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Our Favorite Black Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas You Should Try This Year

Best ideas for decorating a black Christmas tree this holiday season.

If you want to break tradition and try something new this holiday season, picking out and decorating an artificial black Christmas tree is a fun way to engage the entire family. Artificial black Christmas trees provide the perfect canvas for creating a one-of-a-kind holiday display.

Black is a symbol of power, elegance, and sophistication, and the darkened hues of a black Christmas tree make lights, toppers, and colorful Christmas ornaments really “pop”. When you set your decorated black Christmas tree up against a light colored background, you end up with a stunning visual display that makes traditional green Christmas trees feel ordinary.

Here are some fantastic ideas for decorating a black Christmas tree this holiday season.

Decorating Ideas For A Black Christmas Tree – Beautiful Color Combinations

Bright and sparkly colors often work best with black Christmas trees, but just about any color combination is fair game. Christmas glitter ornaments are a must! These glitter poinsettias are beautiful!

I love the look of white, silver, and gold ornaments on a black Christmas tree combined with a splash of a single color – blue is my favorite – but it really comes down to personal preference. You can even go for an all black goth type tree if you want.

Here are some ideas to decorate a black Christmas tree using different color combinations. Use them to get inspiration for your own designs.

➡ Blue, Silver, And Gold Black Christmas Trees

Yvonne Huynh combined a prelit black Christmas tree with blue, silver, and gold ornaments to create a beautiful and colorful display. I love the mixing and matching of snowflakes, stars, and baubles in different colors and sizes.


Blue silver and gold black Christmas tree.

Decorating idea from Yvonne Huynh.

➡ Purple And Black Christmas Trees

What a fun black Christmas tree decorating idea! To save money, Susie took an artificial Christmas tree she already had and spray painted it black. Then, she added sparkly silver glitter ornaments in fun shapes like guitars, reindeer, and Venetian masks. She added purple ball ornaments for a splash of color and topped off the look with a festive peace on Earth tree topper. It’s beautiful!


➡ Black & White Christmas Trees

Next we have two different black and white Christmas tree ideas that both utilize beautiful floral elements. One combines white flower ornaments with other white and silver Christmas ornaments that really stand out from the black tree.

The other uses silver and black ornaments that blend into the tree, making the large jeweled white poinsettias the more prominent stars of the show! It’s accented with small crystal ornaments for sparkle, and because it’s a black tinsel tree, more light reflects from the needles. Very classy!

Gorgeously decorated black Christmas tree with jeweled white poinsettia ornaments.

Idea from Jessa at Sparkle Living.


➡ Rose Gold And Copper Black Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Rose gold is my new obsession! That’s the color I’m leaning toward with my own Christmas tree this year. I already picked up this 73-pack of rose gold Christmas ornaments, so I guess I’m committed now! 🙂 I’m thinking rose gold and white with some wine or burgundy accents.

This black Christmas tree decorated by designers at Festive features gold, rose gold, copper, and cherry red glass hexagon dimple balls, rose gold porcelain stars, and copper glitter reindeer. It’s super cute!

Black Christmas tree with rose gold and copper glass hexagon dimple balls.

Idea from Festive.


➡ Green And Black Christmas Tree Decorations

This black Christmas tree with lime green and white Christmas ornaments truly dazzles. Lime green isn’t my favorite, but it immediately reminds me of the Grinch, and even more so with the new movie coming out this week. With a few Grinch themed Christmas ornaments and these green and red festive ball ornaments, I could totally imagine turning something like this into a cute Grinch themed Christmas tree. The matching tree skirt is perfect for that!

Black Christmas tree with lime green ornaments and decorations.


➡ Black And Gold Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Sara took some awesome dollar store finds and turned them into this black and gold Christmas tree. It looks great, and I love the white and crystal accents she added. They provide a really nice contrast to the black and gold. Like Sara, you can create something really beautiful even on a limited budget.

Black Christmas tree adorned with white snowflakes and gold Christmas ornaments.

Idea from Sara at Sara’s Stuff.


➡ Black Christmas Tree Idea With Hot Pink Ornaments

Now if you really want your black Christmas tree to stand out from the crowd, this is how you do it – adorn it with hot pink Christmas ornaments. My first two thoughts when I saw this tree were “Barbie” and “cotton candy”. I’m not sure what that says about me, but one thing I do know is while hot pink might not be for everyone, it sure knows how to make a statement on a black tree. Don’t forget to finish it off with a beautiful tree topper.


➡ Red And Green Black Christmas Tree Ideas

Can you ever really go wrong with a Christmas tree that features traditional red and green colors? With many different red and green color variations, there are lots of tints, tones, and shades to choose from when selecting Christmas ornaments.

Dark green, light green, lime green? Pink, cherry red, wine, burgundy? Lots of great color combinations to play around with and they all look great on a black Christmas tree. Grab the family, pick the ornaments you love most and have fun – because in the end, that’s all that really matters!


➡ Decorated Red And Black Christmas Tree Ideas

Nicholas did an amazing job with this sophisticated red and black Christmas tree that features silver, red, and white baubles, white LED flashing lights, red tinsel, lavish Venetian masks, and sparkly Eiffel tower ornaments. You could just as easily stick to a strict black and red only color theme, but I love the way Nicholas incorporated the whites and silvers into this tree. It’s stunning and beautiful to look at.

Red and black Christmas tree with venetian masks, Eiffel towers, red, silver and white decorations.

Idea from Nicholas at The Daily Norm.


