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Reverse My Tinnitus Review – Do Alan Watson And Dr. James Phillips Offer A True Treatment Or Just Tall Claims?

Does Reverse My Tinnitus by Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips really help you stop ringing in your ears?

PLEASE NOTE: Reverse My Tinnitus by Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips is no longer available. Links in this review now point to an excellent natural alternative called the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol by Todd Carson.

Spurred by the growing number of tinnitus sufferers across all age brackets, a number of digital information products have been introduced in the market.  While some of these promise to completely cure the condition with the help of supplements and other holistic interventions, others offer a way to deal with it more effectively.

One product that has garnered a steady fan following over the past year is Reverse My Tinnitus by Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips.

The makers/authors of this guidebook claim that a whopping 100,000 people have used this product with positive results. The claims are impressive enough to make the product worthy of a closer look.

However, before you put your money on it, take a look at the Reverse My Tinnitus review below to learn what the course offers and if it can really help you in your battle against this so-called “untreatable” ailment.

Tinnitus And Its Woes

tinnitus photo

Tinnitus sufferers know all too well the daily torment caused by having a constant ringing in your ears. (Photo by gurucrusher

Nearly 10-15% of the population suffers from tinnitus, a condition characterized by a disturbing and chronic ringing in the ears.

Although the name suggests the sound heard is a ringing, in reality, it can range from a high pitched buzzing to whistling and from whining to clicking and even insect calls or shrieking.  For about 1-4% of the sufferers, the condition is serious enough to cause a major hindrance in their personal and professional lives.

Even when it is not considered to be acute, it can be hard to live with tinnitus, especially since there are no known cures or treatments in allopathic medicine for the ailment.

As of 2013, only various forms of talk and sound therapy are recommended consistently to people who are afflicted by tinnitus.  Things like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT), and masking work by training patients to respond to the sounds differently or attempt to make the sounds less noticeable and irritating, but do little in the way of actually curing the problem.

In essence, if you cannot stand the distracting noise in your ears, modern medicine provides little reprieve for most patients.

With modern medicine failing to provide the answer, alternative treatments have garnered a larger following in recent years.  Thomas Coleman’s Tinnitus Miracle is one of the most popular and most effective alternative treatment protocols, but despite its overall success, the program has still seen its fair share of mixed reviews.

And now there’s a new kid on the block…

What Is Reverse My Tinnitus?

The Reverse My Tinnitus ebook details a science-backed system that combats tinnitus on multiple fronts.  A product that involved a collaboration between a chronic tinnitus sufferer, Alan Watson, and an ENT specialist, Dr. James Phillips, the information in the book is based on over 45,000 hours of research.

Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips suggest the tinnitus treatment guidelines outlined in this book work for people who suffer from intermittent episodes of tinnitus as well as those who are persistently afflicted.  It is the exact treatment protocol Alan Watson used to cure his own tinnitus.

The details inside the downloadable Reverse My Tinnitus PDF not only include information on how to treat the condition but also on the causes of tinnitus, its symptoms, and its risk factors.  In other words, the guidebook could also be used to prevent the onset of the condition.

Moreover, the tips are also meant to address additional symptoms such as headaches, ear pain, insomnia and others.

Using an all natural and safe treatment method, the program aims to:

  • Completely cure the condition in 14-21 days
  • Provide significant relief from tinnitus symptoms within one week
  • Make improvements in commonly associated conditions such as mild hearing loss and dizziness
  • Improve energy levels and enhance a patient’s quality of life

Should You Invest Your Money And Time In Alan Watson And Dr. James Phillips’ Reverse My Tinnitus?


Reverse My Tinnitus is an ebook (PDF) available for purchase and download from Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips’ website.

The multi-pronged approach of this guide is what sets it apart from other products in its category.  One of the distinctive benefits of using this system is that it promotes healthy living and eating, which not only help in alleviating the symptoms of tinnitus but also in achieving overall well being.

In fact, the primary treatment protocol of the Reverse My Tinnitus ebook is diet based and centers around the process of “remyelination”: the repair of the protective sheath (myelin) around nerves in the inner ear.

Recent research confirms damage to this protective sheath can interrupt auditory signals, leading to the hissing, buzzing, and ringing, commonly referred to as tinnitus.

