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Prehistorically Fun Dinosaur Kitchen Gadgets & Accessories For The Dinosaur Lover In All Of Us

Prehistorically Fun Dinosaur Kitchen Gadgets, Accessories, Items, & Stuff For A Dinosaur Themed Kitchen

I’ve never been a huge fan of dinosaurs – at least not the stomp on your house, eat your car and your children kind of dinosaurs you see in movies like Jurassic Park. My two little nephews both LOVE dinosaurs. My daughter is pretty into them too. The bigger, badder, and scarier, the better…but not for ME! I much prefer the cute, non-terrifying kind!

And even though I won’t be decking out my house in “dino decor” anytime soon, I thought these dinosaur kitchen gadgets were just TOO CUTE not to share! I actually think some of these would be adorable in my own kitchen. “Ahhhhhh! The kids are pulling me over to the dark side!!” *LOL*

But I’ll have the last laugh when I use all my new dinosaur kitchen stuff to get the kids more involved with cooking and meal prep…without them even realizing it. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Look at all these fun dinosaur kitchen items I found…

Dinosaur Pasta Servers

I Found This Cute PASTASAURUS Pasta Server Here – Spaghetti is one of our favorite meals, and I know the kids would have a blast serving up the noodles with this fun little dinosaur pasta server.


Dinosaur Salt & Pepper Shakers

I Found These Magnetic Dinosaur Salt And Pepper Shakers Here – What a great addition to any dinosaur themed kitchen!


I Found This Green Brontosaurus Dinosaur Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Here – Absolutely adorable dinosaur themed salt and pepper shakers. It’s almost sickening how cute these are!


Dinosaur Kitchen Utensils

I Found This Dinosaur Cheese Spreader Set Here – I wish the dinosaurs on these cheese spreaders were less realistic and more cute. I’d probably like them better. But I know the kids will still LOVE them!


I Found This Dinnersaurs: Kids Fork And Spoon Utensil Set Here – Here’s a dinosaur kitchen utensils set every kid will love! Both my nephews are getting these awesome “DINNERSAURS”. I love how the shape keeps kids from holding their utensils upside down.


Dinosaur Themed Ladles

I Found This Adorable Dinosaur Soup Ladle Here – This might not be quite as cute as the “Nessie ladles” I mention down below, but I it looks more sturdy to me. What do you think?


I Found This Set Of 3 Premium Loch Ness Monster Nessie Ladles Here – These are super popular and you can see why – total CUTENESS! My kitchen could definitely benefit from a ladle that stands on its own.


Wine Related Dinosaur Kitchen Items

I Found This Prehistoric T-Rex Dinosaur Wine Bottle Holder Here – This piece of dinosaur kitchenware makes me say, “Gurgle…gurgle…gurgle” every time I see it! (Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with me either *lol*)


I Found This Velociraptor Dinosaur Wine Bottle Stopper Here – Not a dinosaur kitchen accessory that meets my “cuteness” criteria, but it would definitely make a great stocking stuffer for the more mature dinosaur lovers on your list.


Dinosaur Kitchen Accessories For Tea Lovers

I Found This T-Rex Tea Infuser Here – This is one of those dinosaur kitchen items I love. Why? Because it looks like he’s giggling – and that makes me giggle!


I Found This Baby Dino Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Here – This would go great with the ladles I mentioned above. It would also be a terrific novelty gift for tea lovers. (Mom, I’m looking at you!)


I Found This Funny Tea Rex Coffee Mug Here – I’m totally getting this for my daughter. It’s cute, it makes me smile and laugh, and will be perfect for her to drink her morning “Kaley coffee”.


Dinosaur Kitchen Towels

I Found This Personalized Dinosaurs Kitchen Towel Here – I can think of several great uses for these dinosaur kitchen towels. I love that you can personalize them. A set with my daughter’s name on them hung in the kitchen or bathroom would be a terrific way for her to dry her hands. I bet she’d be super proud and excited having a cool “dino towel” just for her.

Dinosaur Kitchen Towel

I Found This Handmade Dinosaur Kitchen Towel Here – This is one of my favorite dinosaur kitchen towels. It’s adorable without being tacky, and it hangs great, too!


Other Dinosaur Kitchen Gadgets

I Found This Unique Dinosaur Potato Masher Here – Out of all the dinosaur kitchen accessories on my list, this one might be the most unique! What a fun way to mash potatoes!



I Found This Dinosaur Shaped Egg Cooker Here – How’s this for a nifty dinosaur kitchen gadget? My daughter doesn’t like eggs. But I wonder what would happen if they were “dinosaur eggs”…


I Found This Dinosaur Themed Stainless Steel Sandwich Cutter Here – What’s better than a PB & J? A PB & J in the shape of a dinosaur. This dinosaur sandwich cutter is a fun way to get kids to eat more of just about anything.

I hope you enjoyed these dinosaur themed kitchen gadgets and accessories. Are there other dinosaur kitchen items you love that I should add to the list? Let me know! I love hearing about all the cool stuff out there!

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Fun & Unique Dinosaur Kitchen Gadgets And Accessories - Give As Gifts Or Use As Items In Your Own Dinosaur Themed Kitchen

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Have fun and enjoy your day!

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