oral sex that leave a woman entirely focused on and committed to you.
  • how exactly you can encourage a woman to explore her sexuality through the power of imagination and some erotically charged fun through role-play.
  • what Lanoff refers to as the “Emotional Revenge Method” – a particular technique you can use to bond with a partner during highly emotionally charged times.

Erotic Porn Script Technique (4 modules)

As with most of the other section titles, this one leaves little to the imagination, but yes, it’s all about creating a porn script that will speak directly to a woman’s sexual triggers and her confidence.

Building arousal is the cornerstone of this section which details:

  • some common misconceptions about women and porn and dispels them along the way.
  • how you can tap into both of her sexual confidence triggers (irresistibility and adoration) to build anticipation, confidence, and a stronger connection between the two of you.
  • tips on how to create your very own porn-script including many examples/suggestions and templates.
  • how to best deliver your porn script by various mediums (text, phone, Skype, email, etc).

Getting Your Fantasies Met (With Her Thinking It’s Her Idea) (5 modules)

Designed especially if you are starting a new relationship, or you’ve hit that stage where the initial passion may have waned and the all-too-familiar rut of domestication takes place, Lanoff reveals:

  • a story-building exercise you can use to engage a woman by text in a fun, flirty manner to show her that your desire for her is not limited to the bedroom.
  • how to communicate (using some of the tools already provided in earlier sections) in a public place directly and graphically about fantasy and sexual ideas that you have that you both want to experience which will turn her on, energize her, and lead to phenomenal sex.
  • handy tips on using condoms, lube, and toys to create a safe, enhanced sexual experience with women.
  • how to plant “Johnny Appleseeds” and expose her to ideas that will get your fantasies met while she thinks she’s the mastermind behind the idea.

Deliciously Dirty From A Distance (4 modules)

With the advent of technology, social media, and employment mobility, long distance relationships, long term separations, and short-term separations are becoming increasingly common. This section of the Language of Lust program addresses the ways in which you can use distance as an opportunity to maintain and enhance your connection with a woman.

In this section you will find:

  • all the necessary tools required for sexting, engaging in shared memory recall texts, phone sex, Skype sex, and other variations in order to maintain the spice in your relationship by getting dirty from a distance.
  • Lanoff’s simple, 3-step, patented, hypnosis technique to create a fantasy and powerful experiences in her mind.
  • for those situations where a woman is not interested or able to have sex, a particular technique is divulged that allows you to restore your sex life (with or without intercourse) after adopting a number of non-confrontational approaches to open the lines of communication.

Language Of Lust Mastery (5 modules)

In the final section of the course, Lanoff delivers a “masterclass,” tying in many of the concepts revealed in earlier parts, while revealing how you can adopt them to create long-term change and sexual bliss. In this part of the Language of Lust system expect to master:

  • the five principles that encourage and challenge a woman to grow her self-esteem.
  • exercises that help you savor positive experiences – staying in the now, expanding pleasure, and not being so goal-oriented when it comes to sex – which will make a significant difference in how you attract women.
  • the essential role oxytocin plays in creating long-lasting bonds and all the essential tools you need to be able to trigger it to your advantage.
  • for those situations where there may be bigger issues at play regarding intimacy, libido, and/or sexual function, Lanoff provides a primer on steps you can take to address these issues to improve your sexual connection

Language Of Lust Bonus Content

In addition to the main Language of Lust program, Lawrence Lanoff has “sweetened the deal” by including five separate bonus programs completely free of charge. Linking with many elements of the main course, the bonus content complements, reinforces, and expands on many of the concepts and techniques you will have already been taught.

The bonus programs include:

1. Unlocking The Threesome Code

Lanoff teams up with good friend and well-known sex and relationship educator, Reid Mihalko, in this entertaining 51 minute video presentation where the two discuss their experiences with threesomes. In great detail, they both reveal fool-proof techniques they have mastered over the years to awaken a woman’s desire, curiosity, and willingness to participate in a threesome.

2. Porn Is Bad – At Teaching Us About Great Sex. How To Reframe Porn

Closely connected with the “Erotic Porn Script Technique” section of the main program, this bonus report looks at how porn can be damaging to a relationship when used as a modern day sex education tool about female desire. By reframing the use of porn, Lanoff shows however that porn does have an important role to play in a relationship when used correctly.

3. Dirty Texting

Over 200 sexy text messages and conversation starters – ranging from nice to naughty – that have been tested and proven to build the feeling of desire in a woman and turn her on. Included are quick stand-alone messages that can be used to break up the monotony of a normal day, along with openings for lengthier conversation designed to get a response and create a dialogue. For use exactly as they appear in the report, or adapted to suit your individual style or mood, there is enough material here guaranteed to turn up the heat.

4. 30 Minutes in Heaven

A report on maximizing the five senses to give a woman an unforgettable, mind-blowing sexual experience. Named “30 Minutes in Heaven” but able to be varied to any suitable time frame, Lanoff provides step-by-step instructions on how to give a woman your undivided attention with the ultimate goal for her to experience untold pleasure.

5. The Power of Eye Gazing

Related to the sections of the main program dealing with oxytocin and the brain’s neurochemical reactions, in this final bonus Lanoff teaches what he calls the “4-Minute Eye-Gazing Technique” – a five-step Tantric practice designed to develop a deeper bond with a woman that causes her to strongly associate you with the wonderfully intense feelings she experiences.

Why Choose The Language Of Lust? Core Benefits

●  Unlike many other available PUA programs which concentrate on developing a guy’s inner game to manipulate and seduce women into casual sex, Language of Lust takes a very different approach. It concentrates on the deeper side of intimacy and gives guys practical tools to form genuine connections and develop instant sexual chemistry with women.