The book has a seven day diet plan which is woven into the entire treatment program.  The 7-day diet plan provides your body with the right combination of compounds needed to produce the antibodies that repair the myelin sheath discussed in the paragraph above.  (Click here to learn how this all works.)

Reverse My Tinnitus is a customizable program that has the potential to yield remarkable benefits for the people who use it.  Although supplements and nutritional initiatives are discussed in depth, they do not recommend the use of exotic supplements which are often quite futile in treating the condition.  Everything needed to complete the treatment is easily accessible.

The program is natural, practical, easy to implement, backed by science, and effective based on customer reviews and testimonials from many of the 100,000+ people Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips have already helped.

Reverse My Tinnitus also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so even skeptics can try the program without risking anything more than a few weeks of their time to give the treatment a fair shot of working.

Highlights Of The Reverse My Tinnitus System

  • This is a systematic and multi-dimensional program that promotes a holistic and practical approach to curing tinnitus and its root causes.
  • The results can be seen quickly with significant reduction in the severity of symptoms commonly occurring in just 1-2 weeks.
  • The system includes a step-by-step approach to making simple lifestyle and dietary changes that not only have a positive effect on getting rid of tinnitus, but also on the body as a whole.

The Pros

  • The program aims to not just manage the condition but treat it completely by targeting its root causes
  • Patients who follow the program not only experience relief from ringing, buzzing, and other noise, but also from related conditions such as depression, headaches, insomnia, distraction, fatigue and more
  • The authors have significant experience dealing with the condition and this book represents the sum total of their knowledge in treating tinnitus
  • Reverse My Tinnitus is 100% natural and safe (it’s always still a good idea to talk to your healthcare professional before stopping a current treatment or implementing any new treatment for your own condition)
  • Noticeable improvement in symptoms is often experienced in a matter of days
  • There is no complex methodology and the dietary protocol is easy to implement in your day to day life
  • The book is available online in downloadable PDF format, so you can access, read, and start implementing the treatment immediately after purchase (no waiting for anything to be shipped to you)
  • The authors offer two bonus products as part of the package that provide information on how to deal with tinnitus related stress and sleep deprivation
  • It’s backed by a 60-day money back guarantee

The Cons

The Reverse My Tinnitus system involves multiple treatment methodologies that have been interwoven to create an efficient and effective blue print.  However, because the program is largely diet based, it requires focus and dedication.  Deviating from the program even in the smallest sense can mar its efficacy and the results you get.

Like any other holistic program, it takes time for your body to respond and for this system to work.  In other words, it’s not like anesthetic ear drops or popping a pill that make the pain go away in a few minutes.

For this program to work, you will have to be diligent and consistent, but the reward can be long-lasting and can provide a life free from ringing in the ears.  And that’s good news if you’re a tinnitus sufferer.

Lastly, while most people will see the downloadable nature of the program as a plus, some people may be disappointed that Reverse My Tinnitus is only available online and is not sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or at any other traditional bookseller.

The Verdict

Although still in its infancy, Reverse My Tinnitus has received an overwhelmingly positive response from most users.  While many online customer reviews and testimonials must be taken with a grain of salt because they can easily be faked, the most recent science and research suggests there is validity in the methodology behind Reverse My Tinnitus.

The worst that happens? You spend a few weeks trying a tinnitus treatment that doesn’t work for you, and you get a full refund on your purchase.

And the best? You say goodbye to tinnitus forever, never to be tormented by that awful ringing in your ears ever again.

If tinnitus is ruling your life, Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips’ Reverse My Tinnitus program offers an easy to implement treatment protocol most tinnitus sufferers should feel confident taking for a test drive.

Reverse My Tinnitus was reviewed by NewspaperCat Reviewers on .
An all-natural dietary treatment protocol for reversing tinnitus in as little as 14 days. Reverse My Tinnitus by Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips provides a step-by-step blueprint to repairing the myelin sheath around nerve cells in the inner ear, thereby reducing the sound interference responsible for tinnitus and restoring clear hearing. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an all natural way to find relief from constant buzzing, hissing, or ringing in the ears.
Rated 4.2 stars out of 5

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