➡ Orange And Yellow Black Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Orange and yellow might not be the first colors you think of for Christmas, but they sure do work well together on a tree. This beautiful decorating idea for a black Christmas tree was inspired by Nicholas who says:

“My final offering is a tree in my study, known here as “The Orange Office”, whose tree is therefore appropriately decorated in a scheme of warm oranges, yellows and spiced up with a little purple. Reflecting the contemporary setting, almost luminous yellow baubles hang amidst kitsch sparkly deer, one of which tops the tree.”

Black Christmas tree decorated in yellow and orange.

Idea from Nicholas at The Daily Norm.


Create A White & Black Ombre Christmas Tree

If you’re not completely sold on the idea of a black Christmas tree, another decorating idea is to create a black and white ombre Christmas tree. An ombre Christmas tree fades gradually from one color at the top to another color at the bottom. For example, being white at the top of the tree and fading to black at the bottom. You can buy ombre Christmas trees or you can make one yourself fairly easily. I’ve included a step-by-step tutorial video down below.

DIY black ombre Christmas tree.

Idea from Morning Chores.


Decorated Black Christmas Tree Ideas – Turn Your Tree Into Unique Characters

A very creative use of a black Christmas tree is to turn it into something that isn’t a tree at all. In the examples below, you’ll see a black Christmas tree turned into an adorable penguin, and another one done in the likeness of Darth Vader.

➡ Black Christmas Tree Decorated Like A Penguin

Black Christmas tree decorated to look like a penguin.

Idea from Kids Kubby.


➡ Star Wars Darth Vader Black Christmas Tree Decorating Idea

Star Wars Darth Vader black Christmas tree decoration idea.

Idea from Morning Chores.


Create Sports Team Themed Black Christmas Trees

Sports fans can show off their love of the game by creating a team themed black Christmas tree. In this example, Jennifer created a Carolina Panther themed tree. She started with tinsel and then added plain ornaments, some navy pom pom fringe, and toy football ornaments. But her most clever idea was incorporating Carolina Panther paper plates into her tree. I would never think to decorate a Christmas tree with paper plates, but it sure does look amazing the way Jennifer did it.

➡ Carolina Panthers Black Christmas Tree

Carolina Panthers themed black Christmas tree decorating idea.

Idea from Jennifer at Treetopia.


Add Color, Color, & More Color

When working with black Christmas trees, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. Bright colors look stunning against the dark backdrop of a black Christmas tree, so all the colors of the rainbow are in play.

In the examples below you’ll see two different approaches to this technique. The first combines an elegant pink ribbon garland, and vivid yellow, blue, black, pink, and orange baubles to create an amazing array of color. The second creates a similar splash of color, but uses multi-colored lights instead of ornaments to create the effect. It also uses a Christmas stocking as a clever tree topper.

➡ Colorful Black Christmas Tree

Black Christmas tree with multi-color Christmas decorations.

Idea from Festive.


➡ Black Christmas Trees With Multi-Color Lights


Memphis Design Style

Combine the geometric figures of Art Deco, the color palette of Pop Art, and 1950s kitsch and you’ve got the unusual design style known as Memphis. It’s a post-modernistic look that centers on the radical, funny, and outrageous. Surprisingly, it looks fascinating on a black Christmas tree. Jennifer demonstrates this by using bright colors, asymmetrical shapes, and patterned ornaments.

Black Christmas tree decorated in orange and blue Memphis style.

Idea from Jennifer at DIY Network.


Tartan Plaid Black Christmas Tree

I love the rustic, farmhouse feel the tartan plaid gives this decorated black Christmas tree. The pine cones look amazing, and it has a very earthy vibe I think is perfect for a farmhouse, lake house, country cottage, or cabin. I can totally picture myself curled up next to this tree in front of a warm fire while I sip hot cocoa and read my favorite book. It would be the perfect stress reliever for the hectic holiday season.

Tartan plaid black Christmas tree.

Idea from Jen at Jennifer Perkins.


Alternative DIY Black Christmas Tree Ideas

If you want black Christmas tree decorations this holiday season, simply buying an artificial black Christmas tree isn’t always the best option. There are a lot of alternative ways to create black Christmas trees. In many ways, these are even more beautiful and unique than an artificial tree. Here are some of my favorite DIY ideas for a black Christmas tree.

Hanging black and white 3D paper Christmas trees.

Idea and tutorial from Sarah at Look What I Made.

➡ 3D Paper Christmas Trees

Sarah shows us how to make 3D trees out of paper, and they’re really cute. These black and white 3D paper Christmas trees are quick and easy, too! Once you’ve completed a few, you can hang them to create a mobile like Sarah did or find other creative uses for them. You could even hang them as ornaments from your Christmas tree.

See How To Make This


➡ Easy 3D Origami Christmas Tree

Black 3D origami Christmas tree.

Idea and tutorial from Bird at Bird’s Party.


➡ DIY Black & White Ribbon Xmas Tree

DIY black and white ribbon Christmas tree craft.

Idea and tutorial from Heather at Whipper Berry.


➡ Scandinavian Inspired Plywood Christmas Tree

Scandinavian inspired DIY plywood hanging black Christmas tree.

Idea and tutorial from Tanya at Dans le Lakehouse.



➡ Black Washi Tape Tree

Black Christmas tree with washi tape.

Idea and tutorial from Neus at Create Decorate Recycle.


➡ Black Felt Christmas Tree

Beautiful white and black felt Christmas trees.

Idea and tutorial from Julie at Jewels at Home.


➡ Modern Black Cone Christmas Tree

Modern black cone Christmas tree.

Idea and tutorial from Vtwonen.


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