* Now that’s not to say guys haven’t had success with other PUA programs, but there’s obviously a big difference between a casual fling after meeting a woman for the first time at a nightclub, to the situation Lanoff teaches where you are able to engage a woman’s primal sexual desires leading to incredible pleasure for all concerned.

●  The program is designed to work for any guy, regardless of your age, appearance, or profession. The only major prerequisite for the course is that you can open your mouth and talk! It will work if you are trying to attract a beautiful girl, that hard to get girl you’ve been working on for a while, an ex, or if you find yourself in the dreaded friend zone.

* While primarily directed at helping single guys, the techniques Lanoff teaches can be used with similar success by guys in committed relationships or marriages who want to spice up their sex life.

●  Language of Lust very cleverly exposes many of the commonly held beliefs about women, their desires, and their sexuality. Lanoff provides great insight into the sexual psychology of women and reveals exactly why many of the techniques guys use when trying to get laid don’t have the rate of success others would have you believe.

●  The ultimate goal of the course is to see men embracing who they are sexually and understanding how to support their partner in doing the same, so that everyone can enjoy hotter, more abundant, and incredibly fun sex. It does so in a way that is very respectful towards women and concentrates on open, transparent communication to discover what a woman wants and gives you the tools to deliver on that. No coercion, mind-games, or ulterior motives are required. After all, it’s no secret to men that most women can smell a guy’s BS a mile away and run for the hills.

●  All of the methods contained in Language of Lust can be implemented immediately for fast results. Despite being very comprehensive, it is a course which is extremely user-friendly with the material presented in a very informative, but fun way. All of this ensures users can very easily implement the tips and techniques contained in the program.

●  With the course material available via any device, regardless of whether you are online or not, all of the techniques and tips are readily available at your fingertips. The private members area houses all the content in the one location and also allows users to post comments on each module, creating a dialogue and support network by other like-minded men.

●  The course content is available for a low, one-off fee and costs less than most guys spend on a date with little to no reward forthcoming at the end of a night. With the Language of Lust, you learn skills you can put to great use for years to come.

* If however, for any reason, you don’t find yourself amongst the action within 60-days of purchase, you’re covered by Lawrence Lanoff’s no-questions-asked money back guarantee. So there’s effectively no risk involved in buying the program and giving yourself the best opportunity to enjoy incredible sex with incredible women.

Things To Consider

●  Mention has already been made of the comprehensive nature of the course materials. For some, they may worry they will become overwhelmed with information, but it is important to remember that Language of Lust essentially covers every possible scenario in a relationship, from the first time you meet a woman, to the build-up before sex, during sex, and after.

* Not every section of the program is going to be relevant from the get-go. The well-structured nature of the course allows you to quickly go to that part you need and either use the tips, word-for-word, or adapt them to suit your own personality. It’s well and truly designed for anyone to use easily.

●  Lawrence Lanoff doesn’t hold back on the language he uses throughout the program and this flows through with what he teaches guys to say to women. The language is not used gratuitously at all, and rather serves a direct purpose by actually priming guys to form a mindset which is needed to achieve optimum results. After all, “lust” is defined as a feeling of intense desire in the body. Letting go of your inhibitions and being able to express yourself in a way which gets the desired response from a woman is mandatory.

* For any guys that may be unaccustomed to “talking dirty” to a woman, they may find there is a period of adjustment to begin with. But once they’ve channeled their inner animal, it will be sure to become second nature.

●  It goes without saying that anything worth doing is worth doing properly. If you want the rewards of a fantastic sex life and the ability to attract women at ease, then it’s going to require a little bit of effort on your part to put into practice the methods Lanoff teaches.

* With greater competition comes greater options for women in who they feel safe opening up to and sharing their bed with. This is nothing that most guys on the modern dating scene are not going to know already, but it’s important to reiterate that just going through the motions with a woman is not going to help you score.

The Verdict: Talk Your Way Into Her Bed

speaking the language of lustIt is commonly said that professional golf is played on a five-and-a-half-inch course: the space between your ears. When you think about it, this same applies to sex. The biggest and most important sexual organ in the body also lies between our ears.

For women, the mind is crucial in setting in motion their arousal and desire before and during sex. It therefore makes perfect sense that if you want to get laid, and you want to get laid well, then activating the sexual psychology of women is a crucial and often neglected step. It is the missing piece of the puzzle that can distinguish you from the other guys who want to get in the pants of the local hottie you may have your eye on.

The Language of Lust by Lawrence Lanoff contains powerful techniques and tips that are proven to be consistently effective in being able to tap into a woman’s most important erogenous zone: her mind. By making her feel desirable, irresistible, and allowing her to unleash her sexuality in a way no other man can achieve, you will suddenly find yourself with a newfound ability to attract countless women with ease. And all your wildest dreams can be realized without coming across to women as sleazy, creepy, or trying to “game” her into the bedroom.

If you’ve ever found yourself home alone at the end of a night out and tired of spending endless energy trying to attract women and take them home without success, then you really need to consider Language of Lust and give Lanoff’s methods a spin. If Plan A is not working, you need a back-up plan, and this new program has all the hallmarks of becoming the go-to plan for many men in similar situations. It’s time to start stacking the deck in your favor and getting more scores on the board!

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Language Of Lust Review Summary

Language of Lust was reviewed by NewspaperCat Reviewers on .
A step-by-step blueprint for getting a woman sexually addicted to you without even touching her. The Language of Lust by Lawrence Lanoff is a powerful method for communicating with women in a way that taps into female lust and arouses her sexual desires. It is an excellent choice for men who want an easy and effective way to create a deeper emotional and physical connection with women through the power of language, dirty talk, and erotic fantasies.
Rated 4.8 stars out of 5